Business Hours and Information

■ Business Hours: Open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
(restaurant area varies according to store. Please confirm in each shop introduction page)

We have gathered together both Japanese and foreign brands which are popular with overseas customers.
Top 3 most popular items from each brand

  • ・Albion
  • ・Cle de Peau Beaute
  • ・FANCL
  • ・IPSA
  • ・POLA
  • ・Shiseido
  • ・SK-II
  • ・SUQQU

Address and Phone Number

〒651-8511 8-1-8, Onoedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

TEL: 078-221-4181 (main)

Information Service

◆ Tax Free Services

  • Information about Tax Free shopping.

    In our store, we will have 1.1% of product price targeted for exemption from taxation as exemption from taxation fee. We humbly ask for your understanding and patience with this change.
    ※Consumption tax exemption from taxation system for foreign tourists was revised from Sunday, May 1, 2016, and, more than "general article" 5,000 yen (consumption tax is excluded), as for "the expendable supplies such as cosmetics," amount of money condition was reduced to 5,000 yen - 500,000 yen (consumption tax is excluded) food.
Target Applicants The person (agent impossibility) who purchased product of our store in non-residents
・Foreign nationality within six months for Japanese duration of stay when Japan does not have residence qualification
  ※We non-apply on date of reentrance into Japan
・In Japanese nationality which left Japan for the purpose of staying abroad more than two years,
 When this temporary homecoming period is within six months
Application Period Only on the day of purchase (within business hours)
Target Goods General Goods Consumable Goods
It is within six months from entry day
Take from Japan
Within 30 days from date of purchase
Take from Japan
Shoes, bag, clothing,
watches, jewelries, etc.
Foods, beverages, cosmetics, medicines, etc.
(Excludes repair costs, processing costs)
Goods purchased for the purpose of personal use (does not apply for commercial purposes)
Goods that will be taken out when leaving Japan
Conditions regarding total amount More than 5,000 yen (consumption tax is excluded) 5,000 yen - 500,000 yen .
The purchased amount of general goods and consumable goods can not be added
The purchased amount of each category of goods must meet the conditions entioned above
Refund Method Cash (Japanese Yen)
Packaging No specifications Goods will be packaged according to the method specified by the country.
Please do not open until leaving Japan.
Tax will be charged if consumed in Japan.
Necessary Items ① Passport of the applicant (copies are unaccepted/ entry stamp (approval stamp))
  ※ "Overseas resident visa" or "ID card" is necessary for Japanese nationals residing overseas
  ※ "Crew member's landing permit" is necessary for flight crew members

② Purchased goods
③ Purchase receipt (handwritten or automatically issued receipts are unaccepted)
④ Used credit card (only if used for purchasing)
  ※ The name on the credit card and passport must be the same
  ※ Corporate credit cards are unaccepted
Goods Excluded from Tax Exemption Some specialty stores including Loft, Kinokuniya Bookstore, hail oldness and building, purchase in another store

※Please be aware that handling fees received can not be returned even when eturning a product.
  Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

※For further details, please personally consult a staff.

・Credit Cards Accepted

  • UnionPay Card
  • JCB
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • Diners Club

◆ ATM/ Seven Bank

■Basement 1st floor

◆ Free Wi-Fi Service "Seven Spot"

Seven Spot Wi-Fi Service is a free Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) service that can be used free of charge.
After registering for internet service, you can easily gain access from inside our store.

Registration is this

◆ Facilities for Your Convenience

  • ●Service Station, Main Building, 1st Floor
    We'll provide you with top-notch support at Sogo Kobe. In addition, we also can help with any rental service arrangements.
    ・Building Information, Cloakroom, Stroller Rentals, Wheelchair Rentals
    ・We also deal with: parking stamps, product shipping (fee required), and lost and found items.
    ・In-shop summons, Kobe town guide, etc.
  • ●Main Building, 1st Floor, Service Station: Cloakroom, Porter Service
    Representatives can hold on to any purchased items, and will return them upon leaving our store. Our carrying services extend not only to ours, but to nearby parking lots, bus stops, and station gates as well. In addition, we can also look after your luggage, coat, umbrella, etc.
  • ●Annex Building Basement Floor: "Every Day" Grand Food Hall, Refrigerator Lockers
    We take and store any purchased perishables, keeping them fresh for your return home.
  • ●Millennium Card Counter, Annex Building, 8th Floor
    For customers wishing to join our Millenium Card Club, or for customers who wish to make changes to their account, please feel free to consult a Sogo Staff Representative.
    You can exchange your points for "the millennium shopping tickets".
  • ●Point look Main Building basement the first floor the second floor / new building the eighth floor
    By inserting your Millenium Card, you can view your purchase history, as well as check your tallied Millenium Points.
    ※Birthday Points are added the day following your next purchase.
  • ●Royal Salon, Annex Building, 7th Floor
    Our salon is exclusive to Millennium Card 〈Royal〉and Club on Card 〈Platinum〉holders only.
  • ●Seating Space, Main Building, All Floors / Annex Building, 1st Floor
    This space is for our customers to take relaxing breaks during their shopping experience.
  • ●Golf Club Seidashitsu, Main Building 9th Floor, Golf Sales Floor
    With our new installment, the Swing Analyzer Video System, you can choose the clubs best suited for you based on a scientific analysis.
    We can have you choose.
  • ●Gift Certificate Salon, Annex Building, 6th Floor
    We take care of Sogo-Japan's universal food (Chef Gourmet Card) and gift certificates.
    We also accept applications for export tax exemptions.
  • ●The Body Fitting Room, Main Building 4th Floor, Lingerie and Foundation Shop
    With our triple-mirrored fitting room, you can thoroughly try out your foundation fitting.
    In addition, we have installed the fitting room with a salesperson summons button.
  • ●Powder room Main Building basement the third floor for woman with powder room
    We have established a space separate from the washroom so that you can touch up your makeup.
    You may also relax, as well as change your clothes as you see fit.

◆ For Customers with Small Children

  • ●Stroller Rentals
    Main Building, Basement Floor Information / 1st Floor Service Station / 8th Floor Article Stores
    We have A-type and B-type strollers ready for use. Please use it willingly.
  • ●Mother & Infant Rest Room, Main Building 8th Floor, Baby Article Stores
    This is a relaxing space where you can feel free to change dirty diapers or nurse your child. We have cribs, hot water for baby formula, and a nursing room set up for your convenience.
  • ●Maternity Fitting Room, Main Building 8th Floor, Baby Article Stores Section
    For customers accompanying their child, or for expecting mothers, you can use this space to relax.
    There are no barriers, and there are chairs available as well.

◆ For Persons with Disabilities

  • ●Powder room Main Building / new building the second floor the third floor which is available with wheelchair on the second floor on the fourth floor on the sixth floor on the eighth floor
    This is a wheelchair-accessible room. Both helpers and strollers can easily fit into this spacious room.
  • ●Wheelchair Rentals
    Main Building 1st Floor Service Station / Basement Floor Information
    We have wheelchairs readied for personal use. Please use it willingly.
  • ●Heartful Advisors
    Main Building 1st Floor Concierge Counter / Basement Floor Information
    We shall strive to provide the utmost support and care for our elderly and disabled customers so that they can enjoy their shopping safely and comfortably.

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