Floor Guide

FLOOR GUIDE ro 层 instruction *soyubinan 플로어가이드

12th Floor
[Loft] Stationery | Leather accessory, business bag

kafemedio (south Loft)
The eleventh floor
[Loft] Household goods | Interior

Loft (main building 9th-12th floors)
10th Floor
[Loft] Beauty, healthy article | Variety miscellaneous goods | Market | Bag TRAVEL GOODS
The ninth floor
[Loft] Accessories | Wristwatch | MoMA design store | Graphics
Roof meal and green aerial garden | Glasses salon | Beauty salon | Pet farm

Anastasia [cosmetics] (south B11)
IKEDA pet farm (south B10)
KAKUSEN-EN [gardening] (the roof)
Do cut [light meal]; (the roof)?
Cartier [glasses] (south B11)
GUCCI [glasses] (south B11)
Kesalan Patharan [cosmetics] (south B11)
COTO tree HIBIYA KADAN [gardening] (the roof)
Truth incense garden [gardening] (the roof)
ALFRED DUNHILL [glasses] (south B11)
TIFFANY&Co. [glasses] (south B11)
Dior [glasses] (south B11)
BURBERRY [glasses] (south B11)
Finney [cosmetics] (south B11)
BVLGARI [glasses] (south B11)
PRADA [glasses] (south B11)
Hearing aid (south B11)
Paul Smith [glasses] (south B11)
Loupe [glasses] (south B11)
LOTOS [glasses] (south B11)
8th Floor
Restaurant dining park Ikebukuro | SEIBU sports | Body station | osshumanzu

akuterikusu (osshumanzu) (south A11)
Asahi (walking) (south A10)
ASICS (walking) (south A10)
Ada bat (central A8)
Adidas (south B11)
Arena swimming (south B9)
Walking shoes (south A10)
AFC health shop (health food) (south B9)
Uh, conspiracy (south A10)
Natural sn supermarket (central B8)
LA body (south B9)
eresse (south B9)
eressesuimu (south B9)
osshumanzu (south A11)
Oakley (sunglasses) (south A9)
kananapurojiekuto (south A9)
Body station (south B10)
Korean meal Aya with a smile makkori (central A6)
Calloway apparel (central A8)
KYO HAYASHIYA (central A5)
Ginza asutaberushinu Ikebukuro (north B1)
TENICHI (north B1)
gurazuresupire (central B8)
Grill MARUNOUCHI-TEI (central B6)
Gourmet stadium I (jasmine Thailand) (central A6)
Colombia (south A10)
Colombia (osshumanzu) (south A11)
GOUBULI enokofuri (go yellowtail) (central A5)
Cycle (south A9)
THE NORTH FACE (south A10)
THE NORTH FACE mountain Athletics (central B8)
Shrimp & oyster house (north B1)
C3fit (central B8)
jurie (central B8)
Speed (central B8)
Spanish food VIDRIO Ginza biidoro (central A6)
SPORTS SHOES (south B10)
SEIBU special diet temple Hotel Okura (central A7)
Dance Kyn (central B8)
Chibo (central A5)
Tsukiji riverside fish market Itadori (central B5)
Clean Tsukiji sushi; and fish Kotobuki (north B3)
Tennis article (south B11)
DESCENTE golf (south A9)
Training article (south B10)
NIKE (south B10)
New Balance (walking) (south B10)
New balance (shoes) (south B10)
23KU golf (central A8)
nichihonkyounagiiseitei (north B1)
Banquet room (central A6)
PEARLY GATES & master bunny edition (central A8)
Hole (central B6) of pasta & wine wall
Patagonia (osshumanzu) (south A11)
Hyun Mel (central B8)
Hidamari mountain cottage (south A10)
PTS travel navigator (south A9)
Fox fire (south A11)
Fumiya tennis (south B11)
Black & white (south A9)
Brasserie - le RION (central B7)
PUMA (south B10)
puroteka (south A9)
Hel C-one (south B9)
benekusu (central B8)
Marmot (Hidamari mountain cottage) (south A10)
○Bower (north B4) which wins
Mawashi jushikatsu (north B4)
Munsingwear (south A9)
manduka (central B8)
Mizuno (south B11)
MIZUNO (WALKING) (south A10)
Mizuno swimming (south B9)
bi々u (north B3)
Roasted meat, steak cow soldier of the Imperial Guard west hermitage (central B5)
Is vegetables & horse; and KICHI by MINOKICHI (north B2)
yoga corner (central B8)
LIONS STORE (south B11)
Ralph Lauren GOLF (central A8)
LANVIN SPORT (men's Lady's) (central A8)
▼rizera (central B8)
Resort swimsuit (central B8)
Le coq sportif DESCENTE (south B11)
Le coq sportif golf (south A9)
World march (walking) (south A10)
Wacoal CW-X (south B9)
7th Floor
Interior | Shop sun idea | of hobby Exhibition space | Club on desk

