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Woman body meeting

Lecturer: Director Representative Michiyo Nanba/sink pearl

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
Theme of February "thinking about body of woman."

Do you know disease called uterine cervix cancer? For young person, cancer may be thing having little prospect of getting married. However, it is said that people suffering from this cancer among women in 20s-30s are increasing now.

We who are apt to give priority to head and feeling that wants to be idle under cover of business even if we have a stomach ache or feel slight disorder. You should be conscious of own body properly. To that end, do you not consider what I should do together?

Lecture report

Own body which we were conscious of triggered by cancer


We are Michiyo Nanba of sink pearl. In study session which we hold, you always see picture for approximately ten minutes first. With spin-off work of movie to "be created", it is mini-documentary watching figure of couple given baby by late child-bearing over sterility and miscarriage. With joy that new life occurs in, ourselves also want it to feel for mind that that which is invited, and has been taken good care of by family is connected by smile in the same way in all, and there is oneself current and show every time.

At first, we want to share opportunity when I raised this sink pearl to everybody.

Pearl oyster shellfish brings up pearl for about ten months.
The uterus also repeats days of October 10 and brings up new life.

We will send more feelings to the invisible uterus which is source of life of all the human.
We will think about future happiness from dekigoto of the uterus.
Think Pearl (sink pearl) is activity that was full of such thought.

Opportunity when we began sink pearl.
When we reached 36-year-old birthday in 2009, it turned out that it was early stage of uterine cervix cancer.
Speaking of the previous life, wish and inevitable death were only to have the most realized if they made an effort to be similar.

We enter the bank personnel department of bubble last moments. It is independence, company at 29 years old. We delivered boy at marriage, 33 years old at 31 years old.
Son called the sun is my future itself.
We believed that all went well simply because woman had work as woman and associated with society.

But we have suffered from cancer.
I was worried about kana that died very very.
Very healthy child who does not catch even a cold since it was small. There was not trouble of gynecology system at all, too.

But we have suffered from cancer.
By examination that we got that it was found out by chance.
Even if disease understands the subjective symptoms without anything, too;, in addition, body of usual times and change there was not.
It being cancer to have been identified. And it was to lose the uterus in operation.

I have completely got rid of confidence. You lose the uterus, and can you be in women?
We decided to enlighten disease prevention without being able to endure fall.
We appealed for examination and importance of vaccination hard.
As uterine cervix cancer is cancer to be able to prevent.

But we have got rid of confidence more and more. Why was I not able to prevent?
Operation succeeds safely and is doing pin pin now.
But there is not already youthful ovum, and there is not the uterus bringing up life.
Various choices disappear. Fact omanoatarinishimashita.

We do not know honesty while we live what kind of choice is right.
But we think that it is very fantastic that there is optional freedom.
We got sick and were able to be conscious of life and heart again.

As there are life and heart, we are troubled and suffer.
But we feel value of life when we face each other for life to be closed when we mentioned new life.
When we saw figure which somebody tries hard when we mentioned good fragrance and sound, mind is met by hope.

We repeat such a thing for days and think that it is important to find happiness that oneself had.
And as for healthy heart and body that happiness is felt as for us,
We think that it is very important.
We can change heart and body since we noticed.

When you are small, become thing, mom becoming daddy who had a dream.
Unreasonableness cannot take the dream by disease.
When we take future possibility full of hope, we are absolutely wrong.

Therefore you send feeling to the invisible uterus, and take forward action.
Can build the forward future by any chance even if you get sick.
To keep miraino smile and life.
We believe that happiness of all makes the future better by all means.

Uterine cervix cancer which increases to young woman


About disease called uterine cervix cancer, we think that a lot of people not to know come. When we know, and it is in trying to go for examination regularly, it is the still more considerable minority.

Do you not think, "we do not suffer from me, disease" optimistically? I was able to detect cancer by examination that I received by chance. As there were no subjective symptoms, it was said, "you are uterine cervix cancer" suddenly and was really shock. More than anything, it was very uneasy that oneself knew nothing. Though it was own result that we did not study, would there be opportunity to learn such a thing in the conventional life? There was nothing when we looked back.

Sex education of Japan thinks that there are many problems in various ways. Above all, in school education, there are few things called education for doing sexual intercourse and laying child in the future including antifertility education. We know, "risks increase that ovum ages since we became 35 years old and delivers naturally" only after studying on beginning activity of sink pearl five years ago and remember what we were surprised at very much.

"Anything as for the uterus" At first, let's begin with there. The uterus is tender bed of baby. Part of the entrance is uterine cervix. We were born from here, everybody.

Japanese one of two people suffers from cancer now, and there are statistics that one of three people dies of cancer. As for the cause to suffer from cancer, lifestyles such as the eating habits, smoking account for a one-third and are disease to increase with aging. We meet in that, and uterine cervix cancer increases among young women.

