[7th Floor Exhibition Hall] Chocolate paradise 2019

  • ■Event Period: From Saturday, January 19, 2019 to Thursday, February 14
  • ■Location: 7F (South Wing) : Event Hall
  • ※On Thursday, February 14, only our venue is closed daylong at 7:00 p.m.

"Chocolate paradise 2019" where brands more than 100 gather holding.

Various chocolate which domestic and foreign chocolatier patissier produced. Chocolate full of individuality varying in impression forms a line every balance, sweetness and bitterness of aroma and material of cacao, person grain including texture.
In addition, chocolate sweets to be able to enjoy in venue are enriched, and ice-cream cone and chocolate drink, waffle come up.
We provide 27 days of fascination that weak magic of chocolate requires.

◆Under special site exhibition◆
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List of branch stores
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Venue MAP
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Patissier visit information
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Shopping site that SEIBU, SOGO provides
[e. department store of SEIBU IKEBUKURO] But you can purchase.

As for the bulk buying by delivery easily. Exhibition space "chocolate delivery we accept counter" on the seventh floor
We accept delivery of purchase product in chocolate paradise.
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※Ask sales floor person in charge in detail.