SEIBU AKITA & the garden Jiyugaoka, SEIBU "SEIBU delivery service"


We send lunch or side dish, drink to home♪

[area limitation]
※This service should be limited to delivery to the following area.
1, Nakadori, Akita-shi ... 7, Senshukitanomaru, Senshuyadomemachi, Senshumeitokumachi, Senshukubotamachi, Senshujokamachi, Senshunakajimamachi, Minamidorimiyata, Minamidoritsukiji, Minamidorimisonomachi, Minamidorikamenocho, Narayama, Narayamaishizukamachi, Narayamajonanshinmachi, Narayamajonanmachi, Narayamaootamachi, Narayamakinshomachi, Narayamaoomotomachi, Narayamaatagoshita, Narayamafurukawashinmachi, Narayamasatakemachi, Narayamaminamishinmachikamicho, Narayamaminamishinmachishimocho, Narayamahoncho, Narayamaminaminakacho, Narayamakyouwamachi, Narayamanoborimachi, Narayamakawaguchisakai, Kyokuhokusakaemachi, Kyokuhokunishikimachi, Kyokuhokuteramachi, Asahi south 1 - 3, Omachi 1 ... 6, 1, Sanno ... 7, Sannoushinmachi, Sannounakazonomachi, Sannounumatamachi, Sannounakajimamachi, Sannourinkaimachi, Hodonoteppomachi, 1, Yabaseminami, 2, Kawajiricho, Kouyoaoyagicho, Totsu 1-8 chome, Higashidorimyoden, Higashidoritatenokoshi, Higashidorikannonmae, Higashidorinakamachi, wide aspect district, bill district

※Please consult about delivery to area except the above.

●In more than two lunches or tax-included 1,000 yen or more
Free, order OK will send.

 ※Customers 65 years or older accept from one lunch.

■The handling period of publication product: Until Monday, October 12, 2020

★More information★
※Please see from PC, smartphone.