• ■A building the first floor of the basement = Yamamotoyama

Japanese delicious tea more easily. More various.

Yamamotoyama sent taste of Japan to customer with toiu thought to "many people with delicious tea." since the formation in 1690 (Genroku 3). "gokumiirichasanhonsan" which is refreshed, and is easy to drink. "Maggot" is recommended if we like refined taste and fragrance. How is "I hate" if we want to enjoy mellow taste? We prepare tea bag product which does not need teapot. Please look for favorite tea.
In addition, product which is most suitable for present including "laver" that laver which is good to tea cake is full of leading role flavored with "paste rice cracker" shop prepares widely.

●Uji tea (with 100 g of bags) price: 1,620 yen
●Paste rice cracker (containing ten pieces) price: 1,080 yen
●Gyokuro "world one" (with canned 100 g) price: 11,340 yen ※He/she orders.