[CSR activity] Child socks collecting service

  • Please cooperate with activity to give children of the sun beer republic shoes.

  • Please bring child shoes who did not use at child clothes floor part-exchange corner.
    We exchange for "500 yen discount coupon" to be able to use every tax-included purchase price 5,000 yen in one piece, the child clothes section and, because of one point of child shoes of part-exchange, do.

    ■Accept; venue: The the third-floor = child clothes section
    ■Discount coupon validity: From issue date three months

    ※Part-exchange per person to three pairs per once.
    ※There is article which cannot accept some part-exchanges. Ask sales floor salesperson in detail.
    ※Please note that you cannot return article which you took a trade-in on once.

    Please utilize child shoes who took for donation or recycling-related activities to the Republic of Zambia after checking product states through international collaboration NGO joisefu saving expectant mothers and woman of developing country.

    <please see this in detail>

    <announcement of child socks collecting ticket expiration date re-extension>
    Child socks collecting ticket of issuance will extend expiration date for (normal three months) until Monday, August 31 on Sunday for from Thursday, January 9, 2020 to Friday, April 17, from Thursday, May 21 to 31st.
    Child socks collecting ticket of example) Wednesday, February 19, 2020 issuance
    →It is available until Monday, August 31, 2020.
    ※Please contact sales floor person in charge in detail.