Beauty Gene professional

  • ■B building the first floor of the basement
  • ■You make a reservation, and refer: 03(5784) 2880 <directly>

BEAUTY GENE professional is eye specialized professional salon providing the original beauty eyebrows styling technology and the eyebrows, eyelashes extension of the natural, beautiful finish to attach carefully one by one that there was from the golden ratio based on frame, outline of Japanese people to you.

Service of beauty Gene professional 

◆All the stylists are professionals who acquired beautician license. We draw your beauty by the best technology that studied outline, frame theory thoroughly. We do not have nomination charges.
◆We sincerely installed relaxing orijinarutempyuru surgical operation chair relaxedly and were particular about the making of space to be able to be relaxed for private room sense.
◆We use original cosmetics which thought about skin to the first. We combine fair skin ingredient of the natural world.
◆There is the eyebrows styling menu of man, too. Please use it willingly.