Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Think College Vol.47

Charity experience that all can participate in by the purchase of T-shirt.
Socialware brand "JAMMIN" to collect contribution in ... NGO/NPO ...

Lecturer: Keigo Takahashi (JAMMIN combination company Co-founder/COO)

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
Teacher of this town makes charity culture where anyone can participate in using power of design
It is Keigo Takahashi supporting NPO/NGO.

In brand "JAMMIN" of Takahashi,
We introduce new NPO/NGO and problem to work on and we plunge them into design of T-shirt and sell every week,
We had charity of 6 million yen or more for total from brand start of April, 2014.
We continue still releasing the latest design regularly every week.

We learn tangle in the current situation and ideal that we did on the site in one of eyes of the field of international collaboration originally,
With friend and Takahashi who established business model assuming contribution to society,
We thought about form of charity that "was new and was fun, and was cool" together.

"ka to see" does feeling to support


We are Takahashi of JAMMIN combination company good evening.
Fashion brand which, in a word, is specialized in charity from Kyoto with JAMMIN. We are often mistaken for NPO, but are common private enterprise. Two purposes of our company. It is that we contribute fund so that NPO/NGO makes efforts in contribution to society activity and to have you solve problem in the world through that.
While various musical instruments and songs mingle freely, jam session plays one music. Selected person does not also do charity either, and anyone wants it to be to thing which can participate happily casually. We had brand name to be called "JAMMIN" with such thought.

Concrete activity is administration of EC site selling charity T-shirt. NPO/NGO group becoming charity on 1 theme every time is replaced every week. Campaign is equal only to anything in small NPO in big NGO; only as for one week. It is big characteristic that makes a week the T-shirt every week.

There are 80000 50,000, general incorporated associations in NPO group now in Japan. Rule to decide which group we introduce is three. At first, is corporation in Japan? Are financial statements and accounts released? And does important one think with "JAMMIN shop by?" In other words, it is condition that likes our activity. So it is for NPO/NGO of almost all. Wind up place that does its best though is small with big group and personal level to some extent in that; take up while mixing together.

As still it cannot be said that it changes every week with mare's nest a week every week even if we say, we push forward at span for around three months in a mass to some extent. At first, we call out to NPO at a stretch for around one week and we report next and mostly harden image of design and are the preparation finishing afterward. It is in a condition that we were ready three months before we upload theme.

And, at 0:00 a.m. of every Monday, the whole homepage is replaced by new theme. For example, we take place of sale of T-shirt of NPO supporting withdrawal this time if week begins, and it is at 0:00 a.m. on Monday if theme of a certain week was NPO of the employment support of LGBT. We continued turning in such a Cycle all the time, and approximately two and a half years passed.

In JAMMIN, we report on activity of NPO by oneself and take interview and value that we tell by their words. When we can go, we go to visit the spot of activity and write sentence of homepage while asking supported side story.

We have made T-shirt of NPO which father that your daughter had suffered from unidentified intractable disease in 2014 when we just started activity launched.

At first, we tried everything for daughter while we did not understand even the name of disease and were able to finally discover the name of disease called "Rett's Syndrome" by overseas documents. Father thought that there should be surely such children from own experience throughout japan. And we tied such children and raised NPO to support all alone. We introduced that through T-shirt.

We donate to the utmost until now if activity of NPO is called method to support. In fact, there was not light connection to be that fan of musician wore band T-shirt in NPO. It is one of our aims that "ka to see" does feeling to support in such a meaning. For example, at the time of event of NGO called association of Down's syndrome, can see by connection of all in T-shirt together; became, and did that heaped up event.

We know activity of NPO from our site, and there is actually person who came to participate as the staff. Through T-shirt, find field to participate in contribution to society; was able to help.
It is follow after charity was over to value one more. After the receipt of money of charity, we report how that was used and send that in blog format. In that he/she purchased on the theme, I send even email to all the members.

Looking for "own thing granted by hand"


In the first place we will talk about opportunity called what "do something like this why".
I am 33 years old now, and there is one daughter at 2 years, 3 months old. Native place lived in Nagoya all the time for 24 years before graduating from graduate school in Nagoya-shi.
We study engineering works at university and break concrete and study state to be stupid, and to buy in water tank, and to make wave, and to collapse and. In fact, we never go to university and byte plays night after night in the daytime in club of Nagoya and we sleep in the daytime and work part-time, though……We lived a life that was out of order called this. But artist of hip-hop that we liked very much by chance on TV that we saw for hangover once did documentary program that it was said in Africa and dug well.