Irish Dresden (north B1)
Alf Rex (central A7)
antiere (central B7)
ittara (north A2)
Wedgwood (north A1)
Air We've Inc. (BEDCLOTHES CORNER) (central B6)
OGENKIDESUKA SHOP [care article] (south B11)
Willow oakware (central B7)
Electrical appliance (central A5)
kafekomusa (north A1)
Kawashima Selkon Textiles (central A6)
Art supplies study temple (south B10)
Kitchen studio (north A3)
Kitchen article (north A4)
KIMONO (south B10)
KIYA (north A3)
Design salon (central A6 - 7) of living
Green shop (central B6)
Common consent temple (south B9)
Gen-emon (north B2)
KOGA (south B11)
kosutaboda (north B1)
Tableware (north A1)
jienyuin (central B8)
Jonathan Adler (south B9)
Studio health [healthy article] (south B10)
SWAROVSKI silver crystal (north B1)
Tree of life (central A7)
SEIBU photo studio ravuyu (south A11)
Pre-sen (central A5)
Towel (central B6)
Tea ism (north B3)
tifaru (north A4)
DOJINDO (south B11)
Narumi (north B1)
Knee Dick (central A6)
Noritake (north B1)
HI-NET [cosmetics] (south B10)
HOUSE OF ROSE (central B7)
Hakuyosha (central A7)
Bus miscellaneous goods (central B6)
POWWOW [manipulative treatment] (south B11)
Be my Gift (central B6)
BiTaku Raft (north A4)
bireroi & bohho (north A1)
FEILER (central B6)
futchienroita (north B1)
Prima ballerina (central B7)
herendo (north B1)
HENCKELS (north A3)
Bear Labo (central B8)
Hotman (central B6)
BOSE (central A5)
bodamu (north A4)
Meissen (north A2)
La droguerie (south B10)
rarikku (north B1)
Ralph Lauren home (central B7)
Lee Dell (north B4)
Richard Ginori (north B1)
Living house (central B8)
Living article center B5)
Lladro (north A1)
Room fragrance (central A5)
rukuruze (north A4)
Rosenthal (north B1)
Royal Copenhagen (north B1)
Y`s four living (central B7)
The sixth floor
Child clothes | Sundry goods of high quality | Gift certificate | GIFT SALON | Prestige boutique

Aprica (central B5)
Art gallery (central B7)
Art forum (central B8)
Akachan no Shiro (central B5)
Agnes b. ENFANT (central A5)
Agnes b. ENFANT (baby) (central A5)
VALENTINO (south A11)
VCA (vankurifu & aperu) (south A9)
EBEL [watch] (south A9)
Emollient cream (central B5)
Ceremony to celebrate a baby's first eating set (baby tableware set) (central B6)
OMEGA [watch] (central A6)
Toy (north A4)
Cartier (central A7)
▼GIFT SALON (central B6)
▼Wedding salon (central B6)
KUMIKYOKU (north B3)
KUMIKYOKU (baby) (north B3)
Group futon (central B5)
GUCCI [watch] (south A9)
GUCCI we men's shop (south B10)
KP (north B2)
KP (baby) (north B2)
Com subrondo off (central B5)
komusafiyu (north A2)
komusafiyu (baby) (north A2)
CONVERSE (child shoes) (central B5)
Sanrio love plaza (north A4)
THE NORTH FACE kids (north B3)
Shirley Temple (north B2)
Shirley Temple (baby) (north B2)
CHANEL (south A11)
CHAUMET (central A7)
Chopard [watch] (south A9)
JAEGER-LE COULTRE [watch] (south A9)
JEWELRY SALON (central A7)
Giorgio Armani (south B10)
SEIKO premium watch salon (central B8)
CELINE (south A10)
Sense of Wonder (central A5)
ZENITH [watch] (south A9)
taguhoiya [watch] (central B7)
tarutinueshokora (central A6)
tarutinueshokora (baby) (central A6)
Daddy Oh Daddy (north B2)
Daddy Oh Daddy (baby) (north B2)
DOUBLE_B (north A3)
DOUBLE_B (baby) (north A3)
DIESEL KIDS (north B2)
DIESEL KIDS (baby) (north B2)
Dior (south B11)
dimowa (central B5)
TOMMY HILFIGER kids (north B1)
New balance (child shoes) (central B5)
NUK (central B5)
Hakka kids (north A2)
Hakka kids (baby) (north A2)
Harry Winston (central A6)
Baccarat (south A9)
Pile toy (central B5)
HYSTERIC MINI (central A5)
PIAGET (south A9)
PIGEON (central B5)
Familiar (central A5)
Familiar (baby) (central A5)
fisu (north A2)
fisu (baby) (north A2)
Feh feh (north A2)
FENDI (south A11)
FRANCK MULLER [watch] (central A6)
Bush Ron (south A9)
BREITLING [watch] (south A9)
buraneburanshu (central B5)
BLANCPAIN [watch] (central A6)
Blue Cross girls (north A1)
BVLGARI (central A8)
burunerokuchinerimenzushoppu (south B11)
Breguet (central A6)
PETIT BATEAU (central A6)
PETIT BATEAU (baby) (central A6)
PRADA (south B11)
Hair & beauty treatment salon heroine [hair salon] (south A11)
Bed Mary (central B5)
BAPE KIDS (baby) (central A5)
bebe (north A1)
beberudakution (central A6)
bottega Benatar (south A10)
BorneLund (north A4)
The Paul Smith youth (north A1)
POMPKINS (child shoes) (central B5)
pomponettojunia (north A1)
myumyu (south B10)
Miki HOUSE (north A3)
Miki HOUSE (baby) (north A3)
Miki HOUSE Formal Wear (north A3)
Miki HOUSE baby (north A3)
MIKIMOTO (central A8)
Mille feuille (north B4)
Mezzo piano (north B2)
Mezzo piano (baby) (north B2)
The mezzo piano youth (north A1)
MONCLER women boutique (south A10)
MONTBLANC (south A9)
La Glacerie (central A5)
Ralph Lauren Boys & girls (north A3)
rarufurorenreietto & infanto (north A3)
rinjii (north A1)
LEGO (north A4)
Respiration (central B5)
ROLEX (central A7)
Ron gin [watch] (south A9)
WACOAL (maternity) (central B5)
Wacoal kids (north B4)
wasuku (north A1)
The fifth floor
Men's wear

