Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Think College Vol.31

We learn northeastern charm and tell.
... which stares at way of living that rooted in each land centering on ... manufacturing

Lecturer: Representative from Takeo Kaneiri/Tohoku STANDARD, Koji Karatsu/Tohoku STANDARD vice-representative, drawing and manual planner

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
Theme of May "regarding relationship of Tokyo as district."

Where is your hometown? You work with "Tokyo" "district", and what kind of image will you remember?
We dig up charm that only each land has, and let's find universal value (standard). In fact, such a question from Tohoku seems to have a deep meaning to know way of living, way of life.
From city and local, each viewpoint, do you not question way of living, meaning of way of life?

Lecture report

We learn from folkcraft


"Northeastern STANDARD" collects northeastern craft and culture while running shop and sends picture and product and is project to learn together.

When have search in "northeastern STANDARD", come out in various ways, but, for example, "the southern part tatters" (bloom, and go down). With textile which this tears cloth of stump and interwove, it is folkcraft of Hachinohe-shi, Aomori. There was much cold summer in Hachinohe of the Edo era, and cold wind of cold dry wind blowing down from a mountain blew and was poor land which was not produced of rice. Woman of farmhouse tore futon and old kimono in severe environment and wove again and was doing to their kimonos. Contemporary writer brings back thing which beauty like Tohoku interwove there.

Besides, 12 people, picture introduce craftsman of folkcraft such as "southern ironware" and "Sendai kokeshi doll" by two people from Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi, Tohoku six prefectures of Fukushima.

Originally, in my parents' house, it was to bookstore and stationer to charges of grandmother in merchant's family who treated sardines for manure in Hachinohe when we talked about some oneself before story of project. We learned business administration at university, but, in fact, it has been said, "type of industry to be destroyed now is bookstore and stationer" to professor in class of the first scene eyes. We spent next four years while feeling vague when it would not be good as it is.

We studied after the graduation in Itoya of store specializing in stationery in Ginza for approximately five years and came back to hometown 7 years ago. When there were words of former professor and was thinking to go why now, public facilities called Hachinohe portal museum were planned, and story of competition of museum shop happened.

We could know local craft and industry at the same time as the facility was citizen gallery and heard from place that received festival car of local festival that it was. We thought that we would surely enter at Tokyo at stylish general store, but on the other hand felt whether that would be really fine. We thought so and applied for competition whether oneself might do something, and 1 store eye of kaneirimyujiamushoppu opened.

Department store and antique shop are with we collected crafts, but are to just set that or, aiming at the making of space that area is proud of by manufacturing and art, design of Aomori, are the same as souvenir shop of the station square. We see in normal, and it cannot be said that it has charms, "I want this!".

Therefore we decided to display art and design product and crafts on the same shelf. It is good for sense so as to notice, "a, this were local things" only after taking home in house. We adopted art and design factor in craft itself and regarded that we gave art, both value as craft.

However, the Great East Japan Earthquake took place one month after opening and became refuge here. Fortunately, it was early to restore as people did not live in Hachinohe very much in factory zone. In air to run at the top of northeastern revival, we continued thinking about oneself being able to do something.

Shop of public facilities called the media take of Sendai will withdraw from earthquake disaster half a year later, and kaneirimyujiamushoppu will be included there. Theme spread through "Tohoku" from hometown, Hachinohe and Aomori, and project has begun to advance.

Produce of manufacturing


Even if it is established in general store of Tokyo and Okinawa that we put in shop, it is felt attractively. We can say "even universal valuable standard of native district".
It has been said, "you feel feelings to be particular about Tohoku, but not to remain in that from shop". We wanted to do just the thing on their themes.

That does not pursue simple uniqueness and newness and feels whether it is to provide by putting value shared in area together all the time, and making place.

There is traditional Toy called Yahata horse in Hachinohe. When we heard that ornament of North European horse became topic among female office workers saying that we called for happiness and were enough even for then local horse, we put Yahata horse of new design which was correct in living on sale.

