To club on card member that birthday is reached

    When the birth moon which had you register at the time of the club on/millennium card enrollment uses shopping for club on, it is added 200 points as point in 1st on birthday and is advantageous.
    Furthermore, we give "happy birthday coupon" that there is a lot of Toku for customer of birth month.

    ※There is outside sales floor, product targeted for some clubs on/millennium. Point is excluded in outside sales floor targeted for club on/millennium on birthday.

    <birthday coupon handing over session>
    ■Our during the month (daily ... last day) of birth month

    <birthday coupon handing over place>
    ■Consultation concierge desk of buying
    The first-floor = south exit club on gate under the ground

    ■Club on desk
    The seventh floor (south B11)

    ■Information Desks
    = south exit club on gate information desk under the ground on the first floor (the south)
    Basement 1st Floor (North), North Exit Information Desk
    1st Floor (South), Passenger Unloading Entrance Information Desk
    1st Floor (Central), Central Entrance Information Desk
    ※Please show club on card to sales floor person in charge.

    <please see this about club on/millennium card in detail>