To our visitors from overseas
Here at SEIBU IKEBUKURO we've made it far easier for customers to accomplish their shopping needs.

In SEIBU IKEBUKURO, new cosmetics section "cosmetics annex" and "TAX REFUND COUNTER" are presenting corner that gathered "Sioux be Neil shop". Please feel free to stop by at your earliest opportunity!

Check out our "Cosmetic annex," where you can find organic cosmetics and ever-popular "FANCL" products. Customers can then see the "Sioux be Neil shop," which features an assortment of select products that suit the needs of our foreign travelers. After a rousing day of shopping, customers can finish up with a quick and painless procedure at our new DUTY FREE COUNTER.

Cosmetic Annex

"FANCL" "Three" "John Master Organic." These three brands are supported by healthy women everywhere, and we're bringing them all to YOU! This open exhibition for shelf appliances has been improved upon to make your shopping experience better.

Duty Free Counter

At our new and improved DUTY FREE COUNTER we've doubled the amount of seats from three to six! In addition, we've also installed a Seven Bank ATM, which accepts transactions from overseas cards, as well as a Seven-Eleven multi-copy machine that can print a variety of tickets!

"Visit IKESEI Shop"

For your convenience, our shop, where select products for our foreign customers can purchase, has been placed adjacent to the DUTY FREE COUNTER. We sell best-seller and seasonal items based on Director Yu Yamada, who is a buyer that deals with popular shops and products!

Sekkisei-Department Store-limited Sale: "Sekkisei MYV" (Miyabi)

■1st Floor (Central Area A5) = Cosmetics Sekkisei Counter

Tokyo's first "Sekkisei" counter opens in the concourse TAX REFUND COUNTER side on the first floor.
We will be featuring mixtured skin care made up of ingredients from Japanese and Chinese plants.
This High-quality line from Sekkisei MYV (Miyabi) will only be available at SEIBU IKEBUKURO in Tokyo.

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Life is your Japan


Please drop in at "popular Ikebukuro" on trip to Japan.
Hotel delivery service

Limited service to visitor staying at "sunshine city Prince Hotel"

Purchase product is provided free to hotel
As for the shopping, staying is "sunshine city Prince Hotel" "SEIBU IKEBUKURO".

①We operate "free round-trip buses" from sunshine city Prince Hotel to SEIBU IKEBUKURO.

  • ・Only in hotel hotel guest, it is weekdays to "SEIBU IKEBUKURO" of Ikebukuro Station direct connection: We operate nine flights a day.
  • ・Return to hotel is weekdays from SEIBU IKEBUKURO to hotel: The tenth flight service, 21:15 a day are the last flights.

②Only in one staying at sunshine city Prince Hotel, we send article which purchases in SEIBU IKEBUKURO weekdays, and did to hotel.

  • ・You buy and leave article at TAX REFUND COUNTER, and please enjoy walk of "Ikebukuro".
  • ・By purchase 6:00 p.m., please file in TAX REFUND COUNTER on the day.
※Both services become weekdays only service. Ask to "TAX REFUND COUNTER" person in charge in detail.