Wednesday, November 18, 2015 Think College Vol.37

At first, it is yurukuyattemiyo.
Challenge ... of public employee few like public employee jumping out in ... area

Lecturer: Representative from person in charge of department of Takashi Yamada/Shiojiri-shi government office plan policy Planning Division city promotion chief, nanoda, Shinshu emigration plan representative

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
Theme of November "beginning something."

Whether we do not think that if "we are ready" will begin if "we get friend" if "money accumulates." Does that remain intact?
We relax shoulder and, at first, try. There seems to be breakthrough in the neighborhood somehow.

We will open shutter.


Wow, applause is comfortable very much. It is Takashi Yamada. Please make Google Search in "masters of former pickup". It is the top. But there are "street skill in communication" and person expressing in other words that is is pickup. But we think whether reason called here is "to have borrowed space shop" today.

I without 40 years old divorced child have done only work of city hall in Shiojiri-shi, Nagano for 18 years. We do something like "representative from nanoda" or "Shinshu emigration plan representative" in various ways out of time.

As we have time when everybody is important, we will say that we want to say earlier last. We want everybody who came here to take some action today.

When "we want to do it, we do it. When we want to see, we see. deha is already slow after "we come to be able to do it". It prevents you from still forgetting this by words to be written on book called "SCHOOL OF DESIGN" (school of design) where we came across two years before cotton Shiga (Mizuno studies others, truth sentence temple Shinko Corporation). When money that there is not friend who is not ready says that there is not, we are not in time as flow of the times becomes fast very much. At first, please start with starting small.

It is this that myself began a little because area gets well as the staff of city. It is "to open shutter".

Five our post towns that there is 69 in Nakasendo highway are in Shiojiri-shi. We have ice candle Festival on February 3 in Narai accommodation. There is plateau of 1,800 meters and can see Mount Fuji. We appear in site called "ZEKKEIJapan" (superb view Japan), and 1.2 million is good! We have.

We borrowed such in Shiojiri-shi and space people of a certain mall from three and a half years ago and opened shutter. Rent is 28,000 yen with four houses. As people are not in district why we can borrow with such an amount of money. On Saturday and Sunday, people hardly surely walk. Vacant store rate of 23.1% is triple the prefectural average at mall of 130 stores. But it is all right. Person from yariyoniyotteha comes. People gathered for event that was held in October, 2014 so much


We called Ayame Goriki what you did. There was lunch meeting today in and Tokyo of former director of mall. We have you participate in to think about what kind of thing you can do by having asked for space shop for mall.

It seeming that we pay out of our own pocket


Art Festa "Shiojiring shiojiringu" that it featured the theme of area with high school student to have done it first. We continue still carrying out activity. We did talk marathon in play vent of 2012 for 30 hours and borrowed mall and called artist of contemporary art around 20 sets, and art talked together for 30 hours straight. That of "Shiojiri Conversations Shiojiri conversation" to continue is still start.

"It is study session of empty house project nanoda staff of city and chamber of commerce to think about mall promotion activation with opportunity. In the first place can you really catch task though you have not lived in mall if oneself has not done business? So we paid out of our own pocket and borrowed vacant store.

Event space or attribute that we said do not keep there meeting rooms. If there is one concept, anyway, "it is breakfast" is "place that can start casually" in what we want to do "it is talk" person to want to do there something saying "it is wine".

People lived in result, the first house, and, as for the second house, atelier, the third house became drawing office. In three years from April, 2012, five young people emigrated to mall. In 2-story empty house in ten months 126 young people now without bath under short stay. There is university student who gathers up graduation thesis while doing fieldwork.

All other than me I turns to eight members of nanoda when we notice. Young people might have demanded community of form that was different from community which originally there was in yoha, area. We had you cooperate with project "Kyoto emigration plan" to support emigration to Kyoto and launched "Shinshu emigration plan" to be actualized in taking place in nanoda.

In this, I am in Shiojiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry until March, 2015 and am measure of emigration domiciliation that I dealt with newly. We mend the opportunity to support young people. Merely area and person who lives there are good, or air is clean, and, in fact, young people cannot live in one to be scenic. We cannot readily judge there that there is not work for emigration.

Many projects "living in favorite town like oneself"


In fact, Shiojiri-shi is the second earliest in the whole country, and the reason why I who work for Shiojiri-shi government office can go out more and more in this way is that we devised out-of-town edition broad strategic view in March, 2015. I belong to Planning Division and am doing work of local construction with member of section.