For young person, cancer is disease not to readily appeal. But, as for the age to suffer from uterine cervix cancer, 30s is PEAQ. It is 35 years old that it begins to increase little by little from the first half in its twenties and is the first, is cheap. About 15,000 people a year suffer from uterine cervix cancer, and 3,500 people die.

Person passed away was youngest 19 years old while I knew. In body of women before giving birth, disease progresses before getting married before it notices and is in a condition to have to extract the uterus, and it is the current situation that loses the life.

What will happen when we suffer from uterine cervix cancer?
For example, there is unjust bleeding that monthly menstruation is severe. When hospital costs when such a symptom came out, it considerably often progresses if that is uterine cervix cancer. Treatment entails a large amount of cost. Doing may still lose even life if we recover. Aftereffects may remain after the recovery.

At symposium of "NIPPON woman body meeting 2014" that we hosted, we heard story from Chiaki Hara of actress. At the age of 30, she had a diagnosis of uterine cervix cancer and we became scared and seem to have escaped. Another cancer called endometrial cancer developed five years later if we did not perform operations said to be need, and uterine cervix cancer progressed at the same time, and it has been for major surgery to extract both the uterus and the ovary.

Disorder remains for urination and bowel movement when it progresses to there. For example, that you cannot feel desire to urinate and you always wait until time and must go to restroom. In addition, lymphatic flow is delayed, too, and head spontaneously; see, and seem to swell up like a balloon. Because menstrual period disappears, it becomes state same as menopausal disorders, and it is said that we are annoyed by headache and hot flashes.

Uterine cervix cancer is available for the prevention


Uterine cervix cancer is said to be only cancer that cause becomes clear. Cause human papillomavirus (HPV). As cause of uterine cervix cancer elucidated that it was viral infection, doctor called German how then won Nobel Medicine Prize.

In fact, HPV is virus which there is anywhere. With opportunity of infection, we have sex. We enter vagina at the time of sex and, by corner virus which there has been, progress for cancer for ten years from five years.

Within two years, it is said that around 80% of women are infected with HPV once after we experience sexual intercourse for the first time. There are not subjective symptoms, and 90% of viruses are removed from the body in about two years by immunity even if infected. However, a part moves for cancer when infection lasts for long term without virus being removed. Therefore we do not notice at all until we suffer from cancer. For indication, 1 of 1,000 people of infected person suffers from progressing cancer.

Cancer which we may suffer from while we know nobody. There is only examination to find early.
According to the announcement of OECD of 2009, examination consultation rate of uterine cervix cancer according to country is about 70-80% in United States, U.K., France, Korea. However, in Japan, it is trough level in advanced foreign countries joining only 24.5%, OECD. We remain in 10% at 20-24 years old.

Why will it be? Because we are busy? Because it costs money? If there is not disorder very much, we do not readily go to hospital. For example, a lot of people who cannot take out medical insurance just suffer from dentist a little in the United States and may be requested around 1 million yen. In Japan where public medical insurance system of is regulated, it does not cost money so much. He/she gets over if we go to hospital if we get sick. Therefore you do not need to become eager in the prevention to there. There seems to be such a sense.

I continue carrying out this activity for five years and continue still thinking that I should do what in front of examination rate failing to rise. Therefore we keep the making of place that can discuss method to give examination rate to in mind at the same time to have everybody know what's called this uterine cervix cancer like this time.

"Let's go for +700 all people examination!"


One of the activities of sink pearl is the making of topic. We work with brother of her who is author of this "Dear sister" that family of woman passed away gathered up note for documentary and uterine cervix cancer which had you see in the beginning and plan event for Tokyo and Iwate, health of woman including Osaka with the forward local government and we appear on TV and radio program and tell about information.

And, aiming at the making of society with examination as custom, we started appeal exercise to "go in + (plus) 7 million examination!" in December of last year. They set target value of 50% of examination rates in Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and assistance to expense to publicity work and the local government recommending examination, country including cooperation with medical institution begin to move recently.

Examination of another 7 million people is necessary whether it is "+7,000,000" why to make 24.5% of present examination rates 50%. This number is about a one-third of population from 20 years old of population of woman of Japan to 49 years old. One of three people should become able to go for examination newly.

For the making of place that talked about such a thing, we performed monthly study session last year for one year and held symposium of "NIPPON woman body meeting 2014" at the end of the year.

Only people who have already had people, trouble that are interested in disease may gather when they feature the theme of disease. Therefore we invited Erika Ann gal of specialist in meal, blogger nohaachusan, Miho Mitsuhashi of sound sleep therapist to panelist and developed theme "to be body, and to face because we fixed lifestyle".

Then it is made with people. I am concerned with finalists aiming at the best Miss universe in Japan as one of trainer, too. We say beauty camping before meeting and, for two weeks, stay overnight at hotel, and concentration training is performed. Other than lesson such as walking, the manner and speech on stage, there are meal and sleep and lecture about body there, too.

