Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Think College Vol.27

We make creative learning of child
It is ... from the spot of ... NPO corporation CANVAS

Lecturer: Nanako Ishido/NPO corporation CANVAS director

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
"We learn of child in the future" this time and are ga theme.

Nanako Ishido of NPO corporation CANVAS which continued making place of creative learning of children for ten years or more to teacher with digital face; in and the future is accompanied to learn, and do not think together?

Lecture report


Hello, everybody. We are Ishido of CANVAS. I crossed activity to make place of creative learning of children for 12 years.

Power to be required to child living in information-oriented society in the future promotes activity to bring up communication as power that can never replace to computer and creativity.

Important point of evaluation was placed in getting more knowledge until now. Class form to transmit knowledge that teacher had to a large number of students in one direction was effective in industry society which produced human resources who wore equalized knowledge.

However, economy globalizes and, in community comprised of culture that is heterogeneous if social that a large quantity of information turns border, and comes and goes, heterogeneous sense of values, chooses a large quantity of information and rebuilds, and power to bring about new value is demanded.

Accepted unit while respecting diversity; can learn. Children with different background and a variety of power collaborate through communication and can bring about new value. We wanted to make place of such a learning and organized NPO corporation called CANVAS in 2002 and provided place of creative learning so far in 350,000 children.

While characteristic of CANVAS does children to the leading role not leaving learning of children to only in school and family as before, school, home, area, company, municipality, museum artist…It is that we make platform where adult of, all takes each other's hands and prepares place of new learning into.

For example, we hold "workshop collection" that is exhibition event of creation, expression workshop of children every year. About 100 workshops gather to all members from the whole country and become original event for one of the world's largest children. It means, "we settle" consistent theme of workshop collection. We settle all the workshops participating in workshop collection actively and show and are activity of type to take communication.

Participant at the time of the first workshop collection holding was 500 people. Then we continue holding for ten years, and 100,000 children come to arrive in two days. Of new protector who faces each other to learn realize surge of demand. Based on that, we started plan called creative kids day in last year. Let's hold creation, communication event for children in the whole country at the same time! By exercise called this, 80 places participated from the whole country in spite of the first time.

Besides, we perform various approaches, but are project "PEG" (Programming education gathering) that what we started in last year opens programming learning in earnest in the whole country. We offered workshop of programming as one of the curricula from the beginning of establishment in CANVAS, but we received upsurge of approach that children of here these days programed and started activity to spread in earnest some other time in the whole country.

We provided place of programming learning to 25,000 children only in the last one year. We receive question why provides place programing in children well, but are not that children become able to write cord for purpose. It is just "to make" that we want to tell.

As making, one means of expressing, programming became imminent for children. Children can obtain few new expression means so far. We can move solid thing. For children, there is clay, and there is crayon, and there is programming in the same way.

Important one programming "programming not learning "think that is what study. Through this project, we think logically and, in cooperation with power, others solving problem, pray that we want you to feed power to create new value.

We do workshop to make the future well with children. Let's think about ko eyo, future train by future car at ko eyo, future hospital.

Children have mysterious power. At first, it is power called idea of child. Child thinks whether there is image called innocent wannabee in pursuit of pleasant desire. Of course there is such an aspect, too.

However, it is not only that. Suggestion of new technology. Suggestion in consideration for environmental problem and aging society. It is designer of solution filled with direct impressive powers of an art and is moralist in hope of social improvement.

Another power is power that existence, itself of child have. Power to make all smile brightly, and to do society well. We performed plan called "downtown child TV". We will wash down future idea of children to digital signage of downtown! It is plan called this. Train, bus, airport, school, hospital, facility of convenience store ..., about 10,000 provided signage. As for the existence of child, there is whirlpool in adults of the circumference.

There are words that I take in motto. It is words that we learned in MIT Media Laboratory that was affected very much when I begin the current activity, but is the word "Imagine and Realize". It is both "so elephant" when we make Japanese. "Creation" to have of "imagination" to have imagine and the rear rise.

Not only, in children, I think with head, but also I want to convey that what we do in form by all means, thing carrying out by all means are important. You make imagination, imagine in head, and actually do the rear rise to create.

As for me, imagine & rear rise wants to do environment where children can make imagine & rear rise into from now on. Thank you today.


Nanako Ishido

NPO corporation CANVAS director

After the University of Tokyo department of engineering graduation, we establish NPO "CANVAS" propelling creation, expression activity for children via Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory visiting researcher. We work on development and the national spread of workshops for children by product government college cooperation.
Exhibition "workshop collection" of workshop for children acting as practice chairperson mobilizes 100,000 people in two days. We hold an additional position in digital picture book president, Associate Professor at Keio University. It is moving into action as mom of digital picture book writer & one child.
It "is switched to book creativity of child! The practice "child playing with digital education declaration smartphone, future of learning child" of secret base CANVAS of play and learning.

NPO corporation CANVAS