SEIBU, SOGO Internet service

We send confirmation of club on / millennium point, advantageous information quickly when we have you register. You can register all the club on / millennium card member.

※Enrollment fee, annual convention costs are unnecessary.

※In the case of the use, it costs communication costs (packet charges) with cell-phone / smartphone separately.

SEIBU, SOGO Internet service privilege

  • Guidance of Internet service-limited campaign
    You can participate in campaigns of Internet service member-limited.
  • Confirmation of point
    You can confirm point to be available for 1.1 yen.
  • Memorial day news service
    We will tell about birthday or wedding anniversary of important person by email.
  • Reading of favorite information
    The latest information can read when we have you register favorite store, sales floor, brand.
  • Present of mail delivery and coupon of advantageous information
    You can receive special treatment sale, advantageous information including guidance of special soiree by email.

SEIBU, SOGO Internet service use registration method

  1. Input of customer information
  2. We click URL in the email text which arrived
  3. If this registration screen is displayed, we register and are completed