Thursday, February 18, 2016 Think College Vol.40

We change society by civic power!
We will think about ... community oganaijingu together

Lecturer: Kanoko Kamata (representative from NPO corporation community oganaijingu Japan director)

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
Theme of February "learning method to turn society."

Through project and activity, we want to change society. There are a lot of people who think so.
But how? Therefore there may be many stopping people.

It is begun to knit more than 100 years ago, and methodology that people who turned society learned is in the United States.
While reading a part of the method,
Do you not consider how ourselves can make use of that together?

At first, my story


It is Kanoko Kamata of community oganaijingu Japan (COJ).
It moves into action with people in start, and how do you solve problem to change society? Thing becoming the guideline is gathered up by methodology called "community oganaijingu".
Self-introduction will tell before talking about that why I do community oganaijingu before.


I was born in Yokohama and was born among father of mother and office worker of full-time homemaker. We moved to Sendai by transfer of father at the age of 1. Therefore state of bright mother always changed when I was 5 years old. We cannot cook rice, too and never answer even if we talk. She became depressed. It would be big cause that had injury of foot while there was stress of housework and childcare in land which did not live so long.

Afterwards, I came back to Yokohama, but mother seemed to be hot saying "I talked to talk about elementary school as nothing was thought about now", and I was sad feeling. But we thought that I got a grip on myself as there was small younger brother and must protect. Meanwhile, place that I was childlike alone, and could free oneself was neighboring park. There were there a lot of trees and climbed there a tree and called comics and we enjoyed when we broke origami and spent.

When we were in the third grade, construction entered the park. Horizontal bar was done, and athletic was possible, and instead of having become very excellent, tree which I loved has been cut. We thought, "we will turn adults without permission why without hearing our opinion that we used every day" in child feeling. Around elementary school five or six years, we came to want to get job of environment to hear all of japan, story of development and deforestion that we had all over the world from father who did environment-related work in the future.

We got job of environmental consultant at the age of 26, but various things gradually understand whether it is the heart's desire. For example, after all, it is the first serious matter that provides profit for company even if we suggest to company, "let's do thing that is better for environment". The situation to never carry continued even if we proposed policy in the council.

We were troubled very much whether we did this work, and social problem could be really solved. We conducted an overseas investigation and knew that law and policy that NPO and citizen suggested went properly at the age of 34 in the United States and Europe. Citizen's voice is respected simply because NPO has tens of thousands of members in Europe and America, and there is representative group whom all participate in.

We wanted to do such a thing in Japan and studied in public policy graduate school of American Harvard University Kennedy school for one year from 2011. Therefore it was Marshal gantsu doctor who told community oganaijingu and that that met. It may be a citizen's support by to spread this in Japan, do the best with grass roots. We were planning to measure up and we returned home in 2013 and raised NPO.


When civil rights campaign of Reverend King became lively at the climax, Marshal gantsu which caught instruction in Harvard University seemed to be junior. You began exercise and worked on improvement of living of farmhand who was made to work at large-scale farm of California for 20 years. Afterwards, there is neither money nor connection, but we come back to Harvard after adviser was done by grass-roots election campaign to send candidate with will to politics and pass through master's course, doctoral course and are just doing birch.

gantsu is known by having acted as adviser of presidential election of 2,007-2,008 years when Obama became the President first. You call out to young people and black, Hispanic each one who do not usually go for vote so that Obama wins and must have vote perform. Therefore we train community organizer in large quantities, and it means that we fought by electoral campaign.

Example of community oganaijingu


When it has you hear to here, image might have been heated, but it is "community oganaijingu" that by using each person's small power for one purpose in total, do for big power.

When originally black, woman, people of so-called minority such as worker woke up exercise by methodology that continued more than from the early 20th century that is 100 in the United States and turned society and politics, we have been used. As for the civil rights campaign by Reverend King and others of black,; is representative.

It was connected to big thing called civil rights exercise as a result that school which could learn oganaijingu was in the United States, and a lot of innumerable leaders were brought up. Reverend King learned there, too and moved into action as campaigner.


This movement spreads through not only the United States but also Europe and South America, the Middle East, Asia. For example, it is Indian Gandhi. It is result that many leaders grew up into including Gandhi that feeling tied to independence movement in India increased. It is person who confronted pollution in Japan or is consumers' cooperative motion, or people of social worker begin thing corresponding to poor problem recently in community.

