News of each SEIBU, SOGO shop business hours

Usually in SEIBU, SOGO thank you very much for your loyal patronage.
We give to all of you infected with new coronavirus infectious disease and people concerned heartily.

We carry out measures of relief, security while having not only thorough infection spread preventive measures of facility, employee but also customer cooperate with mask wearing, security of social distance in each SEIBU, SOGO shop and are open.
As for the detailed business hours, please see from each following shop link.

IKEBUKUROSHIBUYATokorozawa S.C.Higashitotsuka S.C.Fukui shopAkita store

In addition, we change temporary closure and time and, for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, may do business. In addition, cancellation of various events and services and postponement, the arrival delay and sale cancellation of products, price change may occur.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Information update day: Tuesday, September 1, 2020