Aquascutum (south A9)
Aquascutum (order-made shirts) (central B8)
Aquascutum (shirt) (central B7) (central B8)
Asamerry (underwear) (central B5)
The Atlantic Stars (central B8)
Agnes b. homme (central A5)
ARAMIS / laboratory series (central B6)
ARTISAN men (north A2)
Alfred banisuta (north A1)
ISSEY MIYAKE men (south B10)
INTERMEZZO (central B5)
WELDON (pajamas) (central B5)
Ultima (central B7)
Vivienne Westwood MAN (north A1)
Vivienne Westwood (central B7)
VITAMAN (central B6)
VOICE (central B8)
ACEGENE (central B7)
S te Du Pont (south A11)
ETRO (south A11)
EDWARD GREEN (central B8)
enere (north A3)
epokauomo (central A5)
epokauomo (underwear) (central B5) 
EMINENTO (central A6)
MXP (underwear) (central B5)
Ermenegildo Zegna (south A11)
Emporio Armani (south B10)
Emporio Armani (tie) (central B8)
Emporio Armani (underwear, socks) (central B5)
HOM (underwear) (central B5)
Calvin Klein (north A3)
Calvin Klein (underwear, socks) (central B5)
Calvin Klein (miscellaneous goods) (central B7)
Leather accessory, belt (central B7)
GANZO (central B7)
KATHARINE HAMNETT(men's shoes) (central B8)
Kitamura (central B7)
Clarks (central B8)
GUCCI (men's) (south A10)
GRENSON (central B8)
COLEHAAN (central B8)
Commes Des Garcons wallet (south B11)
COMME des GARCONS HOMME do (south B11)
komudegyarusonomupuryusu (south B11)
Commes Des Garcons Junya Watanabe man (south B11)
Commes Des Garcons pal femme (south B11)
komusa stage men (north A2)
COMME CA MEN (central B7)
COMME CA MEN (tie) (central B8)
COMME CA MEN (underwear, socks) (central B5)
Commes Des Garcons pocket (south B11)
Commes Des Garcons shirt (south B11)
COLUMBUS (central B8)
Gotairiku (central A8)
Golf (central B8)
Bupleurum Root bunny (north B4)
Bupleurum Root bunny (underwear, socks) (central B5)
SANTONI (central B8)
Mayor of Mt. Sanyo (central B8)
SHETLANDFOX (central B8)
Shirt sweater pants <Goodman's life> (central B6)
CHOYA (shirt) (central B8)
SHIPS (north A2)
Seek (underwear, socks); (central B5)
Men's shoes (central B8)
Gentleman bag (central B7)
Simpson London (central B7)
J.Press (central A7)
JOSEPH ABBOUD (central A6)
jozefuzasutoa (central A6)
JOHN LOBB (central B8)
Gitane (central B8)
SCOTCH GRAIN (central B8)
Stefano Branchini (central B8)
Theory MEN (central A5)
TAKEO KIKUCHI (miscellaneous goods) (central B7)
TAKEO KIKUCHI (underwear, pajamas, socks) (central B5)
DAKS (south A9)
DAKS (socks) (central B5)
D'URBAN (central A7)
D'URBAN (shirt) (central B8)
DUNHILL (order-made shirts) (central B8)
Church’s (central B8)
chini (central B8)
chimabue (central B6)
Dis kelp grouper ard (south B11)
dioruomu (south A10)
TUMI (central B7)
TOMMY HILFIGER (underwear, socks) (central B5)
Tram cafe (south B11)
NEWYORKER (central A8)
23KU HOMME (central B5)
Nettuno (central B8)
Negroni (central B8)
Hush Puppies (central B8)
Underwear, socks (central B5)
Barry (central B8)
Paraboot (central B8)
Writing implements (south B9)
Bespoke salon (central A8)
F bi(central B8)
Philip model (central B8)
Felisi (central B6)
40 ct & 525 (north A3)
Formal Wear (central A8)
FUJITAKA (central B7)
Francesco be ninyo (central B8)
Full lah (central B7)
Black label crest bridge (north A3)
Brooks Brothers (central B7)
Brooks Brothers red fleece (north B4)
Brooks Brothers (underwear, socks) (central B5)
BLOKEDGE (north A3)
Play Commes Des Garcons (south B11)
Pedala (central B8)
White House cox (central B7)
bottega Benatar (south A10)
BOSS (south B9)
BODY WILD (underwear) (central B5)
Bon Step (central B8)
Paul Stuart (pajamas) (central B5)
Paul Smith (central A5)
Paul Smith (underwear, socks, pajamas) (central B5)
POLO RALPH LAUREN denim (north B3)
POLO RALPH LAUREN (miscellaneous goods) (central B7)
POLO RALPH LAUREN (underwear, socks, pajamas) (central B5)
Macintosh philosophy (north A4)
Macintosh philosophy (underwear, socks) (north A4)
Margaret Howell (central A5)
mauritsuiotaiyuti- (central B7)
MAGNANNI (central B8)
Master-piece (central B7)
Marelli (central B8)
Mila schon (order-made shirts) (central B8)
Monsieur Nicole extra (north A1)
mezommarujiera (south B11)
M.MOWBRAY (central B8)
MONCLER (south A10)
Mouth nature Yatsugatake Heights Sea town information salon (Yatsugatake Heights lodge) (south A11)
YANKO (central B8)
Yohji Yamamoto (south B10)
Leica & camera-style (south B9)
LACOSTE (central B5)
RUNWALK (central B8)
Orchid van piggyback roux (central B5)
Orchid van (underwear, socks) (central B5)
Orchid van piggyback roux (bag) (central B7)
REGAL (central B8)
Levis store (north B3)
Replay (central A6)
rimowa (south B11)
Lui’s (north A1)
Shirt tie (central B8)
WACOAL MEN (underwear) (central B5)
The fourth floor

