Wednesday, July 15, 2015 Think College Vol.33

Shibuya zunchaka! Music festival ... of town to make with ... all

Lecturer: Daisuke Matsubara/team zunchaka! Leader, others

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
Theme of July "making new "history" of town."

On the stage of Shibuya of midsummer, music festival that anyone could enjoy music freely was held.
We will do music all day free intersection and Miyashita Park, everywhere including Koen-dori St.! It is slightly groundbreaking event called this.

Ahead of the first holding, we introduce message from the staff who worked out parade, the making of musical instrument and various plans to session. Do you not become instigator of such a pleasant attempt next time, too?

Lecture report

Music festival of "participation type" that is happy by freedom!


Shibuya zunchaka! Team zunchaka to take plan administration on of this! It is Daisuke Matsubara acting as leader of this. It was born in Shibuya and liked that we played the piano since the Shibuya breeding was small. We love Shibuya and music. Shibuya zunchaka! As this had two elements, we wanted to be concerned by all means and ran for leader.

See normal music festival, and is thing hearing, but not only that but also music festival, that which put weight in participating when played by oneself, and sang, and made musical instrument "Shibuya zunchaka!" We do in this.

Team planning is participation type and is volunteer gathering on trace and Saturday and Sunday of everybody work. We thought about the next concept together.

It is various and is happy by freedom and is a no horizontal stripes by opening,
  It overflows with opportunity of new encounter and performance with sound and person,
  The margin matches looseness and values that it is Just Fun,
  Shibuya zunchaka which is participation type with the town of the Shibuya and world wide! We realize 2015!

It is too long, or is it a lot of elements? toka will seem, but as a result of having talked about together, can sharpen nothing, we would say to can all enter.

I was born in the town called Yoyogiuehara of Shibuya and was brought there up all the time. As we played the jazz piano, we thought that we wanted to do road people and session various live and played whether it was well local park.

Would it be around 2008? At the time of first grade at a high school, Yoyogiuehara station was replaced with a new one. Therefore person of the guard flew immediately if we played with friend and has got yelled at when it was not place to play here.

On the other hand, there is quite free space when we go to Yoyogi Park. We play if we go on Saturday and Sunday to like anyone and do juggling and practice drama. We came to play there and made friends with person playing people and skateboarding that we happened to pass by by chance. If just play favorite music, and can make friends with various people, do not come; may not be fun.

If it is possible for such a place in town of Shibuya where many people gather, is not such fantastic, and Shibuya zunchaka! We think this that such a place should spread out more and more in the center.

Venue of the day greatly parts in three areas. There is place to make main stage and musical instrument in Miyashita Park. We do lap lesson in area of skateboarding.

By crowd funding, we are raising support on net now, but it is going to be possible for small stage in the second-floor concourse of Hikarie of Shibuya if that is realized. In Sakuragaoka, a lot of acoustic stages are going to be able to do it. Distance is some three areas away apart, but parade to tie that holds.

"zunchaka with daily necessities!" which says stomp to Miyashita Park other than main stage, and sounds thing which is not musical instrument, and plays rhythm When there should be corner that we are taught guitar, or we leave band set, and it is, and coat of futsal can experience, we tell dattari, lap. Not only we listen, but also are interesting if there is space "reciteing" own music.

It is "final session" to give glory to the last of this day. Various everybodies who, by the way, enjoyed gather in main stage and they play one music together and sing.

Miyashita Park, Hikarie, Sakuragaoka are the center, but think this year that they should be able to make such a music festival that can sound musical instrument everywhere in in the whole Shibuya-ku in the future.

Music parades at free intersection in front of Hachi-ko!


Team zunchaka! We are one of the subleaders having three people in this, Mutsumi Shimazaki.
Originally I participated in activity to want to make happy 1st when we were full of music with student of Shibuya University Network in Ebisu called "Sing! Ebisu".

In fact, it is Shibuya zunchaka last year! There was pre-holding of this. We know that "Sing! Ebisu" sings "song of the people" of Les Miserables of musical under the blue sky of Shibuya here, and that looks very happy! It was opportunity that we were added in this.

At intersection under Miyashita Park, we ran flash mob to begin to sing suddenly then. Rotation was only person not to know, but sense to be connected with people not to know through music was fun very much. We want many people to know that. And it is Shibuya zunchaka! We wanted to have various people know this.

Venue of last year was only authority of major shrine Park and Miyashita park, but is going to hold Shibuya nomachinaka music parade where there was introduction from leader some time ago this time.

In parade, speaking of "Shibuya, we set route called here!". At first, we start info tower of Sakuragaoka area and reach before image of moyai, Hachi-ko, 109. It goes up slope of Koen-dori St. and ties way to authority of major shrine Park of goal. We stop all car and go along road.

The best eyeball is free intersection. This time is reservation only for us. We give up having all the cars what here and go. This time is zunchaka in large vision at intersection! It is magnificent plan to do.

The overall number of people is aiming for 200 people now. We have performance courses of JAM and Clark commemorative international high school heap up parade for lifespan of African drum jambe and are going to look up at cooperation in various places of various genres. By the sponsorship of outdoor event guddoneibazujambori of Kagoshima, we ask Shuichiro Sakaguchi of band called double Fay trout for the guidance.

Prior to holding, we plan workshop thinking about the contents, plan, direction of parade together. We actually say while walking the sidewalk of this route to think together to do what here.

Team zunchaka! The staff increases of this more and more, but is the insufficient situation. Parade recruits captains having you lead with flag. Person who is interested, please call.

