Wednesday, March 18, 2015 Think College Vol.29

Thing that is important to convey "this clicks the like button" more
It is ... from work of PR of ... social project

Lecturer: Hiroko Amida/PR consultant

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
Theme of March "reporting thought."

What is it that likes you now?
When I wanted to tell "we like" to somebody, what should I do?

We tell partner whom it wants to report properly. Therefore what is necessary thing? What should we stop in heart?
We will investigate with professional of PR.

Lecture report

Beginning of work to convey


Hello, everybody is Hiroko Amida. I am working by title such as PR consultant, broadcast writer, project manager of web medium and free-lance announcer now. Is said "rushingly", but is one among me. We reply, "it is work to convey". What we talk about is necessary for the media such as publicizing and TV and web, directly sometimes own voice "to tell".

With opportunity, it was country called Nepal. When, in that, I am in the third grade. My father took up a job in Nepal leaving his family behind as member of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers at that time for two years. We family has been to Nepal in quest of father only for one month during the period.

It is time when "boy Ashibe" was popular in those days. Do you remember? It is about time when there was that case that close friend Sugao of Ashibe moves in Nepal. Among our classmates, speaking of Nepal, there was only pleasant image such as "tiger and single combat!".

In the floor (floor) of house that of course there is not such a place when we actually go and lives in, grass, ceiling are one piece of cloth. Figure omanoatarinishite of people who fell down by the roadside, I who was in the third grade received a frightful shock.

After returning home, there was opportunity to write such an experience in composition at school, and to announce. Then while boys who asked chair arrogantly heard my words, we gradually started with body, and it was in expression earnest very much. I noticed fun of work to tell own experience and thought to people then. Thereafter I came to be going to do work to convey.

At first, it is announcer that hit. I who graduated from university work at NHK Akita broadcasting station as announcer. It was really pleasant to work on the ground to be northeastern and was absorbed two years. On the other hand, we might feel, "this may be handed down to person whom web and newspaper wanted to convey than TV" depending on the spot.

Is there not job that we can help with of person to report more? I who had begun to look for knew what's called "PR". We came back to Tokyo to become PR consultant and we let me and changed our job in company of small venture of around six people.

We study various "methods to tell" including the way of publication of book and dispatch in web, holding of event and introduction through TV and become independent in 2010. Not only as simple consultant, it is increasing various means including broadcast writer and project manager while working as PR consultant now when myself want to be the final bearer.

We communicate in potesara


In my job, we talk about PR consultant in particular today.
I am regarding PR as "designing structure to report". It is not possible to tell alone. At first, it was the major premise that people with strong thought to "want to report" something were, but people would not reach even if one was.

It tells one thought from people to person properly, and it is said, and it thinks that it is PR to design structure and route to leave properly.

Let's introduce two examples of PR that we dealt with until now.
One "according to shutter mall." It is Sanno mall of Ota-ku which I help from 2011. Even if it is 10:00 a.m., most of shop do not open and are "shutter street" happening quite often where there is not pedestrian traffic. But local person does not recognize so. But it was request that it came to to me to want vacant store to invite young person as aging advanced.

However, we come out to nothing even if we ask "where is good place of this mall?" in hometown. So that bad-mouth of neighboring shop comes out in various ways. Problem here was not that young person did not enter, and love for mall of people of mall was place that there was not. At first, we thought about improvement from there.

Therefore one of the projects that we began was "to make local free magazine". But, in fact, this being nominal, and true aim letting local uncle, aunties get along well.

For example, plan article called "people in home spoon", and turn circular notice, and "make potato salad, and please bring"; asked. They tell just "professional photographer photographs in what time of what day of the week on what date", and most of the detailed explanation does not do. Of course there were a lot of people who did not cooperate, but at least zawazawa to "be what" happened.

Aunty fellow who did not exchange words even if met each other in supermarket either "did look at circular notice of salad?" We came to call out to each other "is ham contained in your potato salad?".

On the day of shooting society, we set venue which looked like all and called professional photographer who took stylish dishes photograph such as "dishes communication" and "L a terbulldog" and asked to take domestic potato salad splendidly.

In place same in uncle aunties of shopping district exchanging casual conversation through that not being plan of one piece of mere page, and making this page, people who do not want to meet It was purpose that made device which dragged, and talked.

Only three people of owner of cafe that it was just possible for mall to have cooperated with the first book in uncle, these days of aunty of button shop and steamed bun person. But which "button of own shop is so pretty" realized which "steamed bun which oneself made is so cool" again through free magazine, everybody, saying "our shop is expected to local people".

And we performed hundreds of free magazines in place in neighboring bank and shop which did not cooperate and began "pride" voluntarily. As it was expressed by outside person, has begun to think, "their malls are happy places by fashion so". And he/she has begun to spread the thought around oneself.

People who said, "I hate absolutely" came to appear more and more so far when we would make the second book. Uncle of curry shop which was turning away at the door is top batter of the second book by negotiations of the first book. On seeing the first book, person who moved in appears. This person is central existence of various events of mall now.

Not only medium which sent by oneself but also the general mass media conjugated. Even program of the evening called "news every." of Nippon Television where I was concerned with as broadcast writer had you make 20-minute special feature.

Program introduced while showing unsociable place of mall how town changed. Of course even people of mall do not want to show place looking bad. But, in fact, it is important to recognize that we feel awkward by oneself. Shop which we displayed which is not clear comes to think about improvement from oneself saying "we must do more attractively if taken in this way". We think that it is very important in it being eye of third party that "appears in the media", and arresting oneself again.

Shutter of mall does not open dramatically because it was taken up by TV because we gave free magazine. But small change is taking place surely. . Young mothers who had not come to mall came to come to play with child until now. We are proud of their malls on all, Facebook. People proud of town increase than the past, and the "pride" chains.

