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Request for news and "time difference visit" cooperation of business hours

Akita champion food fair
■From Saturday, August 8 to 13th Thursday ■Basement = exhibition space

Akita tray Marchais
■From Friday, August 7 to 16th Sunday ■Basement = food section, interior miscellaneous goods section, = cosmetics section on the first floor, = men's apparel section on the third floor

Request for "time difference visit" cooperation

There was a charge for shopping bag from Wednesday, July 1.

Response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Guidance of special event/event cancellation, postponement

[SEIBU AKITA] Menu for take-out of restaurant area
■Basement = restaurant area

MY STYLE which does not lose in summer
■Event Period: Until Monday, August 17 ■Location: Every floor = Listed Shops only

Birthday coupon
■Every floor = Listed Shops only

Foundation celebration - whole country DONQ Bakery Festa ... of the 115th anniversary of DONQ
■Until Sunday, August 16 ■Basement = food section DONQ

■August 10 Monday (holiday) - 16th Sunday ■The basement = glossary section

[notice] [bread] We shoot and are more delicious with rice. Twitter follow & retweet campaign
■Application period: From Monday, August 17, 2020 to 31st Monday

Feast takeout of restaurant area tray
■From Friday, August 7 to 16th Thursday ■Each basement = restaurant area target sales floor

Bingo cloth with splashed pattern refuse relah meeting to sell
■From Monday, August 3 to 10th Monday (holiday) ■= special event space (relation alley entrance) on the first floor

Stamina food which rides out summer

Ice park