Wednesday, November 21, 2018 Think College Vol.58

Let's plow the future.
... which makes structure raising vegetables with ... Shibuya

Lecturer: Takashi Ogura (farmhouse of Director Representative non profit organization Urban Farmers club/Shibuya)

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
This theme is "urban agriculture".
Whether we touched soil recently
There may not be such an opportunity when we live in city.
But there are a lot of people whom we want to bring up.
To "Shibuya in 2020 fields before the Tokyo Olympics" okikkakeni,
Urban agriculture for our living.
With such an instigator scheming to be wonderful,
Do you not think about the future of "agriculture" of Japan?

As souvenir, have mini-farm.


Good evening. It is Ogura of Urban Farmers club. Before story, we have simple seed firewood and want to have you take to go as a substitute for today's souvenir today.
Soil enters in substitution for coffee when we have paper cup open out. We bring rucola, comet (20th Japanese radish, La Dish) and small turnip, these three kinds.
We add line to soil of the inside with finger a little and sprinkle there seed lightly and finally cover with soil lightly. And finally, you sprinkle chuga-chuga and water with spray, and you close the cap not to shed soil, and please take to go.

It is several places, or please make a hole in bottom using something like eyeleteer and drill if you return to house. Then not only drainage characteristics improve, but also air goes from there, too.
When the sun is good and puts in good place of ventilation if possible, we think that it germinates on 5th from about three days. Watering to have days basically until bud appears. It is interesting to just bring up only by rainwater, and please give water after bud appeared when, for example, you put in outside veranda when you think that state is slightly strange. We enjoy even one this enough, and vegetables which we can eat grow. Please test a little.

Opportunity is 3.11


I was born in Machida-shi of Tokyo in 1968. We like book and work at publishing company since childhood after having graduated from university. We became independent mainly after having worked as editor of fashion magazine and woman weekly for nine years. We edited led by "kingdom of wing" of magazine in plane of All Nippon Airways and wrote manuscript and we worked and went to place where home and abroad was various. We establish private office in 2007 and are doing work of publication and advertisement as editor and creative director.
It moves into action as agriculture writer and it is said to meet farmhouse thinking that we want to see these people by oneself and reports recently.

With the best opportunity when I was interested in for agriculture, it was the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. The eldest son was just born in the previous month.
Earthquake disaster was taking place, and child and wife spent there immediately for approximately three days though we missed toward Kansai, and only oneself came back to Tokyo as there was job.

We came back at night and went to supermarket as we were hungry. Then there is not food at all. There is nothing in convenience store. Even that can finish selling even if we think of water at least.
Though Homo sapiens and thing and information thought that every thing overflows, in Tokyo, truck of distribution just stops, and it is till then in solitary island of the land. As thing which ate was prepared into nothing here, we learned a sense of fear when all the human beings who lived in Tokyo if truck did not come as it is might starve to death.

We were not able to readily step forward to action till then though there was thinking to want to do something in agriculture-like thing that we could do it in city either. That earthquake disaster was taking place and regretted it very much and strongly thought when this earthquake disaster calmed down to work hard to wear only technique as vegetables which we could eat by oneself were brought up.

And we meet him who is 11 years younger than me called Takashi Yui working as natural cultivation farmers in Sagamihara-shi of Kanagawa. Appearance remained and there was not, but has begun to go to help of his field like farmhouse when in addition to being with music to like when we talked, or background and culture and sense that said being near we tasted taste of spinach which he brought up in field and were surprised at depth and wanted to be taught agriculture-like thing by there.

We support organic farming in "field of Shibuya"


Only 0.6% of farmhouses which is open with existence machine are in Japan. It is reality that is hard to catch without farming technique and market without acquaintance that young man wanting to be organic farming like Yui in particular emigrates to new land and borrows small field.
Though there was image living a rich life speaking of organic farmhouse, though we earn 10,000 yen, we feel great very much and work.

What cannot eat human being cooking so delicious vegetables with passion by the work is slightly strange. We must do something. As it was possible for me only to make idea and plan, we hit on organization of agriculture unit. That is weekend farmers with "vegetable store of field to bring up, and to eat" as concept for 2,015 years.

We made field of his Sagamihara open and invited friend and acquaintance from Tokyo and began small event to have you do seed firewood and harvest of vegetables. People to be amused by gradually increased by word of mouth, and some voice that we would do together suffered from live house called TSUTAYA O-EAST at last.

It is live house in right in the middle of the largest love hotel street in Japan in Shibuya. There was space that became weather-beaten with doing there the roof tree planting around ten years ago. The ground to prepare field into to Shibuya may make field on the roof if we install planter in this place though there is not. It is "field of Shibuya" that such an idea became form.

Way is the same as natural cultivation that Yui does in Sagamiko. Of course, anyway, it increases microbes in soil, and what do not use chemical fertilizer and pesticide brings up the crops only by power of the microbe without using common compost if possible. It takes trouble time very much.

Soil never grew up for first one year and pest occurred and did not readily let you strain as expected. By spreading straw and Japanese nutmeg all, that was broken down, and microbes increased in soil, but while we did steadily steadily like that, soil was gradually getting used to environment of Shibuya, too, and the crops came to be brought up properly.

