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Zip code 171-8569 1-28-1, Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 
03-3981-0111 (main)

Parking lot

SEIBU IKEBUKURO parking lot guide map

Parking lot

  • Parking lot of SEIBU IKEBUKURO can use three of "SEIBU parking" "metropolitan parking lot" "Ikebukuro east exit community parking lot".
  • ◆Please line up at position of surprised guard horizontal red solid line at the time of traffic jam. We will guide in turn.
  • ◆Metropolitan parking lot can enter without traffic jam.
    (we operate pick-up bus to carriage porch Exit on Saturday and Sunday, festival day.)
  • ◆Ikebukuro east exit community basement parking area (ISP parking lot) can be stocked from both Mejiro, Otsuka court of Meiji Dori.
    Even north zone the first floor of the basement and direct connection, rain are available without getting wet.

Parking lot service

<announcement of SEIBU parking business hours change>
To self-restraint request for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread of Tokyo, we change business hours during until Monday for from Monday, August 3 to 31st.
■Parking lot business hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
※Parking until 9:00 p.m.

Parking lot service

※There is not parking lot free service to gold card << Saison >> members.

■Electric car charge service (pay)
Battery charger (62), quick-charger (one) are usually available in "SEIBU parking".
※For more details, please consult your nearest store manager.

■Motorcycle (motorcycle) bicycle parking lot
●Ikebukuro east exit community basement parking area (ISP parking lot): We call for parking possible from 0:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. for 24 hours (03-3982-2116)
Free of charge in purchase 2,000 yen or more including amount of money tax in total for two hours (uniformly). It is 330 yen hourly afterward.
※There is not card special treatment.
※Please show purchase receipt at parking lot.

・It is 290 yen after 330 yen/hourly hourly until two hours of general parking rate/beginning.

Parking lot

Guidance of porter service

I take purchase product and, 30 minutes later, hand in either of the first floor of (1) (the south) = carriage porch Exit information desk (2) SEIBU parking the fourth floor = service counter (3) metropolitan parking lot (and but, only on Saturday and Sunday, celebration holiday, I take purchase product 60 minutes later).
You feel free to contact to person in charge of the information desk of the first-floor (the south) = carriage porch Exit and each sales floor, and please be used.

  • ●Only in the case of porter company, we accept to Ikebukuro east exit community basement parking area.
  • ●Custody product: Valuables, cash voucher product, cold stored possession, purchase product except thing which is easy to be damaged
    (SEIBU parking the fourth floor service counter takes cold stored possession)
  • ●Rate: Free of charge