Wednesday, November 19, 2014 Think College Vol.25

We think about bun koezurasao in living

Lecturer: Makanae miho child/NPO corporation media access support center

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
This theme is "barrier-free of hearing".

Is there person holding "bun koezurasa" close?
Does it not think about Nishiyama of Makanae miho child and the hearing loss person concerned of working NPO corporation media access support center (MASC) increasing people who send subtitles and sound guide with picture work, and are to picture by access in movie or TV together that it is possible for holding bun koezurasao to teacher in daily life?

Lecture report

When "it is hard to hear", what kind of thing is it?


We are Makanae miho child of NPO corporation media access support center good evening. I would appreciate your consideration today.

I was doing job to record all state and contents of the shooting scene near supervision at the time of shooting mainly, and to make completion script as continuity man of movie and TV drama before. It is this completion script, but may be used as subtitles for hearing person with a disability. After having had child, thing which occurred as keyword when we thought whether some I could not modernize was that.

MASC is the spread group promoting of sound guides for subtitles and the visually impaired for hearing person with a disability. Person who gave up bun koezurasaniyotte appreciation of movie thought that we could enjoy own picture work to like with many people and, if there are any subtitles and sound guides, began activity.

It turns own sense of values, how to contact daily people and own way of living to know existence of various places where is hard to hear ear which came across in work; noticed, and did. With everybody, we want to think about invention of life of person with bun koezurasaya hearing loss today.

It uses Hearing aid or speaker, and it is conductive hearing loss that becomes easy to hear when people in circumference talk in loud voice and give level of sound.
We are warped and sound, and what definition of words is hard to hear badly says with sensorineural hearing loss. In the case of sensorineural hearing loss, it does not become easy to hear even if we raise sound to hear using Hearing aid.
Hearing loss is conductive in this way and is classified in mixed hearing loss that both sensorineural were put together with, these 3 patterns.

Unit of "hearing" is decibel. We express big sound so that number grows big as 0db. by the lowest sound that physically unimpaired person sounds like. 20db. is whisper. My voice lecturing now is around 70db. 100db. is sound that train goes along underpass.

It is recognized as person with a disability by hearing, and there are criteria so that certificate of the physically disabled is issued.

It is from high person hard of hearing with 70db. or more hearing threshold level that certificate of the physically disabled is issued. It is the Japanese current situations that notebook is not issued in which is hard to hear which notices sound only after sound that is with 70db. or less of, e.g., car approaching and normal conversation. As such people are recognized being to when we match Japanese standard with standard (41db.) of the United Nations World Health Organization as person with a disability, it is performed working called decibel down exercise to lower standard of notebook grant.

There is bun koezurasaniha diversity in this way, and various invention is necessary. We had Nishiyama who helped with MASC as the person concerned hard of hearing come today.

In interval of person who hears well and person with hearing loss


It is Nishiyama. Thank you in advance.

As for me, hearing loss became clear at the age of 4. We train pronunciation with language hearing person now and can talk commonly. When we were in the fourth grade, we had begun to use Hearing aid, but, despite hearing loss, we spent in still normal class of university student from kindergarten and lived a life among physically unimpaired people.

I am sensorineural hearing loss of both ears. Because hearing threshold level of the right ear was hard to hear highly, and the left ear was equivalent to moderate hearing loss, we were able to acquire the sixth grade of certificate of the physically disabled tightly.

As we do not almost hear the right ear, we depend on hearing ability of the left ear. The left ear makes up for hearing using Hearing aid of expression for ear. We can talk properly and live a spoken language-based life.
However, it is not revealed who speaks what concretely even if it is revealed that somebody talks as I have bad hearing ability balance in the left and the right.

We might have thought everybody not to seem to be hearing person with a disability to hear the present story. We seem that we think that own hearing ability is not bad so as to say hearing person with a disability as I can talk without usually using sign language. However, oneself thinks which it is and feels fuzzy as, on the other hand, recognition called hearing person with a disability is done for the world.

We performed workshop which regarded the solution as living of person who was hard to be audible between participants here.


When you do not know where bell of bicycle rings from, how do you devise?


When they did so, only measures running edge as much as possible are possible. It approaches more and more from behind, and we come to right behind, and at last I am shocked very much when rung much more, but prevent you from being there depressed.


