Wednesday, December 21, 2016 Think College Vol.50

I and the world that start with knowing NGO

Lecturer: Naoki Yamada (non profit organization international collaboration NGO center (JANIC) ability reinforcement group)

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
This theme "anything in the NGO" We do in this.
What kind of image does everybody have about NGO?
Is it volunteer? Do you help overseas child? Is it system with high consciousness?
Though you have heard, do you not know, actually, what you are doing?
But just to know the approach a little,
What thought to be far-off country in our place imminent immediately
We should notice that it is connected.
We think about world invisible connection with us while hearing story of NGO.
And do you not think about relation with NGO which we have together?

NGO which supports NGO


They think that they are not known very much, but "international collaboration NGO center" (JANIC) is middle supporting group called NGO supporting NGO. We bind NGO together by networking and by connecting with company or the government, aim at better social realization.

In September, 2015, "sustainable development target" (SDGs=Sustainable Development Goals) was adopted in the United Nations. Goal is set in poverty and food, economic disparity and environmental protection, each of 17 items such as world peace, and Japan joins, too. As well as NGO and citizen, JANIC pushes this as guideline for company or general people and works on activity widening.

It is said that NGO of 500 groups is in Japan now. JANIC works with 150 groups of those. For example, NGO called "World Vision International" where we work together performs medical care and agriculture of Africa, support of farm village as main activity.

In the first place what is NGO? At first, NPO (non profit organization of Nonprofit Organization = private enterprise) is confused with NGO (Non Governmental Organization = NGO) well, but about this difference. In fact, both do not have specific concept or distinction by history in particular. As tendency, we call group moving into action in the country NPO in Japan and we call and distinguish international collaboration and group working abroad from NGO. NGO in the country is 500 groups, but NPO on the other hand goes up to about 30,000 groups like the said article. If one category in NPO thinks with NGO, is it plain?

Including international organizations such as the United Nations, various organizations are concerned with ODA (Official Development Assistance = ODA) by Japanese Government even if we say international collaboration by a mouthful. In fact, the budget for this ODA is great amount of money and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance cooperate based on that and give international support. In addition, there is approach by many local governments including volunteer center of Saitama environmental science Kokusai center and Tokyo, too.

We promote CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility = corporate social responsibility) and BOP business (sustained business that can consult with the lower-income class = Bottom/Base of Pyramid layer where is with 3,000 dollars or less of annual income about development of company while being useful) in the company, and feeling to work together with international collaboration organization or NGO has been increasing. In such various approaches, there is frame called NGO.

Japanese NGO which moves into action in Asian area


Of course territory of NGO extends over all the countries of the world, but, after all, in the base of Japanese NGOs, the Asia zone is the center to be shown in this material with "68%". Distance being the nearest for reason. When it supports directly locally, this is because it is far if far, and cost suffers from transportation of supplies for movement even more.

Furthermore, another reason includes historic background. We had mass being washed away of refugees in the 1970s from Indochina. We think that there are many people who have heard the word "boat people". Feeling of support increased even if we solved "NGO boom" in Japan at the time so as not to be exaggeration. Furthermore, in Cambodia, holocaust by the Pol Pot Administration happened. When the Pol Pot Administration fell, many people established NGO from Japan and went to support.

In contrast, there are many European NGOs in Africa, and there are many American NGOs in South America and Africa. We think that this may be distance or historic reason.

It lasts for really various genres including the issue of education, development, health medical care, environmental problem and human rights when we survey Japanese NGO, the field where 500 groups move into action. It is the field of education that there is the most in that.

Contents of education support vary, too. For example, we go to the field and build school. Not only we build school, but also actually perform higher education for preschool education and junior and senior high school students. Furthermore, there is education to learn expertise. In addition, we perform protection of street children or establishment of orphan home.

Financial status of NGO


As it is not profit organization, there seem to be many people having image, "finance of NGO is severe". There may not be image that is too more concrete in everybody for organization itself of NGO called this.

In Japanese society, it is apt to be also considered, "we are unpaid volunteer =" "service = volunteer" "NGO = service". However, there is proper organization form like company, and NGO is run, too, and salary is paid to the staff. General meeting and the board of directors are held when it becomes big group. The secretariat is the spot of fact, and the staff is working office.

