Wednesday, June 17, 2015 Think College Vol.32

New process of ... contribution to society activity ... to get support and support in companies

Lecturer: Subaru Fukahori/ANA BLUE WING program leader

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
Theme of June "turning society from company."

Even if good idea appears in work,
"We cannot do that we want to be popular in company!"
There may be many people feeling such a tightness.

From the inside of large company, we spend time, and there is person who broke the shell.
The driving force was straight thought to "want to make the world better by favorite work".
Encounter with people, timing to let you go, and to get, chance of advice….
In the story, hint that we can realize something seems to be hidden.

Change maker, encounter with John Wood


I like great airplane, and enter All Nippon Airways (ANA); and the eighth year. Originally we were engaged in various duties when it made a specialty of the field called navigation technology and made normal time, assembly operation in emergency of pilot and was concerned with new model introduction with Boeing and developed training in cooperation with Lufthansa.

That is Advertising Department now. Do you know program called "YOUR ANA" which can experience business class with wearable camera? After having moved, I planned department for the first time in April of last year.

Well, as for myself called "BLUE WING", it is program with contemplation very much personally today that talks.

Opportunity was encounter with a certain overseas leader. In the entering a company second year, I participated in what's called global agenda seminar Global Agenda Seminar on seeing poster by chance in Roppongi Hills. We gather people from various industries and, for one year, are seminar to improve ability to solve social problem.

One of the guest speaker is John Wood. We think that person knowing book called "true vocation which we were not able to come across in Microsoft" comes. He acquires MBA in Kellogg Co. B-school, and he who showed his skill as Asian area executive of Microsoft is shocked by there being there only several books in library which dropped in by chance in Nepal. This problem can be solved by all means if we use know-how and business skill of marketing that oneself did so far. John left Microsoft, and he raised education NGO called Room to Read.

Clear vision and the passionate talk. I was drawn into his charisma. After this, after hearing that we fly to another country again, and annual aviation movement being how much, or asking, it is said that we move how for 300 days during 365 days. Besides, the expense covers most from donation and is to pay air fare commonly. The sum is about 76 million yen a year. If there are any money only for that, we can organize elementary school and big kindergarten in Sri Lanka.

I said what I hit on to John.
"Do you not widen your story to people of the world on network of we ANA? On the other hand, you must publicize this collaboration positively, too.
Then John "is interesting, is that. Saying is barter transactions; as for saying is; appeared.

It is not common contribution and charitable undertaking. We want to raise recognition in foreign countries. Therefore we say to be equivalent to means of transportation that flight that is our product namely he needs, and to provide his story to attract people. Attempt, that which submitted business transactions to the nonprofit world were ideas of BLUE WING program.

The first challenge that ended in failure


When we met John Wood, Yoko Ishikura of Hitotsubashi University emeritus professor pushed from behind strongly from the first in meinfashiriteta of global agenda seminar that listened to story on side. Anyway I of the entering a company second year do not know how we should push forward what we hit on at all. "At first, we received support of Ishikura, we gave up talk from the outside of company", and story reached chairperson and president of own company.

Then, two days later, one of the principal members in charge of CSR (contribution to society of company) visited in my department saying "Fukahori is where". It was said, "contents are not so interesting", but took postponement to fill with models from the president somehow.

On the other hand, reaction by seminar that we participated in was excellent. We replaced this idea with other NGOs and suggested four days after we met John Wood and saw reaction. In famous organization which played an active part in result, Human Rights Watch and WWF, global including UNHCR, aviation movement knew considerably big born thing. Needs are abundant. The names of various NGOs lined to tie-up candidate of my material.

The first president deviated from person in charge when we contacted CSR for half a year in autumn of only the age. Such a thing thought that everybody was surely experienced, but had to begin from place that talked for new charge again.

Then "unfortunately it is impossible this time though it is interesting idea". Of course then we cannot understand. Hung on, and negotiated whether could not have chance to give presentation to bigger officer, but "thing that is not good is no use after all. It was said, we cannot say Yes though it was not No and was finished.

"Several times of your having failed"


It has been laughed with "several times of your having failed" while being disappointed when we classified report into Ishikura who was taken care of. "Thing which nine times of new things challenge, and succeeds in the eleventh."

In fact, for these six months, we considered various possibility in office. To Manager of business that got to know by seminar in the company "hit on business model to turn the world. We have sent something like totally doubtful spam mail saying give for 30 minutes. Still the person who met introduced between public information and Marketing Department of the same period, pro-business relation. Besides, we made all the members, time and heard my idea. Response different from the person in charge of CSR came back there.

Though "we considerably spend for advertising abroad, recognition never rises. Rather you proposed such a story, and do you attract attention? Think that it costs money, and there is not so" and

Therefore we did pace by positioning to "be Blanding that this was long-term rather than contribution to society" this time for office. Then, from the top of Blanding, voice appeared unexpectedly.
"We heard story. We think that it is interesting"

We do next what you would do. We borrowed power of friend of Marketing Department which heard idea in office, and unofficial Exploratory Committee which gathered manager deputy managers of each marketing section section was launched. Idea of Blue Wing is born and is the second year.

However, story does not advance from "how about "NGO which there is a lot only by argument though "it is interesting, all the manager of each department classes will do" when all demand return from Deputy Director-General though it is contribution to society" saying it is saying we choose how".

On March 11, 2011 when project was about to come to a deadlock, the Great East Japan Earthquake was generated in the middle of meeting and came to have no time for it.