What kind of form did examination of English hearing including verge of entrance examination deal in?


We did English hearing commonly. We were before speaker if possible and moved direction. In National Center Test for University Admissions, I was doing Hearing aid, and it was impossible to put earphone from the top. Therefore we took certificate of the physically disabled to do another room examination with speaker. We think that we do not be depressed even if we cannot do it, but, after all, are depressed.


We think that we may use train. Announcement when there was accident by train is hard to hear at all even person without hearing loss, how is done when such?


As other visitors went out from train by announcement of station employee all at once when train delayed, it became uneasy very much. As visitor of the circumference is in a hurry, it is not talked. We ask station employee and search service information of train with smartphone quickly.


Does width of pleasure and hobby including bun koezurasanotameni, e.g., music limit?


My hobby is reading. As we usually use ear hard at schools, we do not want to use ear in time for hobby. However, there is person enjoying music using item classifying sound into Hearing aid directly. As there are a lot of convenient things, width of pleasure does not get narrow.


Please tell about what you felt in inconvenience at the time of Great East Japan Earthquake, the preparation at the time of earthquake disaster.


I just knew that I seemed to have what it was in voice that people in circumference talked about at the time of earthquake disaster. We are afraid that I may not hear disaster prevention radio. When batteries of Hearing aid arrived with supplies, we became afraid and just thought that you must be conscious of such preparation more.


For example, what kind of response do you give if people who notice Hearing aid, and heard "is there anything doing to me?" in Nishiyama are at the time of disaster?


We think that I am surprised that I had you notice. As we do not label, and it may be said, "you should do it this way because you do not hear" with "we ask as I want in this way" if asked "how do I want?" we think that what communication is going to take like that is important.

Barrier-free movie experience


We think about person who is hard to be audible next time while doing barrier-free movie experience. It is with subtitles, and does Nishiyama see TV and movie?


Yes, it is always with subtitles and sees. When it was provoked basically by friend, we go to movie in Japanese movie. When we borrow time and DVD to be able to decide by oneself and see, we see foreign film plenty.


In late years works having subtitles of Japanese movie increases, but there is little number, and subtitles are belonging to, and the number of times to be seen is limited. By the way, there is with subtitles by all means as foreign film translates foreign language. There are predominantly many foreign film fans in that it is hard to hear not to hear.

After this, about the same scene of foreign film,
(composure) with subtitles, (there is sound) with normal subtitles, with barrier-free subtitles, we compared and usually watched.


When there was not sound, it was to be difficult for cuttlefish to chase story, or was it able to be revealed only by translation subtitles?

We cannot see lips in movies, and people who some says, and talk in person whom there is not on the screen may not understand. Therefore we display the name of person talking before lines. In addition, invention is done that making agreeable responses and sound that we take no notice of even if we hear make information to convey subtitles and can chase story only by letter.

We usually make hearing person with a disability-adaptive barrier-free subtitles in activity. It may be said that this devised in translation subtitles. Person who is hard to be audible if there are any such subtitles can enjoy Japanese movie and Foreign Language Film.

We developed subtitles production software "oko jo" in we MASC so that such a barrier-free subtitles were put to anyone easily. We start writing text and just input timing and can make original subtitles to diversity of hearing.

There might have been much which noticed what by imagining about "bun koezurasa", oneself relied on in information of sound unexpectedly again this time.

It is that, in other words, support to be possible by imagination is device think about partner who is hard to be audible, partner in front. Show courage, and hear "what is necessary?" "may do something?" think that it was good that it is possible for these people by yourself without being discouraged even if is said, "is good". To person who is hard to be audible, there is that we should be able to ask people in circumference unexpectedly. In other words, there is a lot of our who are audible being able to do it. We think that that should be established naturally.

It was only just one case that was able to introduce, but is very glad today if everybody is a chance to think about bun koezurasanitsuite in living. Thank you.


Makanae miho child

The NPO corporation media access support center secretariat

The cause movie staff. We were engaged before shooting, finish from preparations for work called scripter and were in charge of section which kept all the works under control. We are interested in subtitles from production of completion script and come to study under MASC. We work for the spread promotion in thought to be able to reduce person giving up movie viewing alone.

NPO corporation media access support center