Shiojiri-shi is a population of 66,700 people. As there is research and development base of SEIKO EPSON which 5,500 people commit, it is town where there are relatively many young people. However, when see population pyramid of Shiojiri-shi of 2040 that 896 local governments disappear, in there being the most in women, it is 90 years or older 70 years old from 65 years old, that is the next most. 39-year-old woman decreases from 20 years old, so possibility of extinction is whispered. It works to think about measure why we should go because it cannot happen.

As of April 1, 2015, 1718 local governments are in Japan. We do measure of emigration domiciliation in the local governments approximately of the whole country. Japan begins to decrease by population from 2008. If people increase in Shiojiri, it decreases by one somewhere. We think that the scramble is mean. Dual is enough and thinks that people becoming fan in Shiojiri, such a may be while being in Tokyo.

I do study "we come to like the town, and how does university student who entered Shinshu University not policy instruction settle down in?" with university student as member of collaborative investigation of Shinshu University at the same time after two years.

Then "Civic pride" how has attachment in Shiojiri. We make arrangements approximately every week to think about city promotion in the future with Yasuaki Sakyo of Nobuko Shimuta and Shibuya university president of project editor.

As for the tourism plan "trip to go to meet people" that we began with Shibuya University Network three years ago, it was in business of country (the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)) this year. Innovator studying abroad local for person who wants to commit more. This is plan of NPO corporation ETIC, but member of society of Tokyo crosses team in groups of four and is 4-month program to solve local problem. This enters in the fourth year. For university students, there are 6-month long-term internship and 6-week short-term internship, too.

It was the north Shinetsu meeting representative of local young man challenge award 2015, and, by internship, Kie Miura of Shinshu University which I coordinated for the first time took the third place from 250 examples in national convention. It is program to expand Toy of tree of domestic lumber nationwide with manufacturer called local Sakai Sangyo. As a result, mokuiku summit is held in Shiojiri in March of (2016) of next year.

Local people do not know that the best company in Japan is in Shiojiri in Toy of domestic tree. It increases fans by connecting president and student when local medium and small-sized business means student more and is the making of with one opportunity having you see with eyes to work here.

There is, "we live in favorite town like oneself" in catch phrase of Shinshu emigration plan. Originally Nakasendo highway goes along Shiojiri, and point of traffic near from Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto. If consultation of 100 emigration comes, I intend to have traffic control of 99 people. There is interesting person to Nagano, co-working space called "HanaLab. Hana laboratory" is in Ueda-shi "Knower(s) nouazu" in Matsumoto-shi. "Masuya guest house" is in Shimosuwa. In this way, we want to introduce when we are good for the person.

Project of Shiojiri emigration plan fetched subsidy of the prefecture and started. At the time of presentation, it was said to be "one different from business of Yamada, that administration in what" from judge. We said right out. "We can be partial to me!"

Facing one person, talk well; and "you can introduce here". We think so as to be allowed to introduce to not only Shinshu but also friend such as Kyoto emigration plan, Miyazaki tegetege emigration plan, Niigata emigration plan, Fukuoka emigration plan across the prefecture. In that way we do that we do the whole Japan well as if oneself whom young people can challenge well seeming to be oneself, and being able to live in town to be able to live for as far as it is possible for own money in overtime.

We go back and forth in administration and the spot


Let's talk why it happened.

Purpose article was added to Local Government Act Article 1, Paragraph 2 by "decentralization lump law" enforced in April, 2000. Local government "shall take role to carry out administration in area voluntarily and generally widely". Of anything do save? This is because "it plans increase of the welfare of inhabitants".

As for each local problem, problem of people whom there is in front, complexity is diversifying now. The staff of the basic local government which was the nearest to local inhabitants found needs and problem well, and it came to have to be said that we untied string.

Hisashi Ushiyama Mr. Tsuguhiko coming to Meiji University politics department of economics is from Suwa of Nagano. Teacher told me and thought, "there do not be local government, some worth doing". We were told "to become able to do anything in mountain, local government" by Mr. Ushiyama.

Let's show annual reward of Mayor Shiojiri and annual fee of the chamber of commerce president.

There are chamber of commerce, president, vice-president, member of the Diet, 90 people. There are 1950 members. We originally put own valuable work aside and come to the chamber of commerce by car for 30 minutes and, in everybody nonpaying, are people, "how about if we do Yamada, such a thing". Person and the mayor get salary of 13 million yen, and it is said, "there should be town in this way". At first, we did not know at all. It was only me. Going to the chamber of commerce, and getting salary, and working for tax.

In "great Gatsby" of Scot Fitzgerald, there are very favorite words. "True genius solves two contradicting problems at the same time". Hiroshi Tasaka of social entrepreneur theory says similar thing, too. "Contradiction is driving force of world development".