In our COJ, we do mainly workshop learning community oganaijingu. We further made signature site and collaboration called commencing with follow-up, approach called coaching from last year and did practice to launch collecting people around 20 people, project and campaign about gender to be interested in gender.

Therefore, from born project, we introduce two. One is holding of "LGBT coming-of-age ceremony @ Saitama". As for the coming-of-age ceremony, as for "the man, as for suit, the woman, sex is clear event like kimono". This is very hard for people in LGBT. It is "LGBT coming-of-age ceremony @ Saitama" that began as coming-of-age ceremony that may wear any clothes that anyone can come for in LGBT.

Called "dining table return female action" that myself was detonated by contact as for another example by workshop, and began is activity.


We established around 30 times, place where women gathered from July of last year and we felt that oneself could not show about what kind of thing or just had you deepen talks why you endured. By talks, we can think to own straight kizurasagadokokarakiteirunoka, deep place. And finally, we have you shout that it is, "I do not endure this!" while returning dining table made of corrugated cardboard with "ta!" and be refreshing.

From this activity, it was revealed that woman still held straight kizurasao very much in Japanese society. We develop "action research" by interview by women from there. Furthermore, we planned "girls power" to send message saying "let's live like oneself" parade as big end.

We learn community oganaijingu


We learn the leadership in community oganaijingu. It is not necessary for the leader to have answer here. Other people think, and leader has role to allow purpose that we shared to be accomplished. Leader undertakes the responsibility well.

There are three questions to want you to do by all means while we practice komyunitioganaijingu.


The first is "who are comrade namely person in confrontation with problem, person who can share sense of values with the person?".

As for the second, "what is difficulty that comrade faces?." We listen to you meet many comrades not problem of comrade whom you think about in one to one and group, and what kind of thing you are interested in whether you feel problem.

Though this is miso, "how can the third question solve problem using resources to have?." In fact, people have very many resources. Seemingly there is problem, and, for example, even person who seems to be weak should have experience at various skill and time. And we take good care of people having problem standing up by oneself in community oganaijingu, and solving problem very much.

Five practice of the leadership


In workshop, we tell form of practice of five leadership.


The first "joint ownership of story." Big problem when we work on social problem is that most people are negative. We arrange aggressiveness by sharing story moving heart.

The second "commitment based on relations." It does not become by social movement "please to do it because we raise salary". Of value the making of of relationships is very important to be going to do it together while there is not.

The third "clear histology." Grass-roots activity often becomes volunteer like friend relations, and relationship is apt to become slow. It is important how you make democratic, flat organization administration, structure.

The fourth "creative strategy." Please remember the third question. We analyze how you move key person what kind of resources we have to solve problem and work out strategy well. In fact, here feels whether it is not weak place of citizens movement of Japan.

And the fifth "effective action." We put action that we made with strategy into action. Besides, it is to plunge into action with aim that can measure the effect. It is something like sales target to put up in company.

Whether when oneself must pull, as for the leadership, person with a strong sense of responsibility does not carry all on the back. That is necessary for the first stage, too. But there is not activity if the person disappears. On the contrary, we often turn to all direction where is motivated, but is scattered. Both of citizens movement do not aim.

Then what kind of leadership you want to aim at is "the snowflake leadership". Snowflake is snowy crystal. Snowy crystal is form spreading from the center.


It may be alone first to stand up. For example, it is said that the one makes team of four people. Duty of center person bringing up four members into leader. These four people further have recruiting of people and make own team if we bring up. The third people become leader again and make team. It is not simple thing, but activity lasts long when we aim at this and becomes strong.

By 2-day program of workshop, we learn strategy whether makes power using how their resources by how to talk stories and how to make relations with people on the second day on the first day.

Originally more memoirs approximately 100 pages translates all the texts which were English into Japanese, and, in COJ, workshop guide opens notebook introducing organizer to the public, too. We would appreciate your looking at website by all means.

Public naratibu which moves heart


Let's explain "joint ownership of story". There is there story by all means when we see successful social movement, and we are shared by all. We say "public naratibu", but are coined word of Marshal gantsu doctor.

As for the public, "the community is public", and, in naratibu, "story" is jam-packed, and "story to be public, and to recite" is public naratibu. There is public speaking, but this makes posture better and uses body language, and eye contact is different from public naratibu in technique-like thing to do. When public naratibu was "thing which did not polish, and provided brightness from the inside", a certain student expressed.

When people change heart and put into action, there are three next factors in the story.


