Corresponding SEIBU, SOGO formula application nanaco points collect for "seven mile program". In the case of 1 seven mile check for program, miles collect by the member cord (bar code) of application presentation. ※In SEIBU Takatsuki, SOGO KOBE, it does not support "seven mile program". We prepare for available advantageous coupon and stamp rally plan at any time at 2 coupon stamp function stores. ※There is period when we do not deliver.

※Person having application of SEIBU, SOGO comes to need update of application, agreement to Terms of Use before renewal.


10,000 miles of acquisition

SEIBU, SOGO application

Bonus mile campaign

From March 1, 2019 to May 20

We present 10,000 miles toward the purchase more than 50,000 yen (tax-excluded) a day.
※It is only for once per person

Shop and e. department store of SEIBU, SOGO

We can be given both!

500 miles of bonus

From March 18, 2019 to May 20

In SEIBU, SOGO which you purchased more than total amount of money 10,000 yen more than once in more than once and net mail order "e. department store" in shop, we present 500 miles.
※It is only for once per person
※Combination with 10,000 miles of acquisition SEIBU, SOGO application bonus mile campaign is possible, too.

SEIBU, SOGO formula application downloading method

We download application from application store.
We search with "SEIBU, SOGO" in each application store
We download application from two-dimensional bar code.
App Store for iOS
Google Play store for Android
When we operate application of SEIBU, SOGO along screen after the downloading and choose "favorite store" (possible ※ plural store choice) after agreeing to "Terms of Use", advantageous information such as coupons reaches by push notice from registration store.
※Store which we chose before is set to person having application of SEIBU, SOGO before renewal. (we can change)

7iD registration procedure

We need sign-in to "7iD" (seven eye day) to use seven mile program by SEIBU, SOGO application. You can use Seven-Eleven application, Ito-Yokado application, Omni 7 in one 7iD.

※Is already Seven-Eleven application, Ito-Yokado application, Omni 7; 7iD (e-mail address) registration,
In same 7iD (e-mail address), please subscribe SEIBU, SOGO application.
When they register in different 7iD (e-mail address), miles do not collect commonly.
※It is different from member information of club on / millennium card.

Usage of seven mile program

In the check, let's show member cord screen!In the case of shopping, miles collect just to open up application, and to show, and to scan bar code.

※Mile grant after cash register settlement is not possible.

[about exclusion targeted for seven mile program]
Sales floor, product which tenant, specialty store, cash vouchers such as gift certificate, gift coupon, tickets, prepaid card, metal such as gold and silver, tour costs, processing, repair charges, the postage, various taxes, charge to nanaco at store, each shop appoint is excluded. Please refer to sales floor person in charge in detail.
※In SEIBU TAKATSUKI, SOGO KOBE, it does not support "seven mile program".

It is ... with "seven mile program"

Miles common throughout 7 & i Holdings group collected by usual shopping, and nice service that advantageous privilege got started!
Miles collect all too soon, and agrin. Oneself gets desired privilege and experience, and agrin.
It is program common throughout group which makes such every day smile a little.
1 mile collects

Per 1 yen, it is 1 mile. We only do shopping, and advantageous miles collect more and more every day.

We get 2 privileges

When mile saves the number of the uniformity, we rank as and improve. We get nanaco point and privilege depending on rank.

2 information arrives

We check curious news including campaign and new product. Nice shopping information that fitted oneself arrives.

We download right now!

We search in "SEIBU SOGO" in application store
App Store
Google Play