Wednesday, June 15, 2016 Think College Vol.44

We make area that is easy to have child care
It will be ... with approach of ... "mom pro Gunma" from now on

Lecturer: Kazuaki Tomaru (representative from mom pro Gunma director)

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
This theme "supporting mom bringing up child."

Child care is hardly possible with one mother; it is tough.
We stand alone and hold alone and give up job that we do not want to stop and.
There is person working on activity to support such mothers in Takasaki-shi, Gunma.

Why is it Takasaki? There seems to be there reason.
While listening to story of practice example to join child care and community improvement together
Do you not think about "Think global, Act local." together?

We are active by telework in multi-base


"Project Gunma increasing smiles of mom" claims to be Tomaru of "mom pro Gunma" for short. We work in Numata of Gunma at three bases to fetch work in child care, Takasaki in work and Tokyo.

Community improvement that woman that what we aim at makes Takasaki sphere of life is easy to have the second child. And it is community improvement that people who were born and raised in Takasaki and Gunma become adult, and returns to hometown. Therefore we approach from domain of child care.

One key making it easy to have child fix environment where there is child care while working. The average age of women quitting work for childbirth is said to be about 31 years old. Previous around eight years of some work build career. We give birth, and 60% of those loses employment. But there are needs to want to act while actually doing child care. Therefore way of working that is easy to be compatible with child care called telework prepares for enacted environment, and it is our job that ties.

"Working with telework when we leave." It is style to work in home or satellite office without commuting to companies.

Specifically, we repaired one of the empty houses in front of Takasaki-shi Station and made base called "hawk Sakichi". We keep "telework center" and two functions called "child care salon", and there is possible space of co-working space at one corner with children and says that it is, "it is with children and works and can come".

It undertakes, for example, project by work of public interest incorporated foundation which assumes, for example, donation resources a year in the fields such as health enlightenment of woman such as the prevention campaign of uterine cervix cancer and endometriosis, reinstatement of mom and creation of carrier, suggestion of way of working to perform at such a base. We undertake web, flyer, event plan, creative duties such as casting of people in form called project of donation resources and trust from there in association of free-lancer mainly on mom teleworker. They are thin, and 50 people can cooperate with child care teleworker of Tokyo metropolitan area in such a form.

We worked on oldness and telework promotion business of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in 2015. It was Okinawa, nationwide attempt that each place participated in with Tokushima, but we supported Shirahama or Hokkaido other than Takasaki in that so that office regulations of telework introduced telework in company which they had no for four months and allowed, as a result, to spot high human resources of specialty and to utilize and allowed you to prevent the retirement that you did triggered by life event of employee.

Though it was one case, through this business, we were able to have you actually advance to Takasaki. It is development duties of communication robot called Pepper to have advanced. In meaning to solve problem of local city where human resources were lost for the depopulation together, he/she moved development base to Takasaki from Tokyo.

Takasaki supplements big city Tokyo


Average number of births per woman (mean number of child whom woman one has for life) of Tokyo 1.15 (2015). There is the issue of waiting-list child, and price of land is high, too. That may be hard to make child care world's most; drink, and think that is the serious situation. But there is work in Tokyo. And various job to work increases without choosing time and place in Tokyo that large company accumulates.

One Takasaki is average number of births per woman 1.55, and there is no issue of waiting-list child. Living environment is good, too. But there is little work. There is the side to be hard to marry shared territorial bonding very much when it is not U-turn. We supplement there.

There are various kinds of problems for the child care period. For example, child family section, of "working" is industrial policy section, and, as for the consultation of "child care", in HelloWork, as for the administration, it is apt to be in hierarchy in condition called the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare jurisdiction. It is said that it is saying "priority is low when we do not work" when we go in home section when we want to leave reason, child when we go to HelloWork saying it is saying "you should leave child somewhere".

When what we receive is necessary for one stop with not standing alone with making place that works while doing child care from administration and society, these two, we feel that we see the situation of moms who are in trouble though we want to work in double harness. As activity to prevent isolation, we make place where there is play such as open fire and excavation prohibited in normal park with Shinto shrine called Yamana Hachiman shrine with history of 840 years in hometown and measure connections with moms of non-school children who are apt to stand alone such as transfer groups particularly.

As local city having such a condition that we think that we meet the first childbirth at around 31 years old on the average now, but are easy to lay for such a woman and are easy to bring up, and job is easy to return to, Takasaki thinks that the position that can supplement big city called Tokyo is dated. When we buy house, we say for around 18 million yen and can buy single-family house with garden of feeling, but around 5-60 million yen will suffer from Takasaki around suburban Tachikawa if it is Tokyo. Change comes even if we think that we go to work by Shinkansen if we calculate in life.

We think that Takasaki has big potential in cultivation of aesthetic sensitivity-like meaning of children one more. Dumpling which green caterpillar is if we open door can provide such an environment having a lot of naturally where insect is without shutting in child in house since it was small if it is Takasaki. And there is child care with daddy putting up area about mom and dithe and baba. It is important to make people and the attachment formation while it is surrounded naturally or basic part such as a feeling of self-affirmation in oneself. Through such a thing, we think that we may mature into adult who can challenge new thing without being afraid of failure.

