Wednesday, October 30, 2019 Think College Vol.60

To talk about social problem "interestingly" more?

Lecturer: Liddie mule

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Lecture series "Think College" to think about to listen to story of person working on problem in the world together.
We took up specific theme, and it was in place to talk there with person concerned about deeply until now.
How can you have interest toward various problems not "one one" some other time this time?
We will think about the methodology together how we should arrest if oneself is indifferent.

Methodology of "defeat of indifference"


Good evening. We are Takaaki Ishii of Liddie mule, media Division. I am concerned with Liddie mule and am working as growth (growth) person in charge of Liddie mule journal now.

Liddie mule "Ridiculous things lover" namely "person who likes being ridiculous." Have more people catch serious theme called social problem as more imminent thing. We express our sense of values to want to work on serious thing with sense of fun.

Today's theme wants to have as it is said, "you talk about social problem "interestingly" more", learn way of understanding of social problem from using framework called "we structure" which we do in usual times.

At first, let's easily explain company called Liddie mule. There are us in the idea in what's called "defeat of social indifference".

There are many social problems with our rotation. Why is such a social problem not solved? We thought that indifference of each us became the starting point in that. Therefore we defeat the indifference and want to make society where oneself decides, and anyone can be interested in. We started as company which planned study tour to have you visited the spot of social problem society problem from such an idea and interest.

We have you introduce study tour into school excursion of school or the human resources training of company and are performing conference "R-SIC" where we gathered pioneers of social problem solution now.

And "Liddie mule journal" which we are concerned with. This is the Web media delivering article that structured social problem in special feature format. We read problem from multidirectional viewpoint about the issue of homeless person and the issue of groper, various social problems including school refusal and send.

As the word these "we are structured" becomes this keyword, please learn well.

What is "we are structured"?


In the first place it is gap when we always compared ideal state and the current situation with "problem". When we solve problem, we will hit approach for the problem.

We learn the way of present analysis this time. Framework that we always use will structure problem using "viewpoint, context, variable" with these three points of view.

At first, "viewpoint." Even if there are a lot of people concerned with social problem, we think that only part which oneself is concerned with each is often seen. It is not so and grasps problem from position of various players concerned with problem.

Next "context." It is hard to understand that legal system and custom forming our society do not understand context inherited ceaselessly from the past. So we are conscious of historic process.

And "variable." Why problem produces this is about the factor.

As an example, in Liddie mule journal, we featured food loss in the past. At first, we broke how you analyzed problem then into process of supply chain called "production, processing, retail, consumption".

Leverage point seeing from understanding of the whole aspect


We will think about why you are structured some other time.

Individual withdrawing into himself/herself in social structure (system) to become complicated, the media which is not handed down……. For example, basic problem to "be hungry" should have had the same everybody once. However, society matured, and personal needs, "something wanted to do" which "I want something" just became complicated more and more as diversification advanced. And the distortion became what's called social problem.

However, there is filter bubble in our circumference now, and it is the current situation that sees about social problem only one-sidedly.

What kind of thing does this cause? We are apt to catch things when it shows only one side when it has nothing to do with oneself really. As a result, each is made dwarfish by problem only for the person concerned and is made condemnation as "self-responsibility".

Our media structures social problem that essence of social problem dismantles self-responsibility theory not having, element in the background for such current situation and conveys that society system is defective.

What kind of thing will actually happen when we structure social problem? For example, please read this figure. Black is social problem, and white thing is component of social problem.

At first, by the resolution, it can be understood what kind of component the social problem is managed with. This is understanding of the whole aspect. And we can discover element which should make efforts in.

Social problem is thing which plural elements get entangled in, but we just change a certain part, and, in fact, there is thing called leverage point which can raise big change. We can understand such a point to lay emphasis on by seeing the whole component.

Then it leads to solution to other social problems to have similar structure.

Let's try together


The last purpose of today's lecture is to have participants overlook the current situation of social problem. We are interested in social problem or, as a feeling of your problem, cannot have opinion about social problem not to be able to wake up action anymore though we are concerned though we want to be concerned more deeply……There may be so more saying.

So we want to practice workshop this time.
You take up "the young pregnancy" and problem called "child nursing home" to everybody and arrange information about two topics, and "you are structured", and please do social problem.

We put viewpoint of each person concerned with vertical axis on cross axle in time.
In temporal axes, we think that we can put "artificial abortion" or "childbirth" just after the "generative front" "pregnancy not to aim at" "pregnancy not to aim at" about the young pregnancy. We can put the "person concerned" "family" "medical institution" "school" in axis of viewpoint of each people. It should turn out that vague problems have been arranged when we put tag of information on each.

If overlook is over, please exchange opinions for each group. Please announce what opinion formed in the last of workshop in each group and abstract of social problem that we took up this time, social problem that "structured", does, and was seen were.

Like this workshop, all of you, please actually practice process of being structured of social problem that we always carry out, too.

When social problem that we usually associate with oneself really, and it may be thought that there is not understands for element, it may understand that there are even oneself and possibility that possibly oneself will become the person concerned in future in place that, in fact, is close.


Liddie mule

Liddie mule advocates "defeat of social indifference" in idea and develops business from different angles. We add to various tours business to send people to the spot of social problem including study tour for schools and practice type training tour for corporations, area tour to convey local charm and problem and perform administration of social problem specialty media "Liddie mule journal" and conference "R-SIC" of social problem of 1,200 scales.