We think progressively while being conscious of both like pendulum not profit, nonprofit, seeing macro and micro, either. You are fair and, with viewpoint that is macro in city hall, must do it for the public welfare justly in the daytime. But what can Suzuki that only this borrows, for example, empty house not catch whether you are in trouble? We put the body in the spot, and oneself tries to do the solution. And it is role of the staff of administration to make that structure. We are going to adjust this balance well not to forget two all the time.

Be blessed with mentors


We are always aware of "premeditated, being accidental". Shibuya is sacred place for me, place where we picked up for the first time at the age of 19. We did not begin nanoda what wanted to say because we wanted to work as lecturer of Shibuya University Network today at this place. If we are going to open one only empty house as far as, at first, oneself can do it, three and a half years later, this happens. We do not know if we do not try yohadesune.

There is "avian fatigue man" (Billiken publication/Shincho library) in work of juvenile literature house Shinji Ishii who lived in Matsumoto for 1:00 period. Boy called Giuseppe has many hobbies. It came to be possessed when we fell into something. A series of hobbies leads to helping girl called favorite pechka miraculously after all.

Voice of one president, Ayame Goriki who talked in the beginning "wanted to do entertainment show at event" was opportunity. But it is unprecedented at the conventional chamber of commerce. There is not money, cannot do such a thing. As we handed and might meet the person in charge of AVEX by chance in Tokyo, we talked about the president. Then the person worked as manager of Ayame Goriki by chance. It was said because it was timing to just send the third piece single person when good if it was Ayame Goriki.

Shoji Yamada dealing with development of Enryou country club and villa place in the presidents of the chamber of commerce of Shiojiri always says.

From "Yamada, we do not understand if we do not try this. The times of Yamada and others who will be young from now on. Anyway, challenge. If thing of Yamada fails, attribute all the outstanding jobs to me. Because I am already 75 years old and take all the failure of Yamada to graveyard"

We already do it, and kana is same if encouraged in this way. We are blessed with such good mentors. Turn that I can happen next time. And we think that young people who "it seems to be oneself, and live in favorite town" may not increase lively if we increase adults supporting young people.

Young people do not get a hint, though, even if supported by adult whom anything has not challenged. At first, I try to do lightly to become adult supporting young people. If there is there muddy water, at first, jump, and as "is all right, and is death, there is not! In all thinking that I may do, you come.

Original carrier only for oneself


While I am the staff of city hall, both junior chamber of commerce and nanoda are open. Title called "master of former pickup." Such public employees are only me. Everybody tries what nobody can imitate by all means, too, and only for oneself think that want to build original career, and to repeat. Carrier only for oneself that there is not what is taken by low wage without being replaced computer abroad. Please think.

In Japan, population continued increasing from Jomon period to 2008. Even if we waited, and Hitoshi Kinoshita of business said, but administration and country failed so much, population and economic growth that so far continued increasing swallowed. We will not go so from now on. Population does not increase anymore. There is just "the problem advanced ground". As Japan in particular does shurinku earliest in Asia, we attract attention from the world. Then, at first, you must know what happens.

For last two years of "house of Mita", I paid 10,000 yen, and place of learning that Kyosuke Sakakura and others of Keio University did went. For more details, "you learn, and please see book called place "house of Mita" (Keio University publication society) of blackboard and wine - other. There is not house of Mita anymore. We get blackboard of form distinction in nanoda, and that becomes notice board of our event now.

Deceive local co-creation; "co-chestnut! When "we lost our eyesight of the future, book which fashiriteta which got to know by project, Bob steal garfish gave in June, 2015 is super recommended to challenge to Japanese "community reproduction" (Eiji publication) after - - earthquake disaster that we should talk about what" to. After earthquake disaster, Bob says that definition of success changed in that in the future in Japan. What happened after earthquake disaster? We do not wait for administration. It cooperates across area. Because we can do it as the person concerned by oneself, we will start small. When that was nanoda, we met Bob and, for me, felt.

It was Takashi Yamada.


Takashi Yamada

Person in charge of department of Shiojiri-shi government office plan policy Planning Division city promotion chief
Representative from nanoda
Shinshu emigration plan representative

"Bustle creation project nanoda of mall beginning in empty house starts from April, 2012.
We win "public employee Award 2013 jumping out in area" grand prix in January, 2014.
Video "very much is serious approach of "regional activation" which is pickup that city officials challenge of former pickup teacher" by TED talk in topic.
We start in "Shinshu emigration plan" June, 2015.