One "story of self-" (my story). Do you remember my opening self-introduction? We listened to my story, and what kind of sense of values was thought to have? It becomes easy to be handed down that the person had such thought by talking about prototypical experience. Here, we make connection with me and everybody.

It is "story of ass" (our story) that wants to talk next. We talk about sense of values to be common to community. We got over such a thing, or we speak, for example, conventional story that we share to be concrete then.

And "story of is trendy". For sense of values that we share now, such an emergency happens. Here, there is action to call for by all means. It is possible for anything oneself, or the cause appeals for step that I think so that it is said, "please come as we want to make arrangements together on what date" not "please collecting signatures for several hundred" suddenly.

This cell creates sympathy of others by ass and trendy oshikkari words going incidentally, and opportunity increasing friends acting together is born.

Sense of values that you and community have becomes easy to reach when we gather up with "difficult → choice → result" as constitution, plot of story. This is framework to be common to self-ass, all trendy.

There was "difficulty" that disease and park of mother disappeared, for example, if we said in my story. We attended society and worked and, in "difficulty" that neither company nor policy was turned into though they thought that they were changed, studied abroad in the United States, and "result" that did "choice" to learn citizen's exercise, citizen participation met community oganaijingu and was story to be just doing COJ. Sense of values to "be person who wants to make society where each person's voice is respected" should finally reach human being called me even somehow.

Please read speech of James Croft of graduate student as example here.


From story that it takes how many seconds for to fail in beginning, several meters, is shocking very much; is developed. Story of is trendy, and there says, "we have had such a situation" in hitting part. Then, story that smell of floor of tree loved in leotards which James was crazy about the small dice ballet, and were blue. But we were told "to be homosexual" by physical educator in the next, and it was the whole school meeting, and we were said "to be homosexual, and to be for pity", and the principal heard thought hard very much that was lonely feeling. This neighborhood is story of self-desune.

There was the question whether "everybody had not tasted lonely feeling" later. While being tall, and being low, and being able to study, and not being able to do it, and giving example which applies to all. That is story of ass. It is talked about backyard from there. Somebody committed suicide when we came back to house. That may be friend who may be your family. It was trendy and came back well saying "it may happen in the most own closeness now".

Though it is ten years ago that James came out successively, it is one year ago that we publicized properly, and oneself makes video last, and self-gaari which we have wasted for several years talks about strategy that we are going to drain on the Internet. To that end, we complete as various cooperation is necessary saying "please come for meeting!". It is trendy here. We talk about strategy properly, and place to call for action becomes public naratibu.

As it is very great to make suddenly to here, if self-ass is trendy, we dismantle and make with workshop of COJ. Feed back each other, and take good care in story while one coach entering six groups, and instructing; learn, and take.

It is "joint ownership of story" to have explained here, but learns method to build relations in such a form and strategic how to work out. We do coaching of follow-up to person whom we want to practice. We do not make script and would appreciate your thinking that it is framework training that story can talk about at any time.

We will remember own story


Social problem is overwhelmed and thinks that we may feel loneliness. "Return dining table; even if do women's action", feel loneliness, but sympathize; friend is by all means. It will be story then that supports. When there is there core well and can talk about why oneself wants to run that, people connected properly are connected, and ring spreads naturally.


We think that you should be able to look back when determined sense of values, thought were born why you are worried about that if everybody is working now as we think that story is very powerful, and there is society problem worried about.

It takes time very much to remember. It took around two years for me, too. We looked back while why you did community oganaijingu badly thing that we could not meet even if asked continued and thought while taking a bath and we heard a person's story and were tied till then. Please remember everybody a little triggered by today.


Kanoko Kamata

Representative from NPO corporation community oganaijingu Japan director

Yokohama birth. We were interested in society, environmental problem, but we keenly realize that civil society is important to make life of people better in office worker life of 11 years and study abroad in Harvard University Kennedy school and complete program of Master in Public Administration (public administration master) since childhood. After having learned various forms of civic participation on the site in community organization practicing community oganaijingu in New York after the graduation, we return home in September, 2013. We launch COJ with friends in January, 2014 and, through workshop and coaching, perform activity to spread practice of community oganaijingu in the whole country.
Institute for Keio University global security visiting researcher
Rotary foundation international goodwill scholarship student
Harvard Kennedy School, The Roy & Lila Ash Fellowship in Democracy

NPO corporation community oganaijingu Japan