My original scenery includes grounds that we came to think so about. It is Koumi-machi, Nagano of 1,100m above sea level that I was brought up. Snow is deep, and great blue sky spreads when it is spring, and snow melts, and there is river on way in winter. Solar light reflected in the river shiningly and felt, "it is refreshing" with whole body in child feeling when it was such a thing.

We want to offer such original scenery and prototypical experience to more children. We acquire beauty or strictness of nature in Takasaki and have you leave even Tokyo anywhere afterward and make money and grow up. We think that we should be able to supplement big city and local city in such a form well.

Looking for "cool adult"


Developed in myself, in fact, illness for the second year of junior high school; die, and do. When there are various kinds and were stormy mentally, we are dumped if we confess to favorite child and are shocked very much, and it be like depression. When we were in the second year of junior high school, we suffered from gastric ulcer.

There is not cool adult around, and the life is not in sight. Then income was guaranteed throughout the life, and welfare program was perfect, and paid vacations were produced properly and aimed at strong company in credit to remove uneasy materials while it was early and we graduated from junior high school and advanced to employee upbringing school immediately, and it was to employee of Tokyo Electric Power. We were assigned to place called Gunma Branch synthesis Shibukawa synthesis control place, but there was not response, and the boss under direct control did not come to the workplace suddenly unexpectedly on one day when we thought that it would be what. A few days later, it was found that we died in heap of hydroelectric power stations.

The person was around 37 years old, and there was very much, and work was to child two and caught hobby and lived so-called happy life. But we have a feeling that feeling that such boss has despaired of the life was able to understand me very much.

The cause of death number one of male 20s-40s of Japanese people is said to be suicide. GDP goes up, and only this matures and it is Japan which became rich, may not find ruler of happiness in the world with old industrial structure on. Is it good in this? I study for two years after we suffered mental anguish and go to Shonan Fujisawa campus of Keio University.

Therefore it is domain called community solution that learned. We studied whether community improvement or "self-act, mutual assistance, Kosuke" were or it was "scheme" to contribute money if there was some "we are constipated" of the old days to do collaboration thing such as "seat" and electronic money, and we entered circle, and the flamenco danced the world how while we thought about whether you were good.

We went to make use of member of society experience, and to meet various managers while utilizing special privilege of university student very much. We had a crush on people that venture company and cicada returned, but what such people were doing in the way that, in fact, it was lonely very much and was hard was seen when, actually, we met. There may be many people who are troubled with society maturing now, and economic growth calming down in various ways without only sense of values being able to get away from the bubble era in Japan.

On the other hand, society where structure gets thing wanting as much as desired anytime if we push button though we do not know. We have begun to want to know system which became such a flight recorder properly.

Being attracted by natural agriculture, we have gone to people who fed themselves. While we meet people who live on yearly income 20,000 yen while staying at under the eaves in Shinto shrine, and I swim at the Ganges in India so that it is to such people, and condition gets worse, we visit saint and do thing such as ascetic practices for three months and sleep out at Shinagawa Station after going back and. Anyway, we did it in various ways and considerably extremely did search for oneself.

When there is, we cross various university and dream team for immature idea simply saying "let's make 100% of food self-sufficiency ratio for the earth!" and hold outdoors 9-day event. As a result, surprisingly, we made terrible real mistake of 2,000% of food disposal rates while aiming at 100% of food self-sufficiency ratio. As business-like skill did only in totally few students, we have invited such a result.

Only ideal is changed to nothing. But we were able to know existence of cool adults whom we were not able to meet when we had begun to work for company in the days of junior high student. It was such school days. We thought that we wanted to provide such an opportunity to young people and, with 26-year-old graduation, did company while getting married.

We were based in two of Numata who had Tokyo and wife and sent hard days when we could return to family only once a month. Child was born during one year, too, but of before childbirth after giving birth is still said to be as was useless at all when is serious.

At first, as there was not sold thing, we attach chandelier to room of president who got to know using qualifications of electricity construction person having and peddle mango juice of frozen state at the request of acquaintance and. Meanwhile, as "you were interesting, there was opportunity to take what 3 million yen saying it was saying we do it" and launched carrier-free magazine in that to the capital for female college students called "Lily".

We acquire know-how of produce and editing and do preventive campaign of uterine cervix cancer with company and do job spreading "Nikkei TEST" guessing Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. and economic intellect and. We came to deal with vocalist audition or fashion show or plan with the game industry while business grew up.

However, 3.11 was taking place, and there was not all such work. For six months, we did not have work at all. It was really tough in those days as employee had. When it had been said to place whether took result, work, or took home, at last we noticed thing, "there is not persuasive power if own home was not good" even if in the first place it was with personnel training or had such a talk.

We got work called disaster prevention enlightenment and launched business called "Stand for mothers" just at that time taking the opportunity of that. Though it was social community for mom, we did preventive enlightenment activity of cancer which was the most familiar to them called uterine cervix cancer with moms of all the ordinance-designated cities and, as a result, were able to provide result of around 240 million yen by advertisement conversion.