We challenge chest for conviction again


Though we were thinking about PR of overseas support, Japan has become side that needed support.

We actually collected going information in Tohoku after we were troubled for approximately two weeks and renewed BLUE WING for Tohoku revival program. However, answer which after sending email to Exploratory Committee, is curt saying "this is not BLUE WING."

It was time when we were considerably depressed, but, in outside the company, one-year global agenda seminar was coming to an end at that time, and my BLUE WING model was chosen as the grand prix from approximately 50 participants. We were able to attend at summit of World Economic Forum, East Asia of the next year thanks to the grace. We can register model of BLUE WING with profile site of forum. Then people to see that made contact. We knew that world specialists got on talk seriously and were convinced if never good at this idea.

Through this forum, connection was able to make social entrepreneur called Asoka into excavation, organization to support. Triggered by earthquake disaster, Asoka Japan which established base in Japan was founded. After having you introduce Nana Watanabe who was the representative director, and talking about BLUE WING, story of tie-up came on third dimension. I deleted all the names of many NGOs which equalled materials, and only Asoka Japan reconsidered Nishibori, model.

With new material, we did 30-minute presentation to leader who launched member of unofficial examination party. Then chance of presentation in the sales department was given. It is 10th unforgettably in January, 2012. As a result of one-hour presentation, manager, the deputy manager of sales department said, "we were identified". The distance was longer afterwards, but the green light appeared first of all by there for more than two years.

We form team by open call for participants in the company!


However, it is annual officer personnel transfers again. Two people who said OK with much effort moved, and one has performed New York, one toward the plan. If "it is at Fukahori, the time, already give presentation once" in the top of new marketing coming home instead from London in May.

We wished in a split second, "let me invite public participation in the company" then. This is because it thought that it is absolutely impossible alone to push forward project earlier from here.

We used system called "virtual Hollywood" that invited public participation for team from ANA group. The number of the applicants is record high. We went around each places of the whole country from Fukuoka to Niigata and we had an interview individually and gathered 27 members. It is cabin attendant, pilot, business, sales, freight, personnel affairs and the various members. Meeting spent Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 a.m. before duties and cut down model and gave presentation to officer and got ready little by little for more than two years.

And we finally managed to reach to this place where we tested concrete Blanding for half a year.

For example, advertising agency entered and compared banners which we made with Blanding message and around 1,000 yen of company which spent considerable money and checked which was clicked effectively in 14 countries. Then banner of only BLUE WING to ask "to make the world better more" in the developed country in particular was clicked predominantly a lot.

There is network all over the world and is entertained the highest grade on wide seat……Possibility that there was dispatch "that the world improved" as something extra for one differentiation appeared while we offered high-quality service in the same way at all airlines.

It is promotion site of BLUE WING, but produces this not to spend money as much as possible. We do not dispatch press pool from this every time and have local photographer perform to change maker and we have you send data which you photographed and devise variously.

From change maker of 3,000 people whom Asoka supported, we made contact with people who chose in area that wanted to market, and pulled in us and offered with "do you not turn the world by aviation movement together?".

For example, Josh nesubitto which learned medicine in Stanford University utilizes text message of cell-phone and pushes forward medical service of distant place that is not set of medical infrastructure. Mel young people who played an active part as journalist of "big issue" hold the World Cup to save homeless person by soccer. Including education NGO of John Wood which came, it is only thing which is considerably unique as all business model first.

Specifically, favorite change manufacturer is given 15 miles when we share this global contents on Facebook or Twitter. 1% is offered when we purchase airline ticket of ANA via BLUE WING site and, also, can contribute mileage that we saved.

Not only person liking contribution to society in particular, it is aim that provides program that I think to try the world hard through story of change maker including people whom we want to take good care of more for people and business that want to do new thing forward.

"Airplane" for me does not change near with the times of the Wright brothers and is vehicle symbolizing challenge and dream of the human. However, in what we talk with refugees when we did volunteer for school days and noticed, people who have not seen airplane in the world are that I am in great numbers. . We sincerely think that we want to fill the gap.

ANA is also airline which began with two helicopters first. Spirit to want to send dream and impression to people of the world is not replaced even if it becomes large company. Therefore we believe that by making collaboration with people such as change maker, can change the world.

Question from participant

What kind of place are reason and art that Fukahori can be connected to key person of various fields in?


It was only what people different at all in company different at all supported when we conveyed thought when we were in trouble when still this wanted to be open. We think that it is important to tell that we want to do it to people obediently.

At first, you seemed to be able to go ahead outside business hours, do you do it in business hours now? In addition, as for Fukahori, will it be done another work again after this program became form?


My business in charge is overseas promotion of ANA now. I move BLUE WING as the main charge in part. Go over company duties, and "let's turn in Japan and the world together in company!" while volunteer members of 27 except me gathering regularly, and comparing notes on Facebook of closing; is determined, and do.


Subaru Fukahori

ANA BLUE WING project leader

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. BLUEWING program leader. All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. marketing room market Communications Department advertising team. 2008 Tokai University department of engineering aerospace subject graduation. We enter All Nippon Airways in the same year. Besides pro-navigation duties to make assembly operations of pilot, we create profit and nonprofit new business partnership. We devise "BLUE WING model" triggered by attendance of Global Agenda Seminar and win Global Agenda Seminar 2010 Grand Prize. We are in charge of overseas promotion of ANA now. We plan international flight business class experience, shooting promotion "YOUR ANA" which we photographed with wearable camera and carry out.