Nothing knew that it was taking place in the world, but was just shocked by figure which artist whom oneself liked appealed to "to want to solve the problem". And we noticed that it was saying "it is fun absolutely throughout the life if we made this, own work" and decided engineering works seriously to work properly. That was thing as for one year of graduate school.

Being attracted by international collaboration, we were able to enter company of consultant who fortunately did design and plan of engineering works. Thing that all the projects to handle as it was company of the top throughout the trade are large. For example, it was only thing that ko eyotoka, several billions of, tens of billions of yen of money moved 30 years later of channel plan of Philippines with local person. There was worth doing in its own right, too and was fun. But we have begun to feel that it was different from scenery of artist of hip-hop that I saw.

Whether it is not gone back by really their hands more.

I make a specialty of engineering works about water, but can dig, for example, well if there is around 100,000 yen. Around 100 people can live on one well all the time. Then gaining had a bigger own worth doing and thought 100,000 yen of that purpose properly that happy and left company. And there are Nishida and two people of the same period and establishes company and it increases Hidaka of designer now, too and reaches by three systems in now.

To challenge in the apparel industry


Though it is data before a little, it is said that there are 1.2 billion people living on 1.25 dollars a day in the world. A little less than 870 million people who has not been able to take enough nourishment yet. And 760 million people cannot arrive to safe drinking water.
According to the calculation of a certain scholar, these problems seem to be able to be solved if they invest 30 trillion yen every year. However, it actually becomes only around 13 trillion even if we raised money from developed countries of the world. It is the fact that another 17 trillion yen is required. As for this 13 trillion, it is talked about government-level. Then we may cover if we widen grass-roots activity of more normal we level.

We change viewpoint and will look at contribution market. The total sum of charity in the United States is said to be around 23 trillion yen a year, but around 1 trillion yen of a one-20th or less in Japan. Population a one-third, however.

We relate to contribution market, and change comes out little by little in fact. For example, fair trade to know not to consider. Opening was coffee, but even the apparel industry becomes major recently, and market lengthens more and more, too. Recognition increases, too and seems to obtain citizenship little by little.

There is concept called "eshikaru" over there. We let "ethical = ethical" work on consumption to ask whether it is right whether you do not bet load on contribution to society and environment too much here. People who approve of if we hear saying it is saying "that is good" will be a lot still more even if they do not know these words. It is such people that we target.

Therefore it means, what we narrowed down as keyword "is cool". What is cool? Example of NPO which we were checking includes American "charity:water" (charity water). By all odds it is simple club and fashion show, but this is event of collecting money that NPO presides over. We rent club and raise activity costs of the year while playing music. For a feeling of scale such as music festival of place to say in Japan, all the concepts are charity. We feel that 23 trillion yen of the United States and difference of 1 trillion yen of Japan that mentioned above may come from such a culture-like place.

To be frank, we did only thing of engineering works in beginning and did not understand well though we liked fashion. When we heard story toward various industries, work of apparel decreased more and more, and factory was destroyed more and more and knew that job disappeared. On the other hand, we say, and technique is succeeded to between the old days and craftsmen who did it, and it is said that we do not just know how to sell well. We came to develop manufacturing while offering as there were a lot of really wasteful places like that when we let you help if it might be possible for us.

It is also the other. It is "plainness" that thinks this to be important. In JAMMIN "700 yen charity all products." "5% of sales" are doing such a troublesome thing without all.

Balance of profit and contribution to society


Generally we will have charity of 25% of sales when we calculate 700 yen roughly uniformly. So how is it managed as company? As it is said to be well, we will explain "can you eat properly?" here.

Cost price includes raw materials when we see general apparel business model, and there is stock risk on operating expense and store costs, personnel expenses, the top. In profit, it is common we add part remaining unsold, and to set price. We deducted that, and operating income appears, and about 5-10% are average of the industry that.

At first, in the case of JAMMIN, it is different from common sense from start. As they use T-shirt made in Japan, raw materials are high. On the other hand, stock risk is real zero as structure which order prints thing that there was and ships resembles as we sell in net.

As operating expense and store costs are nets, the considerable ratio becomes small. Charity has been worked out simply because we can do it to here even if in the first place sales price is low. Rather it is better than sale of general apparel when we see at profit rate.

Were we able to understand that we never overdid it? We think that we can grow up as business more if you can know to many people as apparel brand after this.

We attack main enclosure of apparel and have you do the handling in so-called common clothes people little by little recently. I go for business, but that is all diving mainly.
As "hello", we start and try to say "do you not make charity?" while smirking. Considerably doubtful. But, in fact, leaning a vague sense of guilt on selling clothes sometimes comes in person selling clothes. In every season, we suggest new clothes, but think that it is, "it is not replaced very much last year" in heart and. When become close to staff, and come to play such a talk in various ways, if "have our T-shirt sell, charity increases. We are good for society and offer staff is it not happy?. Then we often have you approve of saying it is saying "that is interesting". We have you put 30 stores now around Kansai and are spreading little by little.

