Report of child socks collecting service

Child shoes which we took a trade-in on than customer in SEIBU SHIBUYA became 9,059 cases as of the end of August, 2020.

<, as for the number of the part-exchange feet in each shop, please see this> 

We always go to sho rio of part-exchange at the sixth floor of the A building = baby gift counter.
I would like cooperation sequentially

<about part-exchange service of child shoes>
Please bring child shoes who did not use on the sixth floor of the A building = baby gift counter.
We exchange for "500 yen discount coupon" to be able to use every tax-included purchase price 5,000 yen in one piece, the child clothes section and, because of one point of child shoes of part-exchange, do.

※Part-exchange per person to three pairs per once.

※There is article which cannot accept uwabaki, slippers, clocks, some part-exchanges including sandals.

Ask sales floor person in charge in detail.

Please utilize a part of the child shoes who took from customer for contribution or recycling-related activities to the Republic of Zambia through international collaboration NGO joisefu (※) saving expectant mothers and woman of developing country after checking product states.

※About international collaboration NGO joisefu <please see this in detail>External link