ICB (T & L) (north A2)
azunouazuoraka (L) (north A3)
ADORE (central A8)
UNTITLED (T & L) (north A3)
Italiya (north B1)
Italiya (L) (north B1)
INDIVI (L) (north A3)
INDIVI (S) (north B3)
Versace (south B11)
ETRO (south A11)
EPOCA (south A8)
ELISA (central B5)
Emporio Armani (south A11)
OLD ENGLAND (central B6)
Big size ladies' wear (north A1 - 4, north B1 - 3)
Color Formal Wear (north B4)
Gal Lee Vee (central A6)
KUMIKYOKU (S) (north B3)
Chloe (south B11)
Fur (MOONBAT) (south B11)
Kenzo (south B10)
KOHIKIZOKU (south B11)
Coordinates station (central A7)
Commes Des Garcons (south A9)
komusa platinum (central A5)
komusademodokonfoto (north A2)
Sab street (L) (north B3)
SYBILLA (central B8)
Junya Watanabe Commes Des Garcons (south B10)
JOSEPH (central A6)
GEORGES RECH (S) (north A3)
JIYU-KU (central B6)
supahakkafiyu (L) (north A4)
Stella McCartney (south B11)
SPORTMAX (south B9)
THEORY LUXE (central A8)
THEORY LUXE (S) (north B3)
SENSOUNICO (central B5)
Senbiki shop fruit parlor (north A1)
TABASA (central B7)
Small size ladies' wear (north B3 - 4, central B5)
TO BE CHIC (central A7)
TO BE CHIC (L) (north B2)
NARACAMICIE (central B6)
NEWYORKER (central B5)
NEWYORKER (L) (north B1)
23KU (L) (north A2)
23KU (S) (north B3)
HaaT (south B9)
BURBERRY (south A11)
Hiroko Koshino (central B6)
Fitme Moi (L) (north B1)
FOXEY (south A9)
Formal Wear (north B4)
burunerokuchineriuimenzushoppu (south A11)
PLASIS (L) (north A3)
PLANTATION (central A5)
Plantation (L) (north A1)
Pleats please ISSEY MIYAKE (south B9)
Precious mild (central A7)
Paul Stuart (central B7)
PAULE KA (central A8)
Macintosh London (central A8)
Macintosh London (L) (north B2)
Max Mara (south A10)
Marimekko (central A5)
mizuiroindo (central B5)
mezommarujierauimenzu (south B10)
MODE PLUS (central A8)
MOGA fee Rick (central A7)
MOGA (L) (north A2)
YUKI TORII (central B8)
Jurgen Lehl (south B9)
Yohji yamamoto FEMME (south B10)
Yoshie inaba (central B6)
RALPH LAUREN (T & L) (north B3)
Reflect (central A6)
rimifu (south B9)
Liliane Burty (L) (north B1)
Requip (central A5)
Requip (L) (central A5)
Leilian (central B8)
Leilian plus house (L) (north A1)
Rose tiara (L) (north A4)
Lauren Ralph Lauren (central A5)
Lauren Ralph Lauren (L) (north A2)
Loewe (south B11)
The third floor