We had you offer with "does even Takasaki not do?" from teacher of hospital in Takasaki to see the result and did child care event in Aeon Mall Takasaki.

I made company in Tokyo, and this absorbed; rubbed; do, and is story before advancing to Takasaki.

Power to start


After all, challenge and failure that came back to district while my not seeming to come, and being born in Nagano haphazardly, and having an adventure very much in Tokyo, and failing and power to stand up think that it was the attachment formation and a feeling of self affirmation in the days of child. You can fail. As there was such a conviction in my root, we think that we might have been able to come to here.

With prototypical experience to be able to describe dream in, we continue challenge based on intuition and meet friend who, as a result, is wonderful. We want to be able to produce such people more and yet more from Gunma. On the extension, we are convinced that surely human resources carrying the world are brought up. Therefore people root properly and are the current situation to work towards area where area that is easy to make child care, and is easy to play an active part, children are brought up in good health quickly and healthily.

We think that there are various chances by local construction in now when overconcentration of Tokyo is in various problems. It is the times when we can make local big flow if we make the budget for country the first cause well. At first, in Takasaki, we will push forward such a community improvement next in Numata, Tone. We feel like seeming to take throughout the life, but think of sonnakotooyatteiketaranato.

Questions from everybody who participated to Tomaru

By activity of "mom pro Gunma", are there, for example, nursery school and kindergarten or cooperation with administration?


It cooperates. There are two functions necessary for Takasaki-shi. The child care period having work place and place playing an active part moms as for nothing. There not being 0 years old, 1 year old during at-home childcare, event, at the age of 2, to be able to play area and parents with their children as for the other. We take this activity to cover two. Through chat with local mom, we may provide information of public service by word of mouth.

"Chat cafe in height to give up comes" afterward and makes program digging up child care resource of Takasaki with toiu You Tube live and delivers. We are conscious of cooperation with people that plays an active part under the theme of various nursery schools, administration, medical care, developmental disabilities here very much.

How does man participate in this approach?


How does the back theme of one a month event that we do in child care salon involve daddy in childcare? Even if it is said, "we study father playing an active role in child-raising lecture", daddies never come. Therefore we make place where daddy plays an active part in theme to "spend the best holiday".

It is, for example, nagashi somen meeting. Daddy cuts bamboo and breaks and has you make stand of nagashi somen. Then stock of daddy who was usually told "not to be useful for child care at all" by mom rises.

Children can play freely, and it is delight, and daddies can work in spite of being beer or drink together. What as person such as dominant husband sees children and other daddies playing happily, participate in childcare thinks that quite delightful and comes to gradually participate in childcare. 30 sets of around 100 people come for event every month, but 40% is repeater.

From the side of telework, we approach medium and small-sized business manager. In the company in Takasaki, 95% are medium and small-sized businesses. When the manager does not make work for mom whom diligence and indolence is apt to become unstable in with will, securing of work load is very difficult. Therefore we are going to roll up Ikubo of the boss of father playing an active role in child-raising saying it is saying "mom became able to play an active part, and sales rise for your company".

For man, we think of situation otsukutteiketaranato which is easy to bring up mother from these two directions, and is easy to play an active part.

Parents before entering school think that there are many relations, how about being concerned after we enter school?


There is die out snappingly when child surely enters elementary school, feeling. But another community improvement that I think that we want to give birth produces the first because it is one of the missions and must prevent place where it is in disgust saying "already unpleasant as for the second!". Then, after all, mom who just produced the first, and is apt to stand alone is big target. Neck sits down, and mekuraikara, 2 or 3 years old think that it is the hardest time by child care for five months when we hold in our arm a little and are gone. Most one is 0 years old children at age that child is killed by abuse, and next is 2 years old child. At first, to cover there. As resource has part limited to, it is that we specialize by concentration and choice.



We saw state of Think College workshop and independence of will or feeling were great, and it was felt by everybody who participated and was surprised. If today's this place can become at opportunity when some new thing is born, we think that it is good very much.

"Unit" comes to be easy to make something from now on. We introduce encounter and place with super interesting people if you can contact as I continue in way for me all the time if you may come to Takasaki. We will do pleasant thing each other while having you search on Facebook by all means. Thank you.


Kazuaki Tomaru

Representative from mom pro Gunma director

It was born in Komoro-shi for 1,980 years. The Koumi-machi breeding. Generally people which are Gunma are friends. Keio University environmental information department (SFC = Shonan Fujisawa campus) graduation. Representative from mom pro Gunma director. After having found a job in Tokyo Electric Power at 18 years old, we enter SFC at 22 years old. We work on community improvement that is easy to do child care around Gunma while making company after the graduation, and doing two base residence of Tokyo and Numata-shi. In 2013, we launch "project Gunma increasing smiles of mom", and, "mom college", "mom action" develops activity to prevent isolation of mom of the child care period "asobiba".

Mom pro Gunma