List of topics

-Stylish style with a feeling of - relaxation to adjust to daily
■From Tuesday, September 15 to 27th Sunday ■The third floor of the A building = carrier character KEY to STYLE, the third floor of the B building = component stereo Lux

Modern tea no bath-style exhibition relationship -enishi-
■From Tuesday, September 15 to Sunday, October 4
■The eighth floor of the B building = art art gallery

Pottery "so*kama" of Kyoto, Shimizu where "different" mixes exhibition
■From Tuesday, September 15 to Sunday, October 4
■The eighth floor of the B building = alternative space

Shoot gift 2020 ... of SEIBU, SOGO; time happy time. ...
■Until Sunday, February 28, 2021 ■A building the first floor of the basement = SEIBU food building GIFT SALON, the seventh floor of the B building = gift gallery, e. department store

Gift "gottsuo flight" that given person can choose favorite thing

Request for "time difference visit" cooperation

Weekly Information

[September] SEIBU SHIBUYA event calendar

[notice] Premium Friday of September
■From Friday, September 25 to 27th Sunday ※There is Friday, September 25-limited plan, too.
■Every floor = Listed Shops only

You can use the bar code settlement.

[seven card plus/seven card] Campaign that up to 100,000 points is every month
■From Tuesday, September 1 to Monday, November 30
■Every floor = Listed Shops only

There was a charge for shopping bag from Wednesday, July 1.

Exchange from seven mile to privilege began!

Accept winter bonus lump sum payment; the inside
■Accept; period: Until Saturday, October 31, 2020
■Every floor = Listed Shops only

ATELIER LAVA order bag order meeting
■From Tuesday, September 8 to 22nd Tuesday (holiday) ■The sixth floor of the B building = men salon

We support outing of rainy day! Present & service of rainy day