Free Wi-Fi service "seventh pot" of seven & eye group is available.

Seventh pot is free Wi-Fi service of seven & eye group.

For up to 60 minutes, we can use Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) free three times a day once.
You just logged in even from your social account and became able to be easily connected to the high-speed Internet in shop.

■Floor to be able to use 7SPOT for: Main building [... the tenth floor under the ground on the first floor]

※Available social account becomes Facebook, Twitter, Google, LINE, Instagram.

In the "seventh pot" homepage, please see this.External link

Customer who does not have social account this (seventh pot sign-in for free)External link

※"Seventh pot" is generic name of service utilizing Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) to offer in store of Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. group.


■Available terminal
It is available at terminal (smartphone, tablet terminal note PC) corresponding to Wi-Fi, NTT DOCOMO, Softbank, terminal of all carriers including au.
※We may not be connected with some models.
As for the usage of seventh pot, please see this.External link

Subscribing (free) needs "seventh pot". In addition, person having "7iD member" is available.
As for the "seventh pot" sign-in (free), please see this.External link

As for the "7iD member" sign-in (free), please see this. External link