ICB (central B6)
As no as do buzz (north B4)
atsuroutayamaserekushon (south B11)
artra L (pattern order) (central A7)
Agnes b. (south B11)
Amour (north B1)
Alice & Olivia (south A10)
UNTITLED (central B7)
EAST BOY (north B3)
ivoninedonuberubagu (central B7)
INDIVI (central A5)
Inner wear (north A1 - 2, north B1 - 2)
Vivienne Westwood (south A11)
Vivienne Tam (south A11)
essensuobuanai (central A6)
EFDE (north A4)
MK (north B4)
M-PREMIER (central A7)
karensoroji (south B10)
KID BLUE (north A1)
KEY to STYLE (central A8)
COUP DE CHANCE (central B9)
KUMIKYOKU (central A5)
Courreges (north B1)
Kate spade New York (south A11)
Kensington tea room (south A11)
SHELTER (central A5)
Sea by Chloe (south A10)
Jet set solo plus (south B9)
GELATO PIQUE (central A5)
joritujuru (north B2)
Jill Stewart (north A2)
Superior closet (central B7)
STUDIO FIVE (north A2)
Zucca (south A9)
THEORY (central A7)
Cell Ford (central A6)
Diagram (central B6)
Tsumori chisato SLEEP (north A1)
DES PRES (south B9)
DIESEL (south A9)
deshiguaru (central A8)
Denim (central A9)
Denim (domestic brand) (central A8)
Toe B by agnes b. (north A4)
TOCCA (south A11)
Toe null (central B5)
Tricot COMME des GARCONS (central A8)
Triumph (north A2, B2)
towami (central A5)
Narue (north A1)
23KU (central B7)
neiruzuyunikuarutimiddopuremia [cosmetics] (north B3)
Honeycomb mode (central A6)
hanro Simone pe rail (north A1)
HUMAN WOMAN (south B9)
VICKY (central B8)
Pinky & Dianne (central B7)
Pink house Chelsea (north A4)
45R (south B11)
Frey eye D (central A8)
BOUTIQUE nicole (central B7)
Blue label crest bridge (north A3)
Paul Smith (south A9)
Macintosh philosophy (south B10)
MAX & CO (south A9)
Margaret Howell (south B11)
Mark Jacobs (south A10)
MARY QUANT [cosmetics] (north B2)
Mila schon (north B1)
Maison qualite (south B10)
Mercibeaucoup, (north A3)
LA VIE A DEUX (north A1)
LA PERLA (north A1)
L'ANGELIQUE (north A2)
LIBERTY (north B1)
Replay (central A8)
rufutoropu (central B7)
LAISSE PASSE (central B5)
LEST ROSE (central A5)
ROPE (south B10)
Y’s (south B11)
Wacoal (north B1 - 2)
Wacoal nightie (north B1)
2nd Floor
Woman miscellaneous goods | TIFFANY&Co.

