Wednesday, November 16, 2016 Think College Vol.49

Let's support start of child care together
... which turns our child care in ... technology and community

Lecturer: Rie Hayashi (NPO corporation madorebonita director)

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
"How does this theme take care of mind and body of woman of after giving birth?."
The pregnancy, childbirth, child care that we kept ourselves alive all the time from old days.
However, most of women living in now under nuclear family and declining birthrate, various society backgrounds,
We start child care in state that mind and body are out of condition together with there being neither knowledge about after giving birth nor necessary care.
While staring at such childbirth and rial of after giving birth,
With partner and people of the circumference, how can you assist start of child care?
Do you not think together?

Not enough "care to mother of after giving birth"


We are Rie Hayashi working as director in madorebonita. It is 6 years old and 10-year-old mother of 2 children. It was September, 2010 that we delivered second-born child, and the Great East Japan Earthquake took place the half a year later. We had 6-month-old small baby, and days that aftershock could hardly sleep in anxiety successively continued. When interval looks back on having been state of emergency now, neither I nor husband knew how heart and body of woman changed after childbirth, but there can be experience "that was not able to deal appropriately" to collect.

It was just before the Great East Japan Earthquake that I participated in care lesson for the first time in after giving birth of madorebonita. Just after earthquake disaster, instructor made a call.
All right"
The consideration is very nice and remembers that feeling under the strain relaxes and cried.
Triggered by this, we wanted many people to know activity of madorebonita alone and, for four years, did volunteer activity in madorebonita. In timing to leave company where we worked for, we have story whether director of madorebonita does not have and are concerned with this activity in form to act as leader production of application to introduce in the latter half of this story.

With "madorebonita", it means "beautiful mother" in Spanish. NPO corporation madorebonita pays its attention to "care to mother after childbirth" being missing in maternal and child health of Japan at the time of founding in 1998 and thereafter runs classroom of common knowledge and practice of importance of care and that purpose in after giving birth.

When we are given child, maternity record book is distributed, and we can receive pregnant woman examination free, and there is utmost assistance from public money. Public money is paid to childbirth. But how about the trace? Even if child has vaccination and free assistance to examination, it is the current situation that care is insufficient for woman of after giving birth. (we have medical examination assistance of after giving birth center and after giving birth in December, 2018 at present.)

We researched and developed program of this health care for madorebonita to revive body and heart of woman of after giving birth for "care being insufficient". We hold lesson of rehabilitation of after giving birth with 60 whole country for woman of 2-6 months mainly in after giving birth. We had you participate toward a total of 40,000 people until now. (at end of October, 2016)

We have noticed through the spot of classroom. Woman has disorder to body, and that is that we spend days with anxiety in mind at important time called start of after the childbirth that is child care.

Many people do not have method to solve disorder and anxiety. Eyes say only to uneasy gamasuyona information that we search in net adversely and when only oneself is more so, they are alone and may hold. What kind of thing should we do what this disorder and anxiety are to solve that? At first, we want to tell everybody about it.

"After giving birth depression" that anyone can fall into "discord of couple" "child abuse"


Childbirth is 1:00. And there is "after the childbirth" long later. Actually, after giving birth is considerably great. Body is damage by childbirth, and pelvis becomes inflammation of a tendon sheath by hug of wound and baby by childbirth shakily, and place having a pain is dull. As for the heart, oneself follows command of baby, it is under the strain in thought bringing up. On the other hand, anxiety is full only of what we do not understand, too. Besides, it is apt to be in a situation that mother is with two with baby all day as husband is busy with work, and nuclear families are often found.

Only when conversation with adult takes home delivery as baby in two people all day. I feel that we stand alone from society when we live such a life. Out of anxiety, irritation increases. It is common that even how calm person is irritated in just after the childbirth in particular. Partner is puzzled when we do not know that saying "we will be irritated by days that is why".

It becomes unstable and is ordinary. As she never knows man and woman in it together, "is woman only this oneself? Baby is born and blames oneself though it should be happy saying it is why and comes to feel that there is not own place to stay even if man returns to house in front of irritated wife.

There are "three major crises of after giving birth" in point of such cross-purposes. "After giving birth depression", "discord of couple" is "child abuse". These are actualized all as social problem clearly. 1 of 11 mothers who is diagnosed, for example, as "beating in after giving birth." This is number of diagnosis by doctor whom Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced. As for the person who was in a condition such as depression, it is approximately 80% in the investigation by us in after giving birth even if not diagnosed.

And unexpectedly it is less than two years in after giving birth that it is "discord of couple", but there is the most by domestic divorce that there is child. As for "the child abuse", 0 years old child occupies 40%. Most of assailants are mother. It is severe reality.