Then what is NGO different from company in? The best difference is "use of money".
In the case of company, we bring about profit and produce the company's products and contribute good service to customer and return profit for stockholder. In contrast, NGO moves into action for purpose to support local person. Therefore finance becomes never severe to spend fund in place that is not returned very much even if we got money.

Donation, 25% are provided 50% with for grant when they see resources of Japanese NGO of 2015. Then, 13%, membership fee become 4% trust business income (materials: NGO data book 2016)

Donation includes contribution from company other than contribution from general individual mainly. If it is large company, there are tens of millions of, big mouth such as hundreds of millions of yen plenty, too. There is contribution from corporation and group of religion system, too.

In addition, grant from company and administration is included on scale of hundred million units with big thing from about millions of yen. We may undertake trust business profit by activity to undertake saying "please do this business for 20 million yen" from administration from company.

In addition, there is group which we bring about profit by "voluntary business" by oneself and run. We think whether such an approach is passage of unprecedented NGO.
It is fair trade that there is much now. Local person produces for local person as fair trade according to the name and minimizes margins such as intermediation charges and sells at fair price. And we back up the profit to person of producer.

Group called "cross Fields" does that is slightly interesting that they arrange the overseas training for people of company. We plan the overseas training while being concerned with company as consultant and provide local acceptance. For example, if there are any companies doing engineering of computer, we coordinate human resources dispatch to the field having trouble with PC relations. To foreign countries can plan global personnel training in companies at the same time as is supported. We feel that development that established point of view to Homo sapiens is advancing in place where thing including fair trade was mainstream until now.

"good here!" to ask the NGO staff "NG here!"


With investigation as the staff of various NGOs; and "good here of NGO!" We heard na point. At first, words of "thank you" that it is stricken area in particular that came out and is exchanged. We work on most of NGOs around foreign countries, but, in case such as earthquakes of 3.11 and Kumamoto, even stricken area of Japan works as urgent support. When the word "thank you" is played in such a case, there seem to be many people realizing worth doing.

In addition, as characteristic of work of NGO, to be able to be concerned with all processes from plan planning to business administration, evaluation of the main event, in the point that distance with end user is near at all "good!" We are cited in na point. For example, it is stricken area and is Cambodian children and can see reaction directly when for some reason we supported.

"NG here!" of people working adversely in NGO What kind of thing will this be?
It is point, "there is fixation concept called eccentric people and radical people in being in NGO" that felt that I am the most interesting by result of investigation.

I participated in activity of various NGOs for school days, too and met many people. There were all a lot of people who had not met only in powerful people so far. Therefore myself had image that there are many daring people in NGO, and eccentric person and daring people are actually a lot. However, most of work of NGO beat PC basically in office and do various adjustment and seem to hit document……In this, desk work work is most, and most of the staff handling that properly are "extremely normal people".

The staff of JANIC is, for example, about 16 people now. It is many for NGO. In other groups, there are many places running the secretariat in about two or three people, and the paid staff is one, or not being paid is the current situation two afterward.

We have from contribution, and, judging from resources, income of my own will be half made as the above is donation income. As contribution is money that was full of thought, we feel that it is in such a meaning in motivation and source of a sense of responsibility to "do good work!".

Where is the point of contact with NGO?


International collaboration is demanded, and is global; is said as social, but being concerned with present Japanese society and NGO is thin still more. We are almost gathered to three of next when we think about what kind of place there is the point of contact with NGO in in society where we live for.

(1) Relation in downtown
Fair trade product and charity events increase recently.
As NGO produced with local person, and one NGO sold fair trade product in old days, there was neither price range nor Blanding at all.

However, in late years way of fair trade becomes flexible, too and, for example, group working on problem of juvenile labor called "ACE" (ace) does company and collaboration such as Morinaga and sells products. A little of those is activity costs for juvenile labor if everybody buys chocolate of Morinaga. Volvic and campaign such as "1 L of for 10 L = one liter four ten liter" by collaboration of UNICEF became lively just a little while ago, too.