JAMMIN' s-style


Two people who bought clothes only that we who were original who started went to club let alone apparel inexperienced person and were popular with older sisters. It was big to have experienced business in company for five years, but has not made T-shirt let alone waiting on customers.
Strategy that we took there "one fight!" At first, we meet people and, anyway, do if we have troubled time and are way then to think.

As I was in Tokyo until I left company, we continued going round road surface shops earnestly. There are two men and enters gal shop, and while material creeps in this way how, we check, and tag turns around and. A lot of EC sites saw, too. We hear in company sold by net relations afterward. We go to meet earnestly as far as we can meet in Tokyo and take out face if there are any events……. When make press release, and send by fax, and publish; telephone offensive. While there was no idea, we did such a steady thing all the time.

Fortunately, as for this "will we ride as I felt sorry?" there was effect that we never aimed at that it was, "we do our best seriously". We had you introduce even Nikkei, Yomiuri, Kyoto Shimbun and radio. In social system, "sotokoto" finds at considerably early stage and. When it was reflected on "news zero" of TV, to size of reaction, we thought that, after all, power of TV was great. We come to have you pay attention to part except charity, and voice from specialized magazine of design appears, too.

It is what you felt to be past experience, but what develop something catches thing that I want visitor early, and provide early. On the other hand, we invest without taking cost as far as we do not die even if we fail and are whether it is, at first, to do only a little.

In JAMMIN, 120 groups introduced NPO/NGO every week in rotation every week until now. It is 7 million yen for the total sum of charity. It is calculation given for toward around 10,000 people for one piece of 700 yen. We think that it is probably considerably successful example that doshirouto sold 10,000 pieces of T-shirts by start-up of apparel in two and a half years. We have story whether does not make T-shirt from some listed companies together, and, with response, spreading is feeling.

The future is 50 groups every week in rotation regularly every week for one year, too. This continues being open without changing all the time. And 200,000 yen zutsukuraino charity is aim in around 10 million yen a year, 1 group.

All should be able to happen even if not worried about whether it is not charity or charity not only T-shirt when we have a former talk. For example, "in fact, this was beer with charity", or such a thing becomes ordinary and is thinking all the time if we go to drink beer when we want to do in the world where consumption and contribution all join interactively.

We work in apparel as one step. As for wearing, JAMMIN is cooler in the city name of the United States or T-shirt which message characteristics cannot readily find, when we want to suggest such a sense of values. It walks the town of Shibuya, and it is image of one success that meets people wearing T-shirt in JAMMIN commonly.

And it is established sewing factory in the future. The number of T-shirts increases, and this is because it is for lot so as not to turn around in small factory of one two. Son is person of Down's syndrome and, in the company where we open work, is to be made graduation from high school this spring. We place mother of that president as the top, and story whether does not make new factory where it is happens to place of working of all while teaching various people technique of sewing. In the case of apparel, we consider kuraudofantingu if there are any sewing machines in some space even if we say factory as it is excellent factory and are thinking if we do manufacturing in social that it will be interesting.

By the way, investment from the NPO side is not necessary for T-shirt of JAMMIN at all. If we offer "do you not do it together?" and we meet saying it is saying "it is good" and take from this place, we design afterward, and sale haze undertakes both print and shipment and pays charity to account. You should have you wait for that. Will financial burden be transfer fee? We want NPO to cut time and head toward the main profession than that. If person concerned with NPO comes, T-shirt is free and makes. Thank you by all means!


Keigo Takahashi

JAMMIN combination company Co-founder/COO

It was born in Nagoya-shi, Aichi for 1,983 years. We find a job to PACIFIC CONSULTANTS Co., Ltd. in 2008. We engage in consulting of domestic and foreign water and sewage, in-company venture business business. We do the current situation of developing country in one of eyes for the office worker era and decide saying "let's do what oneself can do because we are even a little good". We launch fashion brand JAMMIN specialized in charity with Taichi Nishida who was the same period in 2014. To date, in cooperation with NGO/NPO more than 100, it is charity in 6 million yen or more.

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Nippon Television "NEW ZERO", it is appeared on the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the Sankei Shimbun, the Yomiuri Shimbun, Kyoto Shimbun, sotokoto, Alterna S, the media more than 40 including

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R-sic 2014 CROSS POINT finalist
Kyoto Shinkin Bank "entrepreneur award of the third area" awards for excellence