There may be person thinking, "I am all right". But we cannot draw the line definitely at home and home that "there is not" where such a thing "is" and are gradation state. Even if news does not lead to reported great event, it is that there is more feeling when the number fits oneself.

We think that there is cause to cause these problems in "inviting childbirth without knowing change to happen to mind and body of woman by childbirth" in madorebonita.

Then, to mind and body of woman, what kind of thing is taking place?

At first, when baby is born, organ of size of okonomiyaki called the placenta falls off following that and comes out through birth canal. "Lochia" () such as bleeding and residual substance continues being reflected on the sign from the uterus for around 6-8 weeks. For around two months of after giving birth in particular, it will be easy to image during about 6-8 weeks when we think that it is state same as 2-month-old injured person for recovery.

Hormone rapidly changes, too. Female sex hormone rapidly increases when we become pregnant, but rapidly decreases this time when childbirth is over. As there is very big influence in physical condition, we are how young, and physical state becomes even cheerful people like the menopause in just after the childbirth. Even if we give birth in 40 generations even if such a damage produces in 20 generations, it is the same.

Despite happening to anyone, we want to minimize adverse effects and are fixed that there is not if possible and says. To that end, what should I do?

Three time after childbirth


With childcare magazines, it is common to become "childcare" after childbirth. But, in madorebonita, we pay our attention for stage of recovery of mind and body of woman and we divide during around one year after the childbirth at three time and think. After is "comeback to normal life seedtime" for "the after giving birth rehabilitation period" and after giving birth seven months around six months from two months in subsequent after giving birth "puerperium" (sanjokuki) until eight weeks in after giving birth.

In "puerperium", you must try for good self-care (cormorant fisherman) because it is time with 2-month wound for recovery. We spend sleeping other than meal and the nursing basically. This time, baby need the nursing every about three hours. Even if husband took parental leave, it is considerably hard to survive these 24 hours. We want to get cooperation of other families and friends. Such people are in distant place and can get help from private service if impossible.

Do you know "after giving birth dura?" It is group supporting child in particular and mother in puerperium. There is family support, too. We recommend the use of such outside service.

Next "the rehabilitation period in after giving birth" of 2-6 months. It is time when we are about to go out little by little with geoshite, baby in floor. As it stayed in house all the time, it may be scary to go out with baby. One step steps forward to there daringly. And this is common ordinarily, but keeps that we talk with person of adult positively in mind.

When child is born, it is often called "only mom of ○○". Topic is only thing of child even if we talk with people, and there are few opportunities to speak oneself. It is such situation, but wants you to rebuild oneself as one human being by all means at this time. There will be person returning to work sometime soon. Therefore it is time to reflect what kind of life "oneself" will walk from now on.

Muscular strength comes off because we spent sleeping for one month and becomes easy to be tired. We can go ahead including rehabilitation to regain physical strength to revive body by appropriate exercise.

We develop program specialized in rehabilitation of after giving birth in care classroom in after giving birth of madorebonita and provide. There are there three pillars called physical care, care of heart and self-care. By physical care, we do balance ball exercise to revive physical strength. By care of heart, we do communication work between women of after giving birth that we call "sharing". We do that we make thought words on the life and work and partnership, theme such as relations with partner here. We take method of care to be able to do at home even if classroom ends self-care to go.

The making of friend and communication


Four times which we attended through curriculum knows each other with baby until 210 days after birth deeply together for attendance, one month, and it is often to friend to be able to assist in the future.

There is reason to be particular about "family". Even if child care cuts any moment, responsibility for small life is big, and judgment is demanded in various scenes. We feel importance that we have not experienced in the past life. Besides, there is friend, and, let alone husband and family, it sympathizes, and it is necessary there to assist.

Well, it is "comeback to normal life seedtime" that is time to prepare for comeback to normal life if we finish rehabilitation. It is past seven months, and movement of baby becomes active, too, and curiosity for the outside is heated, too. When it comes to this, we begin preparations that adult is separated from child a little soon and spends.

Other than preparations for own heart, you must find childcare that you trust and can leave. When oneself suffered from influenza even if it is full-time homemaker, it will be necessary to possess in the case of what-if, and to find childcare ahead at one time.

And we recommend communication of couple one more at this time. "Wanting what each other" We want you to talk about that "you want to work how".

For example, after the reinstatement, what would you do when child ran a fever? There is what we would do what if oneself rests each other if it is the situation that how is, or holidays are not produced or talk with about concretely a lot. But we will exchange how you are thinking about reinstatement each other well before talking concretely. It may develop for serious cross-purposes if we easily say that it is, "it is reduction of working hours anyway, should be absent from job" though of wife thinks about career up and wants to return in full-time without husband knowing that.