Art make use of support of the circumference


We are Tomoki Goto of the second subleader. In the native place, Yokohama, hobby make a tour of trip and art museums. In place that we twined around music by force, we do the sum drum. It is the member of society fourth year.

zunchaka! Then we are in charge of volunteer offer. We have meeting of preinclination in December or around January, together if "what kind of role is prepared, is Shibuya zunchaka! But, do come true?; began to write, and raised the hand from thing which wanted to do, but it was this that remained last.

As activity, we planned two times of play vents, anyway, to gather people. The first is experience and zunchaka of jambe! We sing "o Champs-Elysees" of this in band by the staff and all and. The second swats jambe in restaurant bar which can play music freely in near Miyashita Park together, and sing freely, and is zunchaka quite! We spent na time.

We easily explain how you planned this. The first was with 50 people and the second was with 80 people and did it.

At first, it is about three weeks ago that we were selected to gather first, 50 people. When I of the ordinary man am not selected as place either, and contents should do what in empty state, we are absentminded. But it is or "we splash on each other as there is friend" that it is, "we know a, this", or idea comes out of all of the circumference more. "You should make belt" what you would do to contents. I managed to reach holding by collecting those ideas earnestly. We gather more than 50 people and, as for the time, it was very short, but thinks that it is prosperous very much and was enough somehow.

As for the second, 80 or more are aims. 80 people are the number of people that is hard to gather when there is not even celebrity. Besides, should not be just fun overnight since is labelled as play vent, zunchaka! It is the best purpose that wants to recruit friends in this. zunchaka which is prohibited only by emphasizing "pleasant event!" In the first place you must inform something with this. We tried for notice that we turned on SNS and net while feeling difficulty of such a condition. It does not reach 80 after all, is passable by participation of just a little over 70 people; became held.

Originally I had learned architecture, and I was interested in event that enlivened town planning and area. Image is well zunchaka happy only by letter already this without from straw in not being just looking, and there having been what oneself wants to be concerned with very much, too! We jump into this and do and do depending on hold.

Actually, there were a lot of great people when we entered. Though "we want to do it, it can do it", and it gathers more and more "to be able to do it". It is all up to oneself though we kill though we make use of that. Rotation supports to be able to do further thing even if beginner like me is concerned. We say or think that we are thankful for place that result of there is up to oneself that it is attractive.

Let's enjoy road rap!


It is Mikako Tajima of the last subleader. I am Miyashita Park and do workshop called "the first lap" with Shibuya who road, always does lap in front of TSUTAYA, and is.

Do you know "cipher?" Music will be impromptu session that words obatto which occurred discharges in front of person sounding with drum and guitar then. It is aim that wants person whom we have not wrapped to taste pleasure of communication in lap.

Lap has impression that pattern has bad with waist bread, but is rhythm and combination of words when we dismantle musically. Even if guitar is not done even if piano is not done, there is while taking rhythm by hand. It is only psychological hurdle afterward.

As hurdle is high in doing it with fast rhythm suddenly, we get on slow rhythm and will have you give off ball of words. Prepare chair for grandmother to be able to enjoy……We are thinking about plan that we are full of this and can enjoy rap peacefully.

Team zunchaka where I am why! Entered this, is zunchaka for timeline on Facebook by chance! But, it is opportunity that we thought that citizen can predominate that it is good when it drifted.

We clicked the like button without thinking, "it is not me, side to use" and applied for "recruitment of staff".

Music has contemplation. When examination and lost love, failure of job hunting lasted the past life when we look back, we changed our job, or genre hearing is different at all, but it remembers that it was music that always pushed back each time. Therefore we sincerely thanked and we did not merely consume and it was flatter and always felt that we wanted to live facing music. Therefore we launched plan with unit called Shibuya cipher that I thought to be very cool at this opportunity.

Three people and drum, guitar in charge of lap are Shibuya ciphers all together. Five people did not do it together from beginning. When beat drum by chance on street, person of rapper began lap with the rhythm, if notice, one performance there is completed, and it is said very, and have time, and it will be said that let's continue because is interesting. Activity is still less than one year, but while we continue, fan arrives, and there is label and is artist who is accompanied to manager, and works.

I have an office to Shibuya. One day people who cried very cool in in distance were when we walked town after work. That was rapper of Shibuya cipher, ace when we thought that it would be what. Crowd who is great in front of TSUTAYA. Homeless person dances on side if we see well. We were impressed by the scene badly and searched on Twitter immediately and responded and rushed on day that we did performance.

This time, Shibuya zunchaka! When it became when we could plan in this, it was Shibuya cipher at the very beginning that floated. Reply, "we will tell in detail" immediately if we send message to ace on Twitter fearfully. Then, we talked in LINE for around one hour and would meet and received "by all means!" when we took proposal while shivering.

It may become very self-satisfied, but is plan with contemplation for me very much. As we think that all the laps (only if we exceed psychological hurdle) can do it, we are glad if you can drop in aimlessly by all means.

It is Sunday, August 9, Shibuya zunchaka afterwards! It was begun safely, and 2015 was very, very prosperous very much!

It seems to be recruiting the volunteer staff making the second together of 2016 now.
If you like by all means! →


Daisuke Matsubara

Team zunchaka! Leader

The Shibuya-ku breeding born in Shibuya-ku. We begin to play the jazz piano from childhood and begin street performance (clown) at the age of 10. Triggered by 20 years old, newly adult representative speech by coming-of-age ceremony, it is team zunchaka! We run for the first leader.

Team zunchaka!

The volunteer staff such as student, office worker, housewife who gathered by general open call for participants to take realization on from plan of "Shibuya zunchaka." Recruitment of members from this.