We dealt with Hachinohe firing of Hachinohe and collaboration of Tsugaru lacquering of Hirosaki. Hachinohe and Hirosaki totally varied in commercial domain in area that was remote across mountain from the old days. But Hachinohe firing and craftsman of Tsugaru lacquering seemed to have been going to make manufacturing together once around ten years ago. Triggered by the story, manufacturing of Sue womb lacquerware which made lacquer on earthenware began again.

Model of printing of Joban model remained in Miyagi 100 pieces or more. That as textile was not prosperous in Sendai, we reproduced refuse redesigns of kimono with model from the old days and enjoyed. We have designer living in Sendai arrange thing which traced the model and make series of new Japanese towel.

Besides, there are various kinds, but it is flowerpot of southern ironware recently that made. As ironware is heavy, we do not fall down even if we place components of a flower arrangement with expanse and components of a flower arrangement with height.

While we pushed forward such a thing, voice, "we sold northeastern craft in Tokyo" came to appear.

It is in the depths of "northeastern charm"


I was not able to answer question "what is northeastern charm?" well first. It was attractive and culture was different and thought that it could not be said with a word each for each prefecture. But we felt that there should be some common message while going round Tohoku.

Therefore it is "Tohoku STANDARD" which sends while what we launched two years ago learns. We collected data on craftsmen and made picture and came to push forward manufacturing and sale again.
"Standard" in Tohoku, we were able to see that that might be one charm called "strange waranasa" from that.

We announced that we hit 12 picture works which we introduced to the beginning, but want to just study thing in the depths in this way.

For example, craftsman with southern ironware said, "this surface expression (structure) of own ironware is thing only for oneself" in ironware which lasted several hundred years. In history that thousands of craftsmen were concerned with, each one continues having thought for iron so far. We attract person from Saga that is the strange straw.

We heard the word to "be connected for art as for thinking about why it lived in design to live better" from a certain person.

Hint to live better is northeastern, and there are oneself living now a lot. It wants to report thing in such craft depths more and yet more.

Approach from Tokyo


Nice to meet you, it is planning of northeastern STANDARD and Koji Karatsu producing. We sent northeastern charm while reporting on folkcraft craftsman while coming over from setup with Kaneiri together all the time, and going to Tohoku from Tokyo.

I am raised in Tokyo-born Tokyo and work at company producing design and picture. Though it is company making title back of advertisement and TV show, administrative work increases for these past three or four years. We worked in spite of being thought for oneself how you worked together how people who lived in Tokyo should approach for district and thing to be local.

We made picture called "vs. Tokyo" that had promotion of Tokushima the other day. Because "Tokushima changes Tokyo", it is picture which became topic a little. In the standard that it is said, "Tokushima cannot win in Tokyo", but that that is fashion or is refined, or to settle in like that. But there is not meaning even if we measure charm of district and local with Tokyo and similar standard. By their words, we think that it is important to send their charm in form different from Tokyo.

I just became member of society at 36 years old in 2002. It is age that did the Japan-Korea World Cup. As I was in company of sports marketing, we were concerned with this World Cup. From the experience, we were engaged in work of the Olympics Tokyo invitation of 2016. Over 2001 and 2002, good point or charm, Tokyo of Tokyo continued thinking about Strong point where was superior with overseas consultant for city where the world was various.

Afterwards, we were engaged in FIFA World Cup invitation of 2022 and gave presentation with good point of Japan this time all over the world. We have lost with both, but we learned and were able to think about Tokyo and Japan through these two experience after all.

Japan seems to be "hekutikku" very much when they let you say to overseas consultant. Meaning that hectic was full of the pressure, or was called bustle. "Anyway, slightly negative meaning called but being really pleasant in that where speed that Japanese are good and act is fast" is included.

Actually, Tokyo raises both people and money very much and evolves more and more and is hekutikku. According to overseas person, that is fun that is futuristic by high technology. On the other hand, much nature and traditions are in Tokyo, too. That though we do not get a hint to us, green of Yoyogi Park is great, or Hamarikyu is good. Besides, people are warm, and it is said that we can receive hospitality in peace anywhere. But, as for myself, I doubted "kana, person were really cold and never felt nature to be, and can evaluation of overseas people hit mark?".

