Guidance of club on card/club on card Saison

The points are usable immediately and stand in families.

Under recruitment of club on card new members.
Enrollment fee, annual fee for free

<please see this in detail>

★Club on desk
■The seventh floor (south B11)
■Inquiries can be made by dialing: 03(5992) 8880 <direct telephone call>

<the handling contents>
■The enrollment reception desk of club on card member
■Notices such as address change, card loss of club on card member
■The enrollment reception desk of member of club on card entry service → Wedding, Recruit, baby & kids

★Club on credit counter
■The seventh floor (south B11)
■Inquiries can be made by dialing: 03(3981) 7485 <direct telephone call>
It is counter handling credit including club on card Saison.

[the handling contents]
■General information about club on card Saison
■Application for club on card Saison (there is the same day issuance)
■Reception desk at the time of loss or theft of card
■We change registration contents such as address, name of
■Payment method, payment change
■Inquiry, change of password
■The statement bill, usage history inquiry, balance inquiry
■Available sum inquiry
■Request for material
■Saison ATM

※In the case of business hours shortening and closure, as for the receipt of money of credit, I would like the use of ATM out of the shop commencing with the following.
■Louis Vuitton along SEIBU IKEBUKURO the first floor Meiji-dori St. lines up; Saison ATM
The receipt of money: From 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.