We start from "family" by application from all over the pregnancy!


We think that it might be revealed that appropriate care is necessary by talk to here at appropriate time. How do you practice afterward? This reaches conclusion "that we will already prepare for from all over the pregnancy!".
We will explain the method through application "family start" that we developed.

Preparations are greatly 3 steps. "We know concrete method of 2 preparations", and "we know contents of 1 preparation" is flow, on top of that, to "actually include 3".
Please see application screen. Menus of "helpful" "doing it" "album" form a line toward the bottom. "It is helpful" and, by menu, can obtain information necessary for family through ... after giving birth during the pregnancy.

Preparations necessary in total are glances, and it comes to be revealed by "doing it" menu for time and purpose. Thing which couple should work on together has icon of couple beforehand.

For pregnancy from 7 weeks to 20 weeks, "let's decide maternity hospital" "will talk about hospitalized life", or "let's know the world elocution of baby" decides the person in charge if it is pregnancy from 16 weeks to 23 weeks as contents and precaution of "let's fix baby space" preparations are gathered up compactly while talking in couples. That, if there are any tasks not to match their situation, do not perform that; can choose. It is the first step in this way to grasp what kind of thing is necessary.

It is to know what kind of change is taking place to body of woman that want you to run side by side then. General information is displayed on home screen of application about state by heart of expectant mothers.

The next understands method and that concrete to prepare for; step. For example, it comes out "to think about layout of puerperium" when it checks "it does it" in "let's possess in puerperium" of pregnancy from 24 weeks to 31 weeks. Then "it is related is helpful, and information" comes out toward the bottom. What kind of thing is necessary for what kind of reason, or it is established with illustration here that we devise in this way.

And of the third "come to actually possess", but, in fact, hurdle of this step is unexpectedly high. Point of conquest not living on one woman. We come to be able to use this application alone in not only couple but also group by inviting other people.

It is the situation of pregnant woman reaching childbirth that wants to be anxious at the same time to push forward step.
For example, we hear such a voice that we seem to trouble husband who we want to send message saying "it is hard", but is working in LINE when we are ill and are hard to send for morning sickness during the pregnancy well. At such time, we just change expression of avatar of application and can convey change of this physical condition. Husband can check in the middle of break time and commuting quickly, too and can return comment. We think whether it becomes easy to receive support from friend and mother whom by sharing such an information, invited to application.

In "album" of this application, not only change of pregnant stomach, change of baby but also menu recording change of the woman after childbirth is established. We come to be able to catch how oneself of after giving birth changes objectively.

And when it is 210 days after birth, self sprouts to baby and begins to wake for communication with neighboring adults. We call these 210 days after birth "niimaru day" in madorebonita and celebrate as memorial day when we begin to be concerned with society with baby.

From communication to the making of community


Scenes where differences of thought and recognition of each man and woman become clear increase in big event for couple called childbirth. By using this application, can prepare premise of at least knowledge of two. Understanding to each other's opinions deepens when we share task and purpose. We feel that we have big possibilities if it is technology called application to be able to involve to neighboring people except couple from all over the pregnancy.

Real communication that, after all, important one exchanges words, though, and exchanges thought. We want you to use this application for the making of opportunity "when you will tell".

When community supporting start of child care that involved people in circumference is born as well as two couples in ring of communication, we think that we may prevent's three biggest crises in after giving birth.

The making of community is that anyone can do it, and, and furthermore, most effective; can support. In this sense, we recommend approach to support puerperium called "childbed help". We want you to see as it is written on application in detail, but help does housework and childcare while gathering all not only family but also friends with "childbed help", and crossing shift, and changing every single day.

Through such an approach, it may come to be necessary to breed community. We think today that we want everybody who had you participate to work on the making of community supporting people that you and rotation are more familiar triggered by this class. Thank you.


Rie Hayashi

NPO corporation madorebonita director

We enter system company in new college graduates. We change our job to consultant after the first child childbirth. It is participation in workshop talking about "we become mother and work" of madorebonita during the later-born pregnancy, NEC working mother salon. We participate in "body care & fitness lesson of after giving birth" after the childbirth. The trustee business management of shift Web production is in charge of after the later-born maternity leave return by interesting corporation KAYAC Inc. It moves into action as regular member of madorebonita parallel to company work after the maternity leave return by volunteer team. Via Systems Department of human resources introduction company, we enter madorebonita with resigning as office worker. The present, madorebonita director. We act as manager for project of winning the Google impact challenge grand prix plan.

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