Acca (south A9)
Oh, car (south A9)
Ice watch (south B11)
Agete (south A10)
Achilles Sorbo [opera pump] (north B2)
Agu pork [opera pump] (north A4)
Asahi [opera pump] (north B2)
Atelier [opera pump] (north B2)
ANNA SUI (accessories) (south B10)
Anna Sui [handbag] (central B8)
aniesubeboyaju [handbag] (central A6)
ANYA HINDMARCH [handbag] (central B6)
ANTEPRIMA [opera pump] (north A3)
Ante prima ballerina [handbag] (central B6)
Ann leaf [opera pump] (north A1)
INGNI [opera pump] (north A2)
WISP (south B11)
Water massage [opera pump] (north A3)
Vanity beauty Luc's [opera pump] (north A1)
Vendome Aoyama (south A11)
VITA NOVA [opera pump] (north B1)
Echo [opera pump] (north B3)
enchanteddo [opera pump] (north B2)
Organic market [cosmetics] (north A2)
obanisuta [opera pump] (north A4)
Big size, small-sized opera pump [opera pump] (north B1)
odewsu 4℃ (south A11)
odettoeodiru (north A4)
Kahuna (south A11)
KaLLeN (south B11)
Leather accessory (central A6)
CAMPER [opera pump] (north A3)
Ganter [opera pump] (north B2)
Kitamura [handbag] (south B10)
kibira [opera pump] (north B2)
GINZA Yoshinoya [opera pump] (north A1)
Clarks [opera pump] (north B1)
CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN [opera pump] (central A5)
keiuno (south A11)
Kate spade New York [handbag] (central B6)
gerarudini [handbag] (central B6)
Genten [handbag] (central B8)
COACH [handbag] (south B9)
COLE HAAN [opera pump] (central A5)
COCOSHNIK (south B11)
Conciel (south B11)
Composition 9 [opera pump] (north A1)
Samantha Thavasa deluxe [handbag] (central B7)
Samantha Thavasa petit choice [handbag] (central A6)
SARTORE [opera pump] (central A5)
The kiss anniversary (south A11)
SEE BY CHLOE [handbag] (central A6)
GEOX [opera pump] (north B3)
GIRO [opera pump] (north B2)
GIO GIO (south B11)
jimichu [opera pump] (central A5)
Jill Stewart Shoo [opera pump] (north A3)
Staccato [opera pump] (north A4)
STAR JEWELRY (south A10)
Style laboratory [opera pump] (north B1)
Strober [opera pump] (north A1)
Space by teatoro (south B10)
SWAROVSKI (south B10)
Section Dole [opera pump] (north A1)
sebuntueruvusati [opera pump] (north A4)
Sergio Rossi [opera pump] (central A5)
Sophia collection [opera pump] (north A1)
Daniel Wellington (south B11)
CHARMY (south B11)
Chan roux (south B11)
Tsumori chisato WALK [opera pump] (north A3)
TIFFANY&Co. (south B11)
Take up (south A11)
DIESEL [handbag] (central B6)
Trans Market (central A7)
Tolly Birch [opera pump] (central A5)
TROLLBEADS (south A10)
DR. MARTENS [opera pump] (north A4)
nachurari (south A9)
23KU [handbag] (central B8)
NEO RHYTHM [opera pump] (north A2)
NO NAME [opera pump] (north B2)
Neue diffusion [opera pump] (north A2)
Neue marche [opera pump] (north A2)
NOJESS (south A9)
Hunter [opera pump] (north B2)
BARCLAY [opera pump] (north B2)
PARADIS COULEUR [opera pump] (north B2)
HIPS [opera pump] (north A4)
HIMIKO On Bleue [opera pump] (north A3)
HIMIKO On Rouge [opera pump] (north A3)
HIROFU [handbag] (central B8)
Beautiful womanness by SAZABY [handbag] (central A6)
BIBI (south B9)
BEYOND COOL (south B11)
Pitti [opera pump] (north A2)
PEAQ (south B10)
FABIO RUSCONI [opera pump] (north A4)
Harmony import [opera pump] (north A4)
fesutariabijusofia (south A10)
Foot care room [opera pump] (north B2)
FURLA [handbag] (central B6)
FRESCA [opera pump] (north A1)
Bridget Birkin [opera pump] (north B2)
Plus Vendome (south B10)
BELL FLORRIE [opera pump] (north A1)
Pedala [opera pump] (north B2)
periko [opera pump] (north A4)
Ponte Vecchio (south A10)
Macintosh philosophy [opera pump] (north A3)
Margaret Howell idea [opera pump] (north B3)
Maxi (south A11)
mami (south B10)
Mary femme [opera pump] (north B2)
Marie Club [opera pump] (north B2)
Circle non [opera pump] (north A4)
myuberu [handbag] (central B6)
Mister Minute [opera pump] (north B2)
meda Carino manyu [opera pump] (north A4)
medikaesukoto [opera pump] (north A3)
Mel Vita [cosmetics] (north A2)
merumo [opera pump] (north A1)
mokumokukinoku (south A11)
Mon sen (south B11)
Unification [opera pump] (north A1)
4℃ (south A10)
Russet [handbag] (central B7)
La Paix (south B10)
Orchid van piggyback roux [handbag] (central B8)
Orchid van piggyback roux (south B10)
Orchid van piggyback roux [opera pump] (north A3)
REGAL [opera pump] (north B2)
Riz comfort [opera pump] (north B1)
Riz raffinee [opera pump] (north B2)
Re-F [cosmetics] (north A2)
rukuru (south B9)
rushierudoru [opera pump] (north A4)
LAZY SUSAN [handbag] (central B6)
LESPORTSAC [handbag] (central B7)
repetto [opera pump] (central A5)
Lauren Ralph Lauren [handbag] (central B6)
L'OCCITANE [cosmetics] (north A3)
LONGCHAMP [handbag] (central B6)
Wacoal [opera pump] (north B1)
The first floor
LOUIS VUITTON | Prestige miscellaneous goods (mowana | Loewe | GUCCI) | Woman miscellaneous goods (cosmetics) | HERMES |
Is good; Seiki Ray station

