We support outing of rainy day! Present & service of rainy day

  • Illustration mark of "umbrella" of store is mark!
  • ■Every floor = Listed Shops only 

If it rains, let's look for Toku. Of step of rainy day prepared by present & service that was special with appreciation in where came to while was bad.

Route which does not get wet from Shibuya Station to SEIBU SHIBUYA in the rain!
"Rainy day MAP,"
Please see from this
※Please see from PC, smartphone. 

[in case of the use careful]
※It should be the use of 1 sales floor once limit per person.
※Present has a limit to number. It should be finished as soon as it disappears.
※You may have to wait to accept in turn in rush hours.
※Present & service is available only in SEIBU SHIBUYA.
※%OFF indication is discount from our store normal price.
※With other discount, services cannot use together.
※Ask sales floor person in charge in detail.