[the fifth-floor NEWS] "House TOY, ENJOY" (ietoi, enjoyment) Hot Wheels (hot wheel) & retorogangu period-limited shop

  • ■Event Period: From Wednesday, September 23, 2020 to Tuesday, October 6
  • ■Location: The fifth-floor (center A6) = event space NEWS

Hot Wheels (hot wheel) starts sale in 1968. It produces 4 billion or more and, since the release, is got close to children of the world and is brand loved in generation when it is wide as collector item. From adult to child, we are supported now by wide generation.

We will introduce good old retorogangu in conjunction with cause Hot Wheels of cooperation of store specializing in Hot Wheels "warehouse" of Shimokitazawa during session.

★With event space NEWS
It is event space "suggesting new koto thing". Along one theme, we introduce various products for each floor.