RMK[ cosmetics] (south B9)
ADDICTION [cosmetics] (central B7)
ALBION [cosmetics] (central B7)
YVES SAINT LAURENT [cosmetics] (south A9)
Ikeseikirei station [cosmetics] (south B11)
IPSA [cosmetics] (south A9)
SK-II[ cosmetics] (south A10)
ESTEE LAUDER [cosmetics] (central A7)
MDNA SKIN [cosmetics] (south B9)
HERMES (south B11)
EST[cosmetics] (south B9)
Kanebo / LUNASOL [cosmetics] (south A10)
Covermark [cosmetics] (south B9)
Kiehl's [cosmetics] (central A5)
CLARINS [cosmetics] (south B9)
CLINIQUE [cosmetics] (south B10)
Cle de Peau Bothe [cosmetics] (south B9)
GUERLAIN [cosmetics] (south A9)
COSME DECORTE [cosmetics] (south B10)
CHANEL [cosmetics] (central A6)
SHU UEMURA [cosmetics] (central A8)
SHISEIDO [cosmetics] (south A9)
Joe Malone London [cosmetics] (south A9)
Giorgio Armani beauty [cosmetics] (central A8)
GIVENCHY [cosmetics] (central A8)
JILL STUART [cosmetics] (central B8)
SUQQU [cosmetics] (central B8)
Three [cosmetics] (south A9) (central A5)
Sekkisei [cosmetics] (central A5)
CHRISTIAN DIOR [cosmetics] (central A7)
Tom Ford beauty [cosmetics] (central A8)
DE LA MER [cosmetics] (south A9)
NARS [cosmetics] (central B8)
HACCI [cosmetics] (central B8)
FANCL SHOP [cosmetics] (central A5)
FRAGLANCE [cosmetics] (central B6)
HELENA RUBINSTEIN [cosmetics] (central B8)
BOBBI BROWN [cosmetics] (central A6)
POLA [cosmetics] (south B9)
P & J [cosmetics] (central B7)
M・A・C [cosmetics] (central A6)
Makeup station [cosmetics] (central A6)
LANCOME [cosmetics] (central A8)
Basement 1st floor
Ladies' wear | SEIBU food building <sweets & gift, side dish market>

