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Greetings of SEIBU FUNABASHI closure

SEIBU FUNABASHI which favored to local all of you for a long time, and had you support
We closed sales after the end on Wednesday, February 28.
For many customers having given particular kind consideration so far,
We give thanks heartily and,
All the employees are deep heartily and appreciate favor that had everybody support.
We are waiting for the use in each SEIBU, SOGO shop sequentially.

February 28, 2018


We accept inquiry in SEIBU IKEBUKURO customer center.

  • SEIBU IKEBUKURO customer center

  • ●Telephone: 0120 (517) 779

  • ●Reception hours: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Club on / millennium point and gift certificate of customer
It is available in each national SEIBU, SOGO shop.

About the use of club on / millennium card card

Is club on / millennium card which we used usable so far?

You can just use club on / millennium card you have, club on / millennium card Saison in each national SEIBU, SOGO shop.

About club on / millennium point

How does point that we accumulated turn out so far?

It is available for "one point of = 1 yen" sequentially in each national SEIBU, SOGO shop.
In addition, member of club on / millennium card Saison is available in shopping site "e. department store" of SEIBU, SOGO.

Can you confirm point that you accumulated?

When we have you enroll in SEIBU, SOGO Internet service, and procedure is completed, point can confirm on the Internet. In addition, you can confirm even point look installing in each national SEIBU, SOGO shop.
In addition, we are not doing system correspondence for reading of purchase history and point addition history by SEIBU, SOGO Internet service. We can have you read the use of monthly credit details when we will enroll in "Net answer" on homepage that credit issuance company seven CS card service runs in the case of club on / millennium card Saison with credit. Please enroll in "Net answer" in conjunction with SEIBU, SOGO Internet service. (free of charge including registration charges, annual convention costs)


About gift certificate

Is gift certificate of SEIBU, SOGO usable?

It is available sequentially in each national SEIBU, SOGO shop.

Is gift certificate common throughout department stores of the whole country usable?

It is available as before in department stores of the whole country.

The details of gift certificate, gift card are this

About SEIBU, SOGO Internet service

How does e-mail magazine (email from SEIBU FUNABASHI) that we received turn out?

SEIBU FUNABASHI finished business on Wednesday, February 28, this year.
With the business end, mail delivery from SEIBU FUNABASHI is finished after Thursday, March 1, too.

Therefore, customer who had you register "store which often went" in SEIBU FUNABASHI,
We switched to SEIBU IKEBUKURO automatically at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 28.
In addition, all mail delivery from SEIBU, SOGO changes setting to "we do not hope" at the same time, too.

Change of store (store which often goes) in hope of mail delivery will be necessary in future when mail delivery is hoped for by store except SEIBU IKEBUKURO.
I'm sorry to trouble, and you are grateful, but please file.

[1] Change of store (store which often goes) in hope of mail delivery from this
※Please confirm in smartphone or feature phone. We cannot switch from PC.

When you cannot see mobile site, please contact than inquiry form.
You fill out with "store change hope to often go", and please send to store where mail delivery is hoped for in entry column, club on / millennium card ID (member number), the name, phone number and the text on this occasion.

▼Inquiry foam is this

[2] Mail delivery setting from this

▼Change procedure
(1)We access member page
(2)We click "e-mail address mail delivery setting" of member page
(3)We accept check if "we hope" for delivery of email
(4)We click "we confirm input contents"
(5)We click "we change"
(6)Change procedure completion

When mail delivery is unnecessary, I would like withdrawal procedure of Internet service.

[3] Withdrawal procedure of Internet service from this

[withdrawal procedure of Internet service]

■In the case of PC
(1)We access member page
(2)Under the first of the member page, screen left blue frame "withdrawal clicks this"
(3)We click "we resign"
(4)Withdrawal procedure completion

■In the case of mobile terminal
(1)Access mobile site, to member page
(2)We click "withdrawal" of member menu in member page
(3)We click "we resign"
(4)Withdrawal procedure completion

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