& drive-through of buying gives a service by telephone reservation easily

  • ■Reception hours to make a reservation: Every day from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (until the day before handing over preferred date)
  • ■Reception desk phone number to make a reservation: 03(3981) 0111 <main switchboard>
  • ■Product handing over time: Every day from the midday to 6:00 p.m.
  • ■Product handing over place: The first-floor (the south) = south exit (club on gate) information desk concierge desk/the first floor (the south) = carriage porch Exit under the ground
  • ■Payment method: Please pay at the time of product handing over. Only various credit cards, nanaco card are available.
    ※About seven mile program of SEIBU, SOGO application, it becomes out of the addition object of mile. Visit on the telephone in detail.
    ※Can pay by nanaco card, but to nanaco card cannot charge.
    ※We add point and annual purchase amount of money only for target product when we have you show club on/millennium card.

Payment, receipt are services that it is possible for at the first floor of the basement (the south) = south exit (club on gate) Information Desk concierge desk or the first floor (the south) = carriage porch Exit on the day of the handing over preferred date when you make a reservation of product of "list of products of buying" on the telephone within reception hours to make a reservation.
For speedy shopping, please inflect.

<for "delivery until list of products <Wednesday, September 30 of buying> "Is this>(PDF file: 1.36MB)
<for "delivery from list of products <Thursday, October 1 of buying> "Is this>(PDF file: 1.71MB)

<as for "necessities) of list of products (living of buying" this> (PDF file: 1.01MB)

※Only "list of products of buying" publication article becomes a target of reservations. On telephone, I would like order with product number of "list of products of buying".
※Please consult about giftwrapping.
※Products have a limit to number. Please note that it becomes the end as soon as it disappears.
※Change of products or sale of we may be called off by traffic condition, weather.
※You accept, and forgive later cancellation and amount change in characteristic of products.
※Drinking of minor is forbidden by law. In addition, please refrain from drinking of customer that car is driven.
※We may stop this service by circumstances.
※Shopping bag should be pay from Wednesday, July 1. Please bring my bags.
※Ask concierge in detail.