We held event such as "tomato festival" or "corn festival" from three times four times in year. We reused plastic bottle of 2 liters and made rice field and brought up rice and did harvest festivals of rice.

When it was usual times such as businessmen who worked in people, Shibuya of chef or creator, at every event, around 200 people who did not readily meet in one place gathered let alone local people and families. Place that neither age nor man and woman nor occupation entirely matters and can enjoy good place of field. It is only pulling out with one carrot, and, "wow, some says from soil saying it is big". Of field this everybody being able to make friends immediately think that was very good.

Urban Farmers club, organization!


While we did "field of Shibuya", fans for agriculture of Yui increased, too, and yearly income of Yui rose to 3 times. Person who did restaurant in Shibuya came a lot by doing it in Shibuya. Lot went to visit Sagamiko unexpectedly when we had a talk that vegetables of true field of Yui in Sagamiko were more delicious. And new business partner of around ten total was established from there.

And zukiga to be going a certain was born when full two years passed.
Many city dwellers actually touch soil, and it may want to by any chance bring up vegetables that so many people gather.

Does field really actually have all to Shibuya when we do field of Shibuya? Though we come in suspicious mind, geragera which we do not consider to actually see laughs at this. Field is really in such a love hotel street!……This. When we pull carrots which grow there with a laugh and eat, the complexion changes completely.

"There is so really delicious carrot here that is why"
Such vegetables are brought up into both us and us as for this being established in Shibuya of right in the middle of Tokyo if there are any veranda of own house or slight gardens"

We were stimulated by our activity soon, and Urban Farmer that raised vegetables by oneself was born more and more.
We suggest thing called agriculture-like way of living that we can realize simply because it is city that I was thinking about since before earthquake disaster was generated first, and let's do activity spreading that soon. That leads to Urban Farmers club organization.

The current situation of Japan and overseas example


We want to do simple comparison of so-called "city" and "farm village" roughly here.
Population of Japan has 130 million people now, but about 14 million people that is one of ten live in Tokyo only in Tokyo. Japanese most think that it may be said that it is city dweller if they add Sapporo, Nagoya, local city such as Osaka here.

It is farm village in one. Though is statistics around two years ago, the population is about 1.8 million. There were 5.42 million people before in 1985 that is 2018. Furthermore, the average age two years ago is 66.7 years old if we say. In other words, we become 75 years old, and thing that we stopped appears to difference of this number of people with 70 years old during these 30 years. We are slightly scared what Japanese agricultural population is ten years later.

Of course there is a lot of not being able to do it if it is not professional farmers. There was anxiety not to have possibilities to be the world where we could eat vegetables directly still when pretty good vegetables did not form social structure which they could bring up by oneself.

Marchais where local resident was united with producer partly is in France and Italy.
There are various approaches in the United States. World's largest roof farm Brooklyn guranji of 3000 tsubos that was, for example, born in 2010 in Brooklyn. Originally, moreover, using building of 100 years of Defence Force of the United States old, we perform vegetables, fruit, apiculture until poultry farming, and area circulation-shaped agriculture that feces exhausted from there utilize as manure develops.

In New York, allotment in the roof farm and downtown became already common to the United States. There is residence with 100 tsubos or more fields in sutatten island where businessmen going to Manhattan in 2016 live in, too. It took around one hour for commuting and heard that room more than 500 was approximately fully occupied though it was more expensive wage charges.

It is London conclusively that we were affected. London city decided to make 2,012 places of allotments taking the opportunity of the Olympics holding of 2012.

Plan called "Capital Growth" (capital growth) which London began was approach to make sustainable society as if being able to eat vegetables which citizen brought up by volunteer in local restaurant.

Map of London City appears with pirn when we go to site of Capital Growth. For example, people called Bob "recruit volunteers of seeding today", or Cathy writes in with "volunteer offer of weeding to pull weed of field" when I finish meeting here and search when I thought that I have free two hours and do not have time. In other words, we can visualize work and volunteer necessary for the day by blow in allotment of London. 100,000 volunteers are participating under this mechanism now in London City.

We make 2020 allotments before the Olympics


"Oh, the Tokyo Olympics are in 2,020 years!"
When it saw example of London, it was this that thought.
In here Shibuya-ku which is the best base of the Olympics, we produce 2,020 city farmhouses by 2020 of the Olympics holding, and let's realize 2,020 places of allotments.

We thought that we could be triggered by people who did not get a hint even if we untied that that "wanted to spread agriculture-like living to be possible simply because it was city" so that visual, vision of same one talked to clearly most shared.

And it was "NPO corporation Urban Farmers club" that launched.
Four axes are in being going to get along here. "Local activity" and "food education" are "environmental measures" and "food self-support".

As for the local activity, farm becomes hub, and promote interchange and interlocking movement of the whole inhabitants and wide area Shibuya zone including company.

Strengthening place of food education while touching soil in children, and food education making place of various agriculture experiences, and planning child dining room and cooperation of Harajuku, Shibuya, Ebisu.

