[the second-floor shop for a limited time] Accessories to enjoy the ATOMA (atoma)/subject matter

  • ■Event Period: From Wednesday, July 1, 2020 to 21st Tuesday
  • ■Location: The second-floor (south B10) = accessories section space by teatoro

Accessories of cool color taste making refreshing feeling are introduced by "ATOMA" (atoma).
We will suggest accessories utilized characteristic of the subject matter that adult woman can enjoy.

[from the image top to clockwise direction]
●Turquoise necklace

Material: K18YG, turquoise, white topaz
Price: 104,500 yen
●Turquoise pierced earrings
Material: K18YG, turquoise
Price: 15,400 yen
●Yellow diamond & jade ring
Material: K18YG, yellow diamond jade
Price: 242,000 yen
●Turquoise ring
Material: K18YG, turquoise
Price: 187,000 yen