We left company with there being the question and, by free work, made a trip around the world and got opportunity to check it. We stay in Hilton Hotels of the world and report and introduce each hotel.

It is said that public information manager of Seoul and Shanghai, Hong Kong is or "our Hilton is easy to access HERMES" or press-agent thing, "PRADA and TIFFANY&Co. are near" when we go to Asia. However, as it is interesting, or this wine is wine made in winery of somewhere that is near, it is delicious or tells charm that rooted in the land local very much when it is Europe and South America if we see because we are repairing tile now at neighboring church.

Which is it that shows attractively? We think that ourselves are good and give presentation, and is what we wanted to be proud of true? Is value not to hear of substitution in Tokyo? This work was a chance to think about such a thing.

Probably there are high building and tower getting a lot of looks, and world city developing now is much the same everywhere with Tokyo even if everybody is aware.

We think that Tokyo is sharp, and it is in composition that all the cool districts are the same, and seems to be uncool, but, in Japan, that feels like being reversed now. Tokyo and Osaka agree with other global cities, and value that is not homogenized may remain in district.

When we considered that it is local again, viewpoint different should be able to make value that only the land has into quietness not rural scenery. We dig up thing left only in the district and will display! It is northeastern STANDARD that says this and is "vs. Tokyo".

"Standard" that may match a lot


There was the word "global standards", but only mark of restroom had thing which was global standards when we actually went around the world. So, with paradoxical meaning, we proposed the name called "northeastern STANDARD" daringly. Standard may seem like "common concept of all the members", but rather I want to tell "there being allowed to be standard a lot".

Human being of we Tokyo finds that out properly and tells and it is necessary to do, and local people take good care of their standard more and should learn from own blood and meat once again again.

New standard is necessary in the modern society what kind of thing it is. Class of this Shibuya University Network includes more than 100 application simply because it is now when that is going to be born, and many people will be interested about district.

The word standard is not meaning called "thing that is the same as somebody". We think that "we stop by properly, and along "the times" or "it was demanded in the times" complied with life" and "thing which hand reaches" means. It is from district that such a new standard is brought about and may be hard to be born very much from Tokyo that is hekutikku.

Northeastern STANDARD dealt with crafts with folkcraft craftsman until now. We are considering some new devices as the second season from now on. At standard that only Tohoku has, we look for few thing in Tokyo and the world.

One is "itako" which is medium of folk belief.

People that what we reported on the other day is said to be the last one for itako where the origin becomes clear. itako is consultant to always manage small community and is duty to visit when we have been in trouble, and to look for thing, or to tie God and people at the time of sacred rites afterward.

In now not to know, community is demanded from the online world, and face of person living in the neighbor is to be incomprehensible. When we will live in existence to become hub of community from now on like itako which has been inherited in Tohoku, we think that there may be that we learn a lot.



Our project started from folkcraft, but there is oneself who has not finished understanding the charm yet with that alone. It is making of thought, God in the depths or is the sea or is mountain or wants to deepen traditional arts from site of northeastern STANDARD.

We talked about thought for oneself who came from Aomori and thought of Karatsu whom he/she supported from Tokyo today. We refer to as one example, and hint, please. Thank you.


Takeo Kaneiri

Representative from northeastern STANDARD

It was born in Hachinohe-shi, Aomori for 1,980 years. Company President Kaneiri, northeastern STANDARD representative. We run kaneirimyujiamushoppu in sendai media take, Hachinohe portal museum "hatchi". We continue sending northeastern charm through select such as northeastern craft or stationery, book.

Koji Karatsu

Northeastern STANDARD vice-representative
Drawing and manual planner

It was born in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo for 1,978 years. Planner. Is engaged in 2016 Tokyo Olympics, invitation activity of 2022FIFA world cup, two defeats. We leave the office to heal wound and make a trip around the world. After entering drawing and manual, we perform plan of "northeastern STANDARD", local Blanding activity including development of Tokushima PR concept "vs. Tokyo" for nearly falling forward.