Reinforcement of urban greening by environmental measures increasing field and rice fields. As a result, it leads to CO2 reduction and is improved heat island. Of Shibuya-ku probably building accounts for half. Green coverage ratio and rate 25% that it is said and covers town with green go up when we all make the roof field. Then we can lower temperature by 1 degree Celsius. Though it is said that Japan is delayed in this, Paris protocol most, we can expect effect to exceed far the aim number.

And food mileage can make money if we can raise vegetables in town where oneself live in as it does not have to carry using gasoline from far away. If it is the crops which we brought up by oneself, we will value more and think that it may lead to reduction of food loss.

And finally, problem of food self-support that what we raised was used to run out of the Great East Japan Earthquake that it wanted to do that I was like agriculture first.
For example, that when there were any each elementary school and junior high school, all the roofs of building of public place including ward office in field and rice field if it is, as for all Shibuya ward inhabitants, as for for, there is rice on 3rd, or there is potato; can hold, and security may be born considerably mentally.

Development of Shibuya who surrounded company


How do you widen this? There was serious again. At first, we took story to local developer. We gave presentation for Tokyu Land and Sapporo real-estate development to be concrete when we said. It was very unprecedented thing, but we introduced example of New York and London and were able to get sympathy by having shown what we did in "field of Shibuya" for two years.

And we will finally make field with Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyu plaza of Harajuku from this April. Furthermore, we were able to make field with calling from Tokyu newly along the Shibuya River of Shibuya stream.

Scenery of town actually changed completely when we made field.

At event called "Ebisu garden Farmers" using field of Garden Place, we did event free-lance, to be able to eat vegetables which we managed all the time with salad together.

In "forest of vegetables" of Omotesando, we call out to Tokyu Land, ITO EN, company such as kewpie and push forward activity in relation to food education. Specifically, though there are three nursery schools now in front of major shrine of Harajuku in hometown, it sows kind of lengths and vegetables in that year and harvests and eats together.

Interesting one can hold this that vegetablesphobe of child disappears, and there is not, and it is for food education to father mothers. Father mother living in city does not know field and soil very much, and but there is thinking to want to do something. When it was holiday with real children, he/she came here and saw vegetables together and came to pull grass.

Though there is area called taina in Kofu-shi of Yamanashi as well as the roof of building of Shibuya, there is spreading area, and, in cooperation with that farmhouse, 400 years and Tanada of said piling-stones plant seedling in two pieces of rice fields by hand, and, in the rice field part, they are doing there the making of inekari rimadeyarutoiuo rice from 300 years old. Even Shibuya brought up seedling which had you distribute from the farmers.

By saying, about in field of Shibuya stream, had scrap woods from lumber mill to all do from the making of planter by oneself and cut by saw and painted and, until assembling, all did by oneself.

The future to make farm in city?


It is not that it plows city simply in field "to plow by the future" where it is our motto. We will make nishiyo, way of living that everybody can enjoy a little more in the a little slightly better world. We think that Tokyo should be able to still plow culture itself of foot riteina urban family now if we say how to live in people's minds and towns more like that.

Finally let's talk about what we are going to do from now on. All were just thinking about delivering Urban Farmer of 2,020 people before the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 as concept that could become one. In fact, as for the most important thing, 2020 was over; think more.

Probably great heat is for redevelopment until 2020, and various companies enter, and people setting new thing and interesting thing think that I am a lot.
It is 2021 and thinks that people living for the first time in hometown and working people's way of living, the true value of way of working are asked when there became few such people. While we get on the Tokyo Olympics in these 2020 years, is good in that; their; to stand, and to make position; is going to make the start.

We are doing experiment about teacher and stress of researcher of Juntendo University now one more more. It is demonstrated that by touching soil, material in brain of stress reduction considerably appears. Including case that people who are hard to take in communication are slightly when boil down at meeting, and idea is not given go up, and as anything works on a farm, relations are improved together by field of the roof. Such a new way of working is enabled.

Stress because of city life is reduced a little so as to go if what's called field spreads. It is thought that that is effective in symptom palliation of mental disease and dementia of elderly person.
In other words, we can take care of including all a person's mind and body when we enlarge field more and more and can come back to city wealthily. I continue working while thinking that it should be able to move into action as the making of place of such a retreat.


Takashi Ogura

Farmhouse of Director Representative non profit organization Urban Farmers club/Shibuya

We are awakened to agriculture while it moves into action as editor and, in 2015, make field and rice field on the roof of live house in love hotel street of Shibuya, Dogenzaka and begin activity as farmhouse of Shibuya.
Through the experience, we keenly realize the need of urban agriculture = Urban farming in future society and, in 2018, establish non profit organization Urban Farmers club with friends.
Suggestion is practicing the way of new city life that assumed Urban farming mediation now while establishing six fields and rice fields within the range of Tokyu plaza Omotesando Harajuku, Shibuya STREAM, wide area Shibuya including Yebisu Garden Place, and cooperating with local nursery school or company.
With "way of working of 12 people tying book LIFEWORK street and nature workshop" (Shodensha), "farmhouse of Shibuya" (magazine company of book)