We are ahead of "the ideal future" when I think that everybody whom all want to live in wants to be proud of. This of person nail "this is good!" As for the thing that is important to convey this more is.

By words own in "concept"


It is store specializing in crabs called "story" of Kesennuma that introduces next.

Taste was good, but there was dark red spot in husk and, in crabs of the deep sea that crabs called D psi red club which this shop sold were sometimes produced in Japan, was not popular because of the appearance too much.

For more than 40 years, we peeled husk of this crab which we unloaded in Namibia in this company and wholesaled as ingredients in Chinatowns. However, all 17 factories which were in Kesennuma by great earthquake disaster of 2011 have been drained. Thought to want to sell their delicious crab in forms with a view of more faces from time seemed to become strong.

However, in the branch as retail and eating and drinking, there was stern thing suddenly with there not being know-how. It was relationship that met representative by Azabujuban festival by chance at such time, and I would help PR, too.

If I ask staff with "how many times do see in their HP, months?" first, at most "once." However, we keep being grieved that we are not popular online. Because we improved this situation, we started.

At first, we had you print out page on dishes magazine and Facebook to think that it was good and investigated image to be correct in "crab story". And we had you map whether that matched statue to want to become in the future.

In the work, I heard good place and problem of "crab story", thought that wanted to tell and finally set concept as company, "omotto is particularly familiar.".

It is everybody who really lost all in earthquake disaster. In the staff, a lot of lost people are at home and experience that today and similar tomorrow may not come.

From talk that I do not consider, on "special day, do not put for tomorrow like memorial day and birthday. We felt thought, every day were special. When, with the everyday crab which is food of day of fine weather "in particular", we should be drawn close.

For example, we invited people of the media including the dishes industry and, as concrete PR, established place of press event. We had you give back opinion as the media while suggesting introduction of products and various cooking. The staff were their words, and there was place of training to have you speak thought to products.

Then the word "that omotto was particularly familiar." to that we never used came to gradually come out naturally first. Even if I do not make script now, their properly; came to be able to be proud of.

Workshop time to bring up PR man


We will sense work of PR bodily a little.

Here, we performed the following workshops.

 1. The first task "oneself liking now."
   It becomes set and will convey what "oneself likes now" to partner of pair for two people.

 2. It is question time next. About "favorite thing" of partner of pair, we hit question,
   Please draw "we like" of partner more.
   By question, you dig down good kio, and please draw.

 3. Please change role pairwise. Interviewer, person whom we asked, please talk person who talked.

 4. It becomes two pairs of one set, and please do pride to like of each partner.
  Please publicize saying it is saying "this person likes here of this".


Was "we like" handed down enough?
Another three people became PR man who supported your "we like" in this.

What is necessary thing on publicizing? Is that it is skill experience? We understand service and project and "people, thing, thing" so as to be able to have strong thought, and good kininarerukadato thinks that both are important, but I want to tell who it is that is more important than that.

"Every 100 classmates, oneself" each person's


Social project that I deal with one more is "tokachipu". Event that this purchases ingredients of Hokkaido, Tokachi that is my hometown jointly at mall of Tokyo. When it is individual delivery from Hokkaido, it solves problem of the postage becoming higher by all means, and it is aim that provides fresh, delicious ingredients by relations with a view of face in restaurant.

It is several times of holding, but restaurant of mall puts its ingenuity in each during period and provides seasonal vegetables and meat of Tokachi, menu using dairy products in year. Sale in Marchais is popular, too. The reaction feeds back properly in producer of Tokachi, too.

Yoyogihachiman was the center, but scale spread now to Shoto, and, as for the first holding of 2013, 34 restaurants came to purchase ingredients of 17 farmhouses jointly from Yoyogiuehara.

It is classmates of high school of Tokachi, Hokkaido that I called out as PR man first. Beginning of thing is New Year holiday of 2013. It was seat of annual drinking party to be held in the New Year.

"We may eat delicious ingredients of Tokachi in Tokyo"

Reaction of all to my idea was surprisingly big. It was start that originally, at first, crab person turned there in their products and people that place had no confidence, but people in mall of a while ago had strong thought to want to do something for Tokachi that in the first place member to want to do "tokachipu" together loved, too. What do you do how afterward? We had only to think about that.

13 years passed from graduation. Classmate that classmate who came out to Tokyo stayed in Tokachi raised all from the whole country. Friend who became musician was in charge of music, and child who became authorized architect made base of Marchais and all made use of skill and moved event.

There are about 100 classmate members. There was considerably each temperature difference at first and was problem that was difficult how you gathered there up. Important one making my thought to "want to do something for Tokachi" "every oneself" each person's. For all the classmates, it was to bring up to have it say that it was their events for farmers for all of towns concerned with. At first, I suggested, but idea comes to be finished more and more now from all.

He/she is concerned seriously like that and thinks that it is important to increase "this clicks the like button" how much it can increase people talking as every oneself. For pride of everybody, please make society happy. Thank you for wonderful opportunity today.


Hiroko Amida

PR consultant

We are from Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido. To captive of what "we convey" triggered by speech contest that we participated in at the age of junior high school. After having served caster of information program, personality of radio in NHK Akita broadcasting station, we change our job to the PR industry to learn more means "conveying". We become independent as PR consultant in 2010 and deal with a lot of PR of local government and NGO. In the same year, we make our debut as broadcast writer and are performing plan, constitution of the news program of TV now. From 2012, we participate in green as project manager. We launch project "tokachipu" purchasing ingredients of hometown Tokachi, Hokkaido jointly at mall of Tokyo in 2013 and are moving into action.