Charity event runs, for example, in form called charity orchid together around the Imperial Palace and, in form such as red feather donation, performs event of white ribbon. Through categories such as marathon, we can hope that it is a chance to step in the new world even if we did not know international collaboration and NGO.

(2) Relation through the media
By news and variety show, NGO and NPO come to be taken away. "Here when watch TV show featuring Japanese living at the field including Japanese", after all, it is people who worked in person concerned with NGO and Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers that there is many. We perform carrier guidance for person who wants to find a job in general NGO in JANIC, but, in young people of around 19-20 years old, we raise interest in NGO through such contents and feel relation so that having increases.

(3) Relation with oneself
We may not usually notice, but we buy thing and perform somewhere, and one action that oneself takes is connected with the world without concluding only in one, Japan. They did not consider, but it was made thing or was thing produced under what kind of condition, or what kind of route do pen and notebook you have just came to Japan by where? We should be able to realize that own thing and action to have are connected with the world just to think a little.

It was to have been conscious of this "relation with oneself" to have been big turning point for me. When we took a trip to the Philippines for school days, we visited place called Smokey Mountain. It is a pile of garbage that is over there. If it is Japan, it is place to make incineration facilities properly, but we take very large place and gather garbage a lot and may leave unattended when it becomes developing country including the Philippines and Cambodia. Children who live in such an area while picking up garbage are not a little. I who was student stood in the spot and received an awful shock and felt as if own common sense that lived for 20 years overturned till then.

Furthermore, the staff of NGO has told then. We concluded free trade agreement with Japan in the Philippines once. Then duty became less than the old days, and trade between Japan and the Philippines became popular. Therefore it is to have been garbage packed a large quantity of containers with what Japan sent.
Though we thought that all the garbage is burnt in incineration facilities in Japan, possibly it is carried to the same Philippines and may create environment such as Smokey Mountain. It was shock very much when we thought so. We came to admonish ourselves what action of one own one would cause from experience at that time now where when you thought well and must act.

However, as this is really difficult, I may live in form that does not give environment load if possible though there is never being particular for both water which clothes which is just wearing drink and food; come to want to come.

In any case, we think that experience that we can realize such a thing and are shocked by was valuable.

We may go to elementary school to talk to spread understanding to activity of NGO as the staff of JANIC. Such a case "please see pen that everybody has. It is there MADE IN…The name of the country that this is written asks where is it?. From such a place trifling near, we are connected to the world. There may be children where labor is forced on and people living with a pile of garbage over there. And NGO people who are going to do something about that may work. We think of ko eteitadaketaranato not to consider such a thing by all means.

Of our one step begin to step;


We explained only a little to wipe out vague image of NGO to here. "Knowing" wants to have "supporting" is form to "participate" and step on more one step by all means in future.

This time this story for everybody may become the first step of "know". Furthermore, you want to deepen knowledge, and please go to visit NGO if you have interest.

In place, "we support", it is hard to say for the staff of NGO a little, but asks for contribution. Half of resources of NGO is managed by contribution as we talked some time ago. However, in place without the point of contact with oneself, it is hard to do contribution very much. Though oneself was donating to a certain NGO now, it was opportunity to have met children who that was the Philippines, and worked. The children who were primary schoolchild become high school student now in those days. In little salary, it becomes feeling that we want to support a little because we can see the figure.

We think that it is good for person feeling that contribution is difficult to approach to enter at crowd funding such as "Ready for = lady four". For project that I think when good, we set amount of money by oneself, and reconstruction aid is possible, too.

In what "participate", intern and volunteer, study tour are more concrete; is talked. As overseas study czar is planned on tour of company and travel agency, please participate in such a thing if there are any interest.


Naoki Yamada

Non profit organization international collaboration NGO center ability reinforcement group

We participate in activity of various NGOs from school days and make a trip around the world while taking a leave of absence from school during attendance at school for one year, and doing volunteer (boraiya). After the graduation, we work as volunteer coordinator, the guest house staff in India for two years. International collaboration NGO center (JANIC) duty starts via NPO performing career education after returning home from 2015.

International collaboration NGO center (JANIC)