[the the second-floor accessories section] Wedding fair

  • ■Event Period: Until Wednesday, September 2, 2020
  • ■Target sales floor: Brand which is targeted for accessories sales floor on the second floor (south A9 - 11, B9 - 11)

Wedding ring which by putting on to ring finger connected from heart, expresses everlasting love. Time to choose ring is a time of happiness of two people.
We will introduce special engage & marriage ring for two people who begin to move forward from now on.
During wedding fair session, various privileges prepare, too.

※In the case of order, it takes from one month to one and a half months from order to handing over.
※Deadline varies according to specifications of ring.
※Ask sales floor person in charge in detail.

Vendome Aoyama/2020 YearModel "Ruban de Mariee" (Rue bandeau Marie)
Design connected with each other in spite of being twist kindly expresses two ribbon hanging for a long time letting you feel immortality. We symbolize two people who are tied well, and never leave. Though it is gorgeous, it is refined, and arrive, and good marriage ring repeats feelings, and putting on recommends.

★Wedding ring contract privilege "photo studio shooting souvenir picture present" [advance reservations system]

■Event Period: Until Wednesday, September 2, 2020
During session, "souvenir picture (cabinet photograph size: 127*178mm) which we photographed in SEIBU IKEBUKURO the seventh floor SEIBU photo studio ravuyu" is presented by person who had wedding ring make a contract.
※Handing over of photograph is about 40 days later from shooting day.
※Ask sales floor person in charge in detail.

●[the top] Engage ring
Material: From Pt950, diamond 0.2ct
Price: From 308,000 yen
●Medium Marriage ring Lady's
Material: Pt950, diamond
Price: 132,000 yen
●[bottom] Marriage ring men
Material: Pt950
Price: 104,500 yen