RF1 (south B9)
Ainz & tulpe (main building basement 1th-2th floors)
Aoyama (south A10)
Aoyama Flower Market (the north)
Akasaka Kakiyama (central A5)
Akasaka pine leaf shop (central B6)
Asakusa Imahan (central B5)
Asada-ya (central B5)
With Azabu or phosphorus (central B6)
Azabujuban agemochi shop (central B5)
Taste alley (central B6)
Taste blooms (south B11)
Taste dragon (south A11)
sokuritsuoneimon (central B5)
Atelier do Godiva (central A5)
Person of sweetfish (central B6)
The Arai garden head office (central B5)
Antenor (central A6)
Henri Charpentier (central A7)
Ippodo tea store (central B5)
ITO EN (central B5)
itohan (south A9)
Uohisa (central B6)
uhanadan (countries cake of high quality) (central A5)
Plum garden (central B6)
Plum blossoms (south A10)
vitameru (north A3)
R. L (yell L) (central A5)
Ebisu Daikoku (south B10)
Organic house (south A9)
Audrey (north A4)
Old man kombu (central B5)
Kokura mountain cottage (central B5)
Oshima store (south A10)
Lunch station (south B10)
Main building (south A11)
Leaf sushi main office shelf (south B11) of persimmon
Kakiyasu Dining (central B8)
Kakiyasu Honten (central B5)
katakumiseikanin (central B6)
Yours sincerely Kanazawa (central A6)
Kano artisan Kotobuki hermitage (central B7)
Cafe no bar UCC (south A9)
Kamakura Goro Honten (central B7)
Kamakura Toshimaya (north B4)
kameyutsukudachu (south A11)
Do you cut (south A11)?
The So Kawakatsu head family (central B5)
Shino Kanda multi-sushi (south B10)
kannamukimpa (south B10)
kyatorufoiyu (central B6)
Kyotanba tongue came; (central B5)
Kyoto, tea shop TSURU (central B5)
Kit cut chocolate Tolly (central A7)
ki*ka (south A10)
Kiyoken (south B10)
Kiln (central A8)
Capital tower (south B9)
Brocade pine plum (central B5)
Ginza Akeono (central A5)
Ginza Kimura-ya (central A8)
ginzashinkorejokaishin (central B5)
Ginza bell shop (central B5)
TENICHI (south A11)
Ginza civilization temple (central A6)
Silver grape (central A5)
kushisen (south A11)
Kudanshita Kotobuki administration season eight Sea (south A11)
Black ship (central A6)
Granma sea New York (central A6)
kenihisukurone (central A7)
Katsura Shindo (north B4)
Keirin (south A10)
Iori Furuichi (south B11)
Kobe poetic genius temple (central A5)
Know; bower (south B11)
Saigon (south B9)
The liquor section (central B6)
Iori Sasaya (central B6)
Satsuma degowasu (south A10)
Monkey terrier (north A4)
shunkashunkakyogakudo (central A6)
Countries miso (south A11)
C-CUBE (north B3)
Shiseido Parlour Co.,Ltd. (central A5)
White bear (south B9)
Koya, Shinjuku (north A3)
Koya, Shinjuku (south B9)
shibamataganjin (south A11)
Jiraiya (south B10)
Suzunami (central B5)
Save B one (north B1)
SEIBU food building GIFT SALON (central B6)
Saison factory (north A3)
Sebastian buie (north B3)
SEVEN PREMIUM (central A7) (south B11)
Greens (south B10) which wound greens are good for
Takeda ham (south A9)
tagosaku (south A10)
Taneya (central B5)
Straw bag daimyo (south B10)
Straw bag shop Yoshitomi (central B5)
Tandoor (south B9)
chodaifu (south A10)
chikinfamuderi (south B9)
takeme;meido (central B5)
tsukiji Ishii (central B5)
Dyeing of variegation (central B5)
Tsuruya Hachiman (north B4)
Tsuruya Yoshinobu (central B5)
derishoppu (south B11)
Tops (central A7)
TOKYO tulip Rose (north B3) [is going to open on 2019/3/6 Wednesday]
fu* (south A11)
Toraya (north B3)
Bird city store (south A10)
toreturu shie Matsuo (central A8)
DONQ (south A9)
Nadaman kitchen (south A10)
natosu (south B9)
Niigata Kashima-ya (central B6)
TAIMEIKEN (south A11)
Ningyocho now and a half (south A10)
Origin shop (south B11)
Person of phosphorus which does not lie down (south B9)
HACCI (central A5)
Haochaozu (south B9)
Hachioji one order hermitage (south A11)
Korea beauty set DERI (south A10)
Bankaku Souhonpo (central B5)
PAOPAO (south A11)
Pastel (central A5)
Bread o toradishoneru (central A8)
Hibiya-Kadan Style (the south)
Pierre Herme Paris (north B3)
Foundry (north A4)
fakutorishin (central A5)
Fouche (central A6)
Taro Fukagawa (south A11)
Fukusaya (north B3)
Fukujuen (central B5)
Funabashi-ya (central B5)
The ship sum (central A5)
Non-Muroya (central B6)
Furuya Koganean (central B6)
Beauty (central A6)
BOUL'MICH (central A5)
The flat green eaves (central B6)
*chin* (south A10)
beruameru (north A3)
Bern (central A6)
In Hokkaido general (south A11)
Hotel Okura (central A8)
howaitobea (central A8)
Hontakasagoya (central B5)
Meister Yamanoi (central B8)
Maisen (south B10)
masusatori (south A11)
Matsuoka (south A10)
Pine storehouse potato (south A10)
Matsumae-ya (central B5)
mariajufureru (north A4)
Marukoshi (south A11)
Taste light Kyotaru (south B11)
Minokichi (south A11)
kyukawahon* (south B11)
There are many Mukaishima corners (south A11)
Maison Kaiser (central A8)
Maison Kaiser cafe (central A8)
Mary chocolate (central A6)
Koshiro Mori (central A6)
Forest eight (north B4)
Morozoff (central A5)
Yamada-ya steamed bun (central A5)
daiwaokushukuchizuke*honka (central B5)
Yamamoto-noriten (central B5)
Yamamotoyama (central B5)
Fusion (central B8)
yushima fan (south B10)
Yoku Moku (central A5)
Yong Jan (south A10)
Ryoguchiya Korekiyo (north B4)
Little Chef (south B10)
rupatishietakagi (central A5)
Agate Ann (south B10)
ROKUMEIKAN (central A7)
Village (south A11) of bracken
The second floor under the ground
SEIBU food building <freshness club> | The garden Jiyugaoka <high quality supermarket>

UOKI (central A4)
gyoko (central B5)
uoya bower (central A5)
kaiser ham (central A6)
Persimmon is low (central B6)
Garden cafe (the south)
Discerning market (north B3)
korokuya (north B3)
The garden Jiyugaoka ((south) under the ground on the second floor)
SEIBU food building gift counter (central A7)
SEVEN PREMIUM (central A6)
Intellect husband shop (north B3)
Delicious plus (nichihaihin) (central A5)
TOMiZ Tomizawa store (central A8)
Chicken Miwa (central B6)
Nakao globefish (north B3)
It is easy to pile meat artisan (central A7)
nikutokodaiwa (central B6)
Beach product (central A4)
Yushima circle red (north B4)

FLOOR GUIDE ro 层 instruction *soyubinan 플로어가이드