About correspondence about the new coronavirus infection prevention

In each SEIBU, SOGO shop, we carry out the following correspondence for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread.

1.About periodical cleaning, sterilization of facility for customer
We carry out cleaning, sterilization regularly about facility for customers such as escalator, elevator of each shop, stairs handrail, powder room after the closing time before opening and carry out hygiene management thoroughly.

2.About setting of alcohol-based antiseptic solution
We install alcohol-based antiseptic solution which customer can use for each site in the shop including each shop doorway.

3.About cancellation of some customer services
About sampling sale in the food section, tag up service in the cosmetics section, we have to cancel.
In addition, jet towel installed in powder room for each floor customer stops use.

4.About cancellation of large-scale special event, event
We cancel large-scale special event, event or, for the purpose of avoiding crowd of person to constant place for a certain period of time, postpone.

5.About mask wearing of salesperson
In the food section, the cosmetics section, restaurant, cafe, principle salesperson wears mask.

6.About health care of employee
We carry out thermometry by all employees before attendance and are doing with attendance stop every day when there is symptom including fever.
We share thermometry result in shop and carry out activity to grasp health condition of employee mutually.

7.We carry out setting such as plastic sheets at intensive cash register counter and droplet infection measures including wearing of face shield thoroughly.

8.We secure social distance (physical distance).

We would appreciate your understanding, cooperation of customer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020