Welcome to Seibu Shibuya!

    <shopping guide>

    Business hours 10am to 8pm
    The opening hours of our restaurant floors are as follows
    Dining plaza (A-8F): 11am to 10pm
    Sept anges (A-B2F): 11am to 9pm

    Thank you for your understanding.

    营业时间 jogo ten points - shitago eight points
    A馆8 tower dainty food street (A-8F): jogo 11 points - shitago ten points
    A馆 basement 2 tower dainty food street (A-B2F): jogo 11 points - shitago nine points

    uyamai 请谅 solution.

    Located a few minutes away from the famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Seibu Shibuya is the place where you can find the fashion caught on in Tokyo and global luxury brands.
    Building A is mostly dedicated to women' s wear, with major cosmetics, on top of the basement food floor.
    You' ll find luxury brands, creators' brands, and men' s wear as well as jewelry and watches in Building B.