It is merely thin and is just beautiful and cannot fight to play an active part in the world. We build right fat and muscle, and there is the making of beautiful body which gives off aura for the first time by sending right lifestyle. We teach that we can do activity toward the future with confidence besides by acquiring knowledge about change and risk properly from one of oneself.

Problem that we want to think about with sink pearl in the future


We want to ask everybody by all means, but how will this come to catch all, uterine cervix cancer as own thing? We feel that our activity to raise examination rate includes problem still more.

At first, there being too few opportunities to know about uterine cervix cancer. We ask whom even if we want to know and do not know whether it is good. It seems to be difficult and hears voice to be uninteresting well. It does not lead to very active consultation because it has low priority. There are not time and money, is too much hassle. It is confidence that there is not of grounds, "I do not get sick" and fear to disease that are in the root. There are really many people "not to go for examination if found what it is as I hate".

It is slightly biased information such as the media, or negative negative image to spread from word of mouth without grounds disturbs. We are apt to put "menstruation is severe" in order with common thing. But such a slight thing may be signature of illness. Are we who are amateur secure to feel relieved only in imminent information without asking judgment of expert? Endometriosis or myoma of the uterus increase very much now, too. After all, we recommend that we talk with expert immediately in particular if it may be uneasy.

Convey what we keep in mind by imminent example and words clearly. So that there is little information and is simple, and everybody is easy to make word of mouth. As it is that thing of body is private, it is hard to make topic very much. Therefore we keep the making of place that can talk about such a thing daringly in mind.

Then draw merit of partner. When talk about examination at the age of Miss universe of a while ago, do not consider, "I receive!"; is very aggressive. It appeals for finalist "to receive examination". It may be necessary to draw merit to units being produced like that if, for example, university student goes for examination, or being what, or people working when examination increases.

We have invited Ai Tominaga of model to talk show of event. When Tominaga comes to child in strong professionalism very much and is when "we perform in examination every year" for granted. We show such a wonderful woman as role model and send when check of body and thing maintaining are wonderful.

However, we want to never go when we feel unpleasant in gynecology that went first. Therefore the making of with medical institution and patient of relationships is problem, too. We want to investigate how to get communication that each other can approach.

Then there is problem not to be solved only by our raising awareness. There is no law to receive cancer screening. We legislate against that and make such structure and regulations in company, and law and maintenance of money are necessary, too. We are moving now to have you organize bipartisan federation of diet members aiming at breast cancer, examination promotion of cancer of woman such as uterine cervix cancer ("breast cancer, uterine cervix cancer examination consultation promotion federation of diet members" starts after this talk on March 5, 2015). We become in the future, but want to carry such a role turning society through arranging knowledge and problem, and telling teachers of member of the Diet.

It is society where society where anyone always mentions information of examination and family medicine and all address as "examination line kinayo" that aims. Therefore we push forward enlightenment activity for making poster.

It is October, 2009 that I received diagnosis of uterine cervix cancer. Just five years passed in last month after having an operation in January, 2010 and recovered completely safely. We have been going to extract the uterus, but as you see are really fine now. This is because it was able to discover that at early stage in the early days. Now that oneself graduated from "patient", we want to open activity of sink pearl more and yet more from now on for many people and women who do not dry of tears.

Question from everybody who participated

How often should we receive examination?


Please go once a year. Assistance to local government which examination becomes free, and becomes cheaper is 2 once a year, but tends to forget. Therefore we recommend that we go to the birth moon with "congratulations" and "thank you" to life every year.

If positive reaction comes out by inspection, what should I do?


Person who fell into inspection receives examination around once in three months depending on the situation. There are about 100 kinds in HPV, and it is 17 approximately several kinds of those that are easy to progress to cancer. As we can check type, we recommend the inspection. We tell by any chance even if it was type that is easy to progress when we go together together, and kuraino should have positive feeling in this way.


We think that it is what, or it surely has a meaning to have been able to talk to everybody at this place today. You go for examination promptly or tell somebody, or, anyway, you take home, and please connect with one something souvenir in the future. It is to 7 million saying that "+700 all people" are unexpectedly easy, and 40 people are here when we repeat that we convey information that one received to three. Please be back while thinking about such a thing. Thank you!


Michiyo Nanba

Director Representative sink pearl

Financial institution is foreign-affiliated, and IT ventures become independent after company personnel affairs, secretary duties in 2002. We contract a disease for uterine cervix cancer in 2009 while we perform female oriented event plan, marketing business. After establishing NPO corporation in December, 2009, we send own experience to the media appearance, lecture through activity. "Let's follow "woman body meeting" in +700 all people examination as representative director of sink pearl now! We call and develop campaign. We work on the making of society where anyone can share wisdom of living that is wellness.
Nagoya central Lions Club first generation chairperson. Member of woman expert thinking about NHK audience meeting committee member (Aichi), the nature and health in 2011-2014 of meeting, member of basal body temperature measurement promotion workshop, lecturer at